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  1. Especially thinking of the budget he'd have.
  2. I forgot all about the injuries actually, it's easy to look back with the benefit of hindsight for sure.
  3. Was there ever any chance it was anything more than rumours though? Just couldn't see us ever getting him. Class player though.
  4. I'm happy we are making moves to modernise things, especially the website as that was a joke, it's good to see us making moves in that sense. Absolutely agree with everyone that winning again matters the most and that all this means fuck all in comparison but let's hope they happen alongside each other.
  5. That's the thing that's been bugging me most, I think the Rangers font is too big and needs to be the same as football club, makes my ocd act up.
  6. Missed this so thanks for posting. As said above I could listen to Walter talk football all day, guys a born winner. Should show this video to everyone currently at the club, just shows you how special Rangers is.
  7. That really is something. Thank fuck SD put out those posts today to give us time to get sorted by then but that really is amateur stuff.
  8. There's always some kind of drama with us.
  9. Ordered one earlier on. Anyone know the details of this deal? Like how much we get? The previous deals were picked apart but I don't remember seeing the same information for this one.
  10. Will give this a watch later, love the guy.
  11. We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are as a team without Morelos especially in Europe where he won us games consistently. I want us to add to the team with him there, he's a proven scorer and right now i don't want us losing that then having to sign more strikers and hope they take to scoring for us right away.
  12. Hadn't even considered them all doing that, they'll be fucking constant. Really hope it clicks for us all season, can't bare the thought otherwise.
  13. Gutted I never got to see and really appreciate both players when they were with us.
  14. Aye, i don't see what people think is going to happen if we've agreed to it.
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