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  1. ArthurNuman

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    I had to google him. He’s been National League with one season in league 1 with Blackpool last season. There are reports from 6&7 days ago linking him with QPR. Don’t know how reliable the twitter source is but can’t say I’m swayed with this if true.
  2. ArthurNuman

    Milad Mohammadi (Akhmat Grozny)

    So he would be Oorlad Mohammadi?
  3. ArthurNuman

    MOH and Alves wanted

    There is nothing definite yet with me signing for Parma. “I have a year left of my contract with Glasgow Rangers and I have yet to decide what is the best option for my career. “Perhaps it will be good for me to return to Italy. I like it because it is a good standard of league. “But we will see what happens.”
  4. ArthurNuman

    MOH and Alves wanted

    Utter DR media spin pish. The quotes say nothing of the sort. He says nothing is definite yet and has yet to decide where would be best for his career. It’s the DR putting a spin on it saying he would have to take a pay cut and therefore we’re paying him off. He goes on to compliment the Italian league and the fact that CR may be going to Juve.
  5. ArthurNuman

    Players out

    If true, I’d imagine we’ll announce Sadiq’s arrival almost immediately after we announce Herrera’s departure. 1 in 1 out.
  6. ArthurNuman

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    From the gossip column this morning: Jason Holt has skipped Rangers' pre-season trip to Spain to hold talks with former Ibrox team-mate Joey Barton over a move to Fleetwood. (Daily Record)
  7. ArthurNuman

    Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    If they sell any of their ‘stars’, it’ll be interesting to see how much Brenda spend’s in fear. His record in the transfer market for Liverpool I don’t think was great and he’s not really done much better at them when you see who his signings are. Gamboa, Musonda, some player from Ipswich who’s never played etc etc
  8. Underwhelmed signings - I agree with Rod Wallace and Novo. Big Marvin Andrews was another who was ok too. Disappointments would be Beattie, Guivarch, and I know it was potentially the injuries but I was really disappointed with Seb Rozental as as a kid I bought into the hype. Was he not heralded as the new Batistuta?
  9. ArthurNuman

    Out?: Wes Foderingham

    I’ll start the car
  10. ArthurNuman

    Jonathan Johansen

    We’ll be better off when Johansen is replaced by MacCallister on 1st June.
  11. ArthurNuman

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    They’ve just discussed it on Sunday supplement. Interesting to hear the unbiased journalists points of view. Points to highlight 1. If SG comes to Rangers , they have more work to do as they’ll need to come up and report on it. It’s all about the Rangers as they’re not reporting on Brenda! 2. If it’s a straight choice between Rangers and them, then players will choose Rangers because of the intrigue and chance to be our Marquee signing playing for SG. 3. SG will want to get one over on Brenda after the way he was treated. 4. It’s like Liverpool are sending SG out on loan and are going to continue supporting him as he has a good relationship with Klopp. Liverpool will want to send us their best kids on loan.
  12. ArthurNuman

    Players out

    Actually, the worrying thing is it’s still the same names
  13. ArthurNuman

    Bates is off

    DR claiming he wanted £7.5k a week which we refused to pay. Pinch of salt, but sort of goes with what others are saying.
  14. ArthurNuman

    Ross McCrorie

    He has had an excellent spell at DM. the difference he has made to the team compared to Jack is shown in the results. I feel Jack always took the safe option passing sideways or backwards, albeit still tackling and tracking back, but no forward drive. McCrorie on the other hand is always looking to pass forward and pushes the team to do the same to keep up with him. It speaks volumes that we’ve broken the 3 match jinx, with 2 of the games against Aberdeen, with him in DM. I really hope that he makes it in the game and is with us for years to come.