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  1. Really enjoyed Davie Weir's book.
  2. Yeah, I saw that but reckon it only applies to loans from one scottish club to another scottish club, as it also says you can only have 4 players in on loan at one time in total and Celtic had 5 players in on loan in the first half of the season.
  3. Think this only applies to loans from one scottish club to another scottish club, given that the other lot across the city had 5 players in on loan in the first half of the season of, which only 1 was under 21.
  4. Mo (Johnston). Quite glad I didn't end up with that tbh.
  5. There's no evidence that he has been involved in match fixing but given they have a specific number of bets over a number of years then they must have the evidence for the first rule.
  6. Oh shit. Doesn't sound good. Dates from 2006 to 2013 which is just ridiculous, if it is true then why did it take them so long to figure that one out.
  7. Agreed, Black did his job well. Yes, he may have given the ball away a couple of times but he saw a huge amount of the ball because of where he was playing. Macleod was poor today as was Crawford. Macleod looked awkward and unsure but can forgive it as an off day. I'm pretty sure Crawford isn't a footballer. A very good athlete but rubbish while using a football, don't rate him.
  8. Sorry lads but I voted Sandaza. Would much, much rather have the pair of them through the centre but out of the 2 as a lone striker, I would pick Sandaza through the middle. I think he can hold the ball up better, especially if we actually managed to play the ball to him rather than 10 yards past him with every hoof up the park. As we can all see, Sandaza does not run the channels well (among many things at the moment I admit) so if we are going to play him why do we insist on hoofing the balls as far up the park as possible. To sum up would much prefer both but as a lone striker, Sandaza.
  9. Supposed to be weeks rather than days so I reckon it will be a fair while yet.
  10. Reads to me like it could be all the work of the PFA Scotland, who are just claiming for every player who was employed at the club before the contract transfers. This means that the players may not have anything to do with it at all, just PFA Scotland causing a stir.
  11. The highlights will be online but will not be shown on Sportscene as I don't think the the BBC don't have the rights to show any SFL highlights on the tv. Definitely wasn't on Sportscene last week.
  12. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/football-news/article/2866402
  13. BBC are saying that Rangers have said the move was made only to keep Ibrox, Murray Park, etc. registered in Scotland.
  14. Absolutely incredible stuff lads!!!