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  1. I've said other simply because we need to see what happens over summer. Obviously looking at it now I'm far from confident.
  2. Half the team out with a damaged ego / fanny.
  3. He really isn't good enough and I don't understand why he constantly seems to be getting a start. Highlight yesterday for him was somehow managing to run the ball out of play with no one near him.
  4. I don't expect the manager to work miracles but he set out a game plan that was a spineless embarrassment to witness from the first whistle and it continued till the end. That deserves flak, we were a shambles yesterday.
  5. Reminded me of the McDowell game, a truly embarrassing display from Rangers. What the fuck was the game plan?
  6. We're going to do these cunts.
  7. William Hill stand Lower. Champagne flutes getting fired across the divide. Cmon the Rangers!!
  8. Aye they were, Waghorn just had to bury that first one but ahwell. I'm the same, got that big game feeling already and it's only Wednesday
  9. We showed at their dump we can more than match them and considering there's a potential trophy at stake they should be fired up for that aswell. The fans will have the fight and hunger, it's up to the players to have the same.
  10. He's definitely been getting better after a shaky start. Can see Pedro starting Waghorn though although I don't know what he's been showing to management the past few months to deserve it.
  11. Just caught up, fucking hell man Surely they trainers need to be worn as part of community service?
  12. Got a great surprise from my Dad with hospitality tickets for this one. For many reasons I've never gotten to a game with my Dad even though he's the reason I support Rangers so this one will be extra special when we win it.
  13. In the Bristol out dick. Send horse, full attack.
  14. On the UB subject, why the fuck do the sing the sash to that wee tune and not the traditional way? It's shocking.
  15. Hamburg, absolute fucking bedlam at the goal
  16. I'll crack the jokes.
  17. Fuck, beat me to it
  18. BP9 or Warburton?...
  19. Couldn't see De Boer going near us due to the financial side of it. McLeish I could see, we're a right mess man.
  20. People like BP9 would see us become a hearts, aberdeen etc all for the sake of blind 'loyalty'. Im glad some of us have standards for the club at least.
  21. Going for 55... Points.
  22. Don't watch anything to do with it mate, save yourself the anger.
  23. This is the same guy who said losing to the taigs was just another game. Why anyone is surprised by his delusion is beyond me. Hes just taking the piss out the fans.
  24. We were picked apart last time there and were again tonight. We learn nothing. Warburton is an arrogant prick with no right to be that arrogant and he's out his depth.
  25. Will say a lot for what our board think of the club if they allow that amateur to manage that team again this weekend.