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  1. Roberto Martinez

    Aye he's done well to build that squad up from scratch.
  2. Morelos

    Actually looked harder to miss, can’t believe he did though, you just can’t afford to miss those chances against them and that’s the second game now.
  3. Patience needed

    Did that actually happen? Fuck sake
  4. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Kiwi obviously.
  5. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    MD cracked
  6. Broomloan season ticket holders old firm tickets.

    GW1, here we go
  7. Us v Them Tickets

    Been moved to GW1 so right beside they tramps
  8. Is it time...?

    I’ll start to have some belief if they don’t absolutely shite the bed tomorrow and actually try against they taig cunts couple that with us also doing them at Ibrox and I’ll happily watch the wheels fall off they cunts
  9. Warburton on his signings

    Exceptions don’t make the rule, he was a horrendous manager and his arrogance cost him. A snake bastard who should never be speaking about us again.
  10. Will Murty keep the job if we finish 2nd?

    I hope not and that's simply because I want an actual manager in to have the best chance of sorting us out on the pitch. Forever grateful to Murty but this isn't his gig.
  11. Pretty sure it was our fans he done it towards? Was on the left side, scored, spun round so he’d have been facing our crowd I’m sure
  12. Big test for Murty today

    Wish I was at whatever game you were at.
  13. Big test for Murty today

    Puzzles me mate it really does, everyone around me saying the same thing but I feel like it’s against them especially that managers just don’t get it. I hate playing against them because you just know our midfield will get flattened and it happened again today. Its just not good enough that professional management can’t adapt to their game and stop them doing what everyone else can see them doing and it’s cost us yet again.
  14. Big test for Murty today

    Feel like every time they play us we get battered in midfield to the point where I forget we’ve got midfielders on and yet it never seems to change.
  15. Home Disadvantage

    We were all doing a mega chant for 10 minutes whenever Morelos was involved, didn’t you hear?
  16. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Feel like everytime we play them we give them too much space, get bullied and have a pretty much non existent midfield. Shambles of a match, no one seems to be learning.
  17. Jamie Murphy

    That’s what I thought too, I’ve not been impressed with him much so far.
  18. "A Thank You"

    No surrender mate.
  19. Feel like this chant would really fulfill its potential if we’d managed to incorporate the cars at pitch side idea.