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  1. No that's Anti Niaemi or however it was spelled.
  2. Grezda doesn't start for Croatia.
  3. Both of those are gone now. Sullies is a Costa the metro is a derelict building. I believe you seen him though.
  4. I seen him walking down Saltcoats Town centre with a rottweiler earlier today so it isn't him.
  5. I'm all for having bands in Ibrox every match day the more we celebrate our culture the better.
  6. Hope Gary is OK and that justice is served.
  7. The Finnish inuits castrate reindeer by the women gnawing their bollocks off the day they are born.
  8. I know but I had a useless fact I wanted to share.
  9. Russia is technically Eastern Europe and Asia combined but I didn't say it was I was just dropping some useless knowledge.
  10. The next country aside from Russia from Finland is North Korea it's possible to walk from Finland to North Korea.
  11. I will trade you my second best player in that pack for him.
  12. Unlucky my mate didn't even get a board from his it was hilarious sending him the screenshot.
  13. You can't complain you've had a shit load of icons. He is untradeable from the ultimate pack they give for FutBirthday.
  14. A cheeky wee second icon hell fucking yes.
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