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  1. The worry is the scout watching Morelos goes back raving about Kamara too
  2. It’s mistaken identity, Tavernier commits the foul, and you can see him and candeias saying to the ref he’s booked the wrong person
  3. Probably McAuley, the only other I can think of may be Caulker who has left Dundee
  4. Well played, that made me laugh out loud ?
  5. Well the man in the east can GIRUY!!! ??⚪️???
  6. I said during the week that Wallace on the bench was strange. It has been widely reported he was offered to Hearts as part of the Lafferty deal. I wondered whether it was to give him a few minutes if we were winning to get him one last appearance and roar from the fans crowd as a farewell before departing at end of window? Today’s final minute appearance hasn’t changed my opinion
  7. Yasss Lafferty will be top scorer this season with the crosses from Tav and Barisic
  8. morelos needs to learn he doesn’t have to shoot himself everytime!
  9. Goldson was as laid back in that interview as he seems on the pitch. I kept waiting on him saying ‘yeah whatever’ ?
  10. Ufa 2 - 1 Progres We still have a chance to rectify the Progres result if we can see off Maribor in Slovenia and Progres get a 1-0 home win!
  11. Get McCrorie on Ejaria to shore up the midfield
  12. There won’t be, we only paid a nominal fee as he was out of contract. There would have been no requirement to include a sell on clause. Probably why their chairman was raging
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