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  1. Ross McCrorie

    He has had an excellent spell at DM. the difference he has made to the team compared to Jack is shown in the results. I feel Jack always took the safe option passing sideways or backwards, albeit still tackling and tracking back, but no forward drive. McCrorie on the other hand is always looking to pass forward and pushes the team to do the same to keep up with him. It speaks volumes that we’ve broken the 3 match jinx, with 2 of the games against Aberdeen, with him in DM. I really hope that he makes it in the game and is with us for years to come.
  2. Going by the rest of this thread, I think you may have just proven otherwise 😂😂😂
  3. sfa balls up again

    I'm not sure, but that's quite a bold statement to make.
  4. Today's Training McKay back

    Dalcio looks like he's enjoying the Scottish summer!
  5. I really think with better players around him, wee barrie could be a great player for us.
  6. They've all been terrible, but windass for me has been one of the worst. Never tracks back, seems too slow on and off the ball. Could someone book him a taxi to accrington, cheers.
  7. Is Wilson A Giant Or Is Beerman A Midget?

    So that's how Wilson has been winning some headers these last few games, he seems to have acquired the power of levitation! He's a good 3 inches off the ground there. The SPFL are a stick to start an enquiry and call for points to be stripped.
  8. *** The Official Aberdeen vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Caixinha looks fuckin delighted
  9. *** The Official Aberdeen vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Boom! We better hold on to this now
  10. *** The Official Aberdeen vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    What a strike!!!
  11. *** The Official Aberdeen vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Some save Fod, now let's make it worthwhile and go on and win this game. Get Miller off too
  12. Welcome to the greatest club in the world Pedro! I hope he turns out to be a diamond, for our sakes, but I fear he'll never be given a chance and the media are desperate to jump on his first mistake. Look at Cathro, the media seem desperate for him to fail as he's different in style and not traditional. Remember we were reportedly interested in appointing him and went with Warburton. Pedro will be seen in the same light and will be hounded by courageous journalism!
  13. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    If this is true, who do we want as our number 2? Personally I'd like to see someone like McCann. He has a good pedigree and tactical assessment from punditry and he seems like a good honest man. Anyone have any other realistic suggestions?