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  1. I’m cautiously optimistic because of how results have gone last season but I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far this season, there seems to be a good buzz within the team, he’s got them playing some fantastic stuff. Consistency is absolutely key this season and we need to win the league
  2. Just finished my shift, MD in the fridge and welcome to the party set as my alarm.
  3. We’ve replaced Kent’s shocking attempt at facial hair at least.
  4. Will be blasting that out from 9am Sunday
  5. How very dare you, that’s a piece of musical history right there.
  6. TheBluebells


    He loves us and we love him
  7. That answers my question, genuinely didn't know if he was at the club or if we had a pr team.
  8. Is he still definitely at the club? Does anyone know if we definitely have a PR team at Ibrox? I know we've got a decent media team putting out good content so would have thought they'd have a PR team, or at least be wanting to.
  9. Got mine today, looks aright.
  10. That was 2015-16. Malmo put them out last year 4-2 in the play off. They'll be a tough test but it's very doable for us, especially looking at how we performed in Europe at times last season.
  11. Fucking superb. They'll probably try to get the army involved when we beat the scum at Ibrox next.
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