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  1. Our ‘best’ most expensive players, both being fucking pricks and costing us the game. Handed them a win, Tav and Morelos are a Fucking embarrassment.
  2. It boils down to results and we should be doing far better domestically. I don’t see any improvement in the cups or league, we will probably finish second though which is really great. We've shown at times we can play as a vastly improved team but who cares when there’s fuck all to show for it.
  3. 5/10 so far. Domestically it’s a disaster with beating them the only thing to smile about but that was fucked by the next game. Europe was a nice bonus but it’s trophies in our own league we need to start challenging for and we’ve completely messed that up. Played well at times but inconsistency, questionable tactics and subs show there’s still so much he needs to learn.
  4. Next game we win you’ll start a topic about needing to give him time and how he will be here for years etc. Weirdo.
  5. Never in one season, good to see we’re still breaking records.
  6. We’d bottled plenty before it, bottled plenty after, we can’t win the majority of games when it matters. Like I said, no consistency. But aye, good at the time for a bit.
  7. In terms of the league it was made completely irrelevant the next game. So in terms of what matters when it comes to winning things it didn’t matter and that’s our own fault. Edit: I guess it’s a hindsight thing in a sense but it shows when the pressure is on we can’t handle it with any consistency.
  8. I think they just get counted as one complaint rather than several complaints.
  9. Who needs enemies when those in charge release statements like that. Just pandering to anti Rangers crowd as always, it’s always the fans fault, until renewal time Ofcourse. In a week where the ‘sectarian’ bias and selective reporting of it has been highlighted and Clarke has been seen to be lying, our chairman comes out slating our fans and praising him. Fucking incredible.
  10. The reaction to us winning is quite something.
  11. TheBluebells


    You’re a mongo.
  12. No doubt we will turn up for Europe, they seem to actually care about it. Will be glad Europe will be done for a while one way or another.
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