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  1. These highly intellectual individuals with only the best interests of the Scottish football leagues at heart don’t even know who already plays in the Scottish football leagues.
  2. Goram was world class when it came to shot stopping. McGregor is a great keeper but you’d never consider mentioning him and world class in the same sentence so that says it all really. But we’re very lucky to have AM and to have been blessed with some outstanding keepers over the years.
  3. Dick Advocaat played Colin Hendry up front, can’t remember who against. I remember the commentator saying at the time he started his career as a striker before being converted to centre half.
  4. It’s mistaken identity, Tavernier commits the foul, and you can see him and candeias saying to the ref he’s booked the wrong person
  5. Yasss Lafferty will be top scorer this season with the crosses from Tav and Barisic
  6. morelos needs to learn he doesn’t have to shoot himself everytime!
  7. Get McCrorie on Ejaria to shore up the midfield
  8. They’ve just discussed it on Sunday supplement. Interesting to hear the unbiased journalists points of view. Points to highlight 1. If SG comes to Rangers , they have more work to do as they’ll need to come up and report on it. It’s all about the Rangers as they’re not reporting on Brenda! 2. If it’s a straight choice between Rangers and them, then players will choose Rangers because of the intrigue and chance to be our Marquee signing playing for SG. 3. SG will want to get one over on Brenda after the way he was treated. 4. It’s like Liverpool are sending SG out on loan and are going to continue supporting him as he has a good relationship with Klopp. Liverpool will want to send us their best kids on loan.
  9. DR claiming he wanted £7.5k a week which we refused to pay. Pinch of salt, but sort of goes with what others are saying.
  10. I really think with better players around him, wee barrie could be a great player for us.
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