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  1. TheBluebells

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    No doubt we will turn up for Europe, they seem to actually care about it. Will be glad Europe will be done for a while one way or another.
  2. TheBluebells


    Wasn’t good enough the first time and still isn’t. Its all well and good doing it for hearts when no one gives a fuck but he still isn’t Rangers class.
  3. TheBluebells

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Be happy we even have a club to support mate, we nearly didn’t.
  4. TheBluebells

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    This is mental and he’s onside Fucking hell! McCoist struggling to compliment.
  5. TheBluebells


    Sitting top of the group in Europe won’t matter one bit when we’re knocked out and sitting mid table watching another league slip away. It isn’t good enough, we need to win titles and trophies domestically and we are seeing signs we’ve seen for years, again.
  6. TheBluebells

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    Deflect deflect deflect.
  7. TheBluebells

    Edmiston Drive

    Awful news. RIP, Ed.
  8. TheBluebells

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    Most people around me are sound but there’s this annoying boy not far from me that screams “peado” at the goal keepers and “swiiiiiiiiiiiitch” every 5 seconds. Used to always fight with people about Pedro too, seen him nearly coming to blows with the overly tall guy next to him one time, always get one though.
  9. TheBluebells

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    I don’t know why people are going mental about critiquing the manager or blaming our schedule, the manager got it wrong and the schedule is what we need to deal with, they’re professionals. That first half was a complete fucking disgrace to witness and its frustrating because we know we can play football but went to that dump with the mentality of a wee diddy team just hoping the amazing taigs don’t batter us. Not a good enough start to the league and an embarsssing first game against them.
  10. TheBluebells

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Thanks mate and aye been told that so wanting to get there for it opening, will be some buzz about the place.
  11. TheBluebells

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Will be at the Ibrox Bar in Tenerife for 9:30 sharp to watch the game, first time in years I’ve actually been looking forward to playing these cunts
  12. TheBluebells

    Gerrard's Eyes

    Canny stop giggling at they pics ?
  13. TheBluebells

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    That'll be that then
  14. TheBluebells

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    Thing i'm happiest with is that Wallace wasn't used as part of the transfer