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  1. Get a Croatian Italian league manager and you'll get more chem. Ricardo is solid defensively but pretty weak in attack I prefer Tripper personally but enjoy it's a great team.
  2. Even at that Simione isn't going to leave one of the biggest clubs in the world to join them they if there's any justice won't exist in about a month due to their crimes against humanity let alone be able to attract a manager like that. I would assume when lennon gets the job it's suicides all round which will be sad.
  3. It was three postmen that were talking about it and two said they weren't good enough for them the other said he would take Benitez but only as a last resort. He wanted Simione or Tuchel they are crazy.
  4. Our club and culture are under attack it is getting to a tipping point and it has to get sorted for the betterment of the country this sort of shite can't be allowed to continue. I hope GD is OK and makes a full recovery ASAP.
  5. My current team. I built it for fun as I'm sick of using Pele Maldini and Moore. I had the Gomis tots but used it for the prem tots chance and got maddison.
  6. Hazard up front on 7 chem an icon Cam and TAA Future Stars and your jamming.
  7. Cracking pull mate fair play I got Armrabat as my red then got him from my Marquee Matchup rewards so that was fun.
  8. I heard a couple of them talking earlier about Mourinho and Benitez with them saying neither of them are good enough to manage the vermin that is the level of delusion we have to deal with.
  9. This will be bigger than they two sub human pieces of excrement this will include the likes of O'Brian and Saville etc.
  10. Swap you my Madison for him mate. Least that fenian fuck has a decent rating for other sbcs.
  11. He did go bankrupt but that stinks of a taig ghost writer with a serious agenda.
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