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  1. Disgraceful from us fucking appalling. Get Goldson too fuck and Flanagan can leave too.
  2. Our defence have cost this although we should have had a penalty and Cosgrove should have been off but fuck me this is pish we can't afford too drop points too anyone this season.
  3. Awful awful defending for two goals fuck me we need to waken up.
  4. Thank fuck that's over well done to Kent and Jack by fuck we needed them
  5. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    I played a Danish Pro during my weekend league and he smashed me for 8 and honestly it should have been a lot more I am so bad at this game. Though I am up too div 4 and rank 1 in it so I'm getting a bit better.
  6. I can't be arsed any more I'm out.
  7. He does but I think he has a genuine soft spot for us too. You're fucking quackers mate.
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