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  1. The people in the media talking about this and making them champions are a disgrace, it's incredibly distasteful at best to be even considering this with what is happening in the world just now.
  2. So, has anything actually been sorted on this yet? Can't be fucked reading back.
  3. Jammy bastard haha Sunning it up in Westfield for me.
  4. Cumbernauld Australia? 🤣 Appreciate it, working well for me.
  5. TheBluebells


    That's ruined my week already
  6. TheBluebells


    Reading this just makes me so scunnered with the points we've lost lately, we had every chance to be ahead of them or at the very very least within touching distance. Even if we cut it to 4 we will drop points to shite teams, can't trust us to be consistently winning.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if we got a result on Thursday.
  8. What the fuck 😂 'Aye mate you score 10 goals all season but you try hard and play every game so it's sound'.
  9. Convinced the players and management are just ripping the cunt out of us now, all these empty words every week and yet the same utter pish everygame. They don't give a fuck, just so bad to watch.
  10. I mean the cups don't matter as much to the teams, of course the fans care but you see it so often with teams down there fielding weakened teams, I'd be so pissed off with it as a fan. I think it is a dip (Liverpools form has been record breaking so any few defeats was going to be 'shocking') and ours is a total collapse when you look at what we can both still realistically win. Nah Gerrard is here for the foreseeable, I think anyway.
  11. This isn't a drop in form though, we've completely collapsed and blown our chances of winning anything we had left to challenge for. Yes they've had a tiny dip but they also don't give a shit about the cup and field a weakened team and are still on course to win the league by some distance. I don't think it's a comparison that makes much sense, even more so with your 'sack Klopp?' comment.
  12. This is one of the most mental comparisons i've read here. To make it fair, can you tell me what Liverpool have won last season and are on course to win this year please? Cheers.
  13. A similar team as always and a hard fought draw. We'll concede early as we will be greeting from the 'pressure'.
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