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  1. Quite a large target market then.
  2. Glad we've banned green boots though. Guys a fucking fraud.
  3. Most embarrassing result ever.
  4. Must have implemented a no fly zone that day
  5. Disgraceful comments, just when I was warming to him after what's been happening lately he reminds me why I think of him as a prick. Plenty people labelled in that pish are far better supporters than he will ever fucking be.
  6. This thread is brilliant, love seeing all the older pictures.
  7. Selfishly Hope they move it since I'll land home on the 23rd about 3ish I think
  8. I honestly find it difficult to do anything other than expect and want us to win the league and even the cups as well. Once we get to see how well we are gelling as a team we will be able to better judge but aye I'm the same, this isn't a team to finish best of the rest, never has been and never will be. Also that's a good article, the wee bitchy digs will have you getting some abuse sent over
  9. Long sleeved 1972 tops only small or xl
  10. Me n the auld man will be there.
  11. Bender.
  12. He said no to the ira? Sign him up Pedro!
  13. Ya creepy wee fucker ye
  14. That's it confirmed. Welcome home Vlad.
  15. Team full of captains. Liking this transfer window so far.
  16. Delighted with this signing and hope it's the first of many top signings to show some serious intent to challenge for the league.
  17. That's a great article, the way their season has been reported is Fucking embarrassing, then again you couldn't redden their necks with a blow torch. What a season that was, shame it was before my time. Shared it among my mates, they'll appreciate it.
  18. Only team mate, haven't you heard the song?
  19. He's signing for thistle
  20. Statement of intent if we pull off these signings. Wish I wasn't but I'm skeptical till I see them unveiled at Ibrox and singing the sash.
  21. Jesus Christ that is grim. Its been a rough few years to put it mildly.
  22. Right, I canny stand the guy but you'd rather every match felt like watching us lose a 25 years record to the fucking sheep without a whimper at Ibrox than sign him?
  23. All things considered it's hardly surprising.
  24. I'll be on holiday like the team have been for months, thank fuck.