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  1. 7-1 against St Mirren back in 2000, Kenny Miller got 5 that day if I remember correctly
  2. Arsenal, Newcastle, Werder Bremen, AC Milan, Rapid Vienna, Spartak Moscow, Villareal, Sporting Lisbon, PSV, Viktoria Zizkov, Grazer AK, Anathorsis Famagusta, Auxerre, Kaiserslautern, Malmo, Dynamo Moscow., Fenerbache. Probably a couple i've missed, hoping to add a few more this season, work allowing
  3. Yeah, I saw that but reckon it only applies to loans from one scottish club to another scottish club, as it also says you can only have 4 players in on loan at one time in total and Celtic had 5 players in on loan in the first half of the season.
  4. Think this only applies to loans from one scottish club to another scottish club, given that the other lot across the city had 5 players in on loan in the first half of the season of, which only 1 was under 21.
  5. There's no evidence that he has been involved in match fixing but given they have a specific number of bets over a number of years then they must have the evidence for the first rule.
  6. Oh shit. Doesn't sound good. Dates from 2006 to 2013 which is just ridiculous, if it is true then why did it take them so long to figure that one out.
  7. makes sense to be giving these lads a bit of game time as they will be giving their all to try and stay in the first team, i reckon it could also be a way of disrupting Dundee Utd as they won't have a clue how these lads play.
  8. :McGregor: :Bartley: :Papac: :Aluko: :Davis: :Edu: :Kerkar: :Healy: Thats what i can see happening.
  9. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12876_7094015,00.html
  10. If we cannot overturn this result next week then we definitely DO NOT go out of europe. we go into the europa league play-offs. its in the regulations for the champions league. Taken from regulations: Regulations Result tonight was shocking, performance was shocking but we have the players to turn this around. Couple of changes definitely needed but we can do it.
  11. Either the celtic game or us on sky sports 4 and one on the red button. I'd of thought that celtic would be on the red button as we are hopefully gearing up for a title party.
  12. Its been so long since the fax machines been used it doesn't even work any more.
  13. Johnstone stating that he will resign later this month leaves very little option for anything other than Whyte to takeover.
  14. This is bloody nerve wracking!! Please hold on!!!!
  15. This is the main problem i think. The board cannot agree to a deal if they feel the same way. There is no way we should be looking for a new owner who will only be a stop gap. If we are only looking for a stop gap then i would, imo, back murray's bid as the debt will be transfered to a different bank within 12 months which means that we should be able to arrange a much better repayment plan. It would mean that the club is in a stable situation and, according to murray, any tax liability would be with MIH/Llyods.
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