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  1. There is a free pack if you have amazon prime and link twitch to your account.
  2. There is rewards for this and GTA5 if you have amazon prime.
  3. Name some anti tarrier journalists so I can start reading them more.
  4. Brilliant from the club yesterday and the social media team.
  5. Barca are over £800,000,000 in debt it wouldn't shock me if they had a fringe player firesale fairly soon.
  6. He was decent in the second half and a far better upgrade on what we had last season. Greg will be the difference in tight games when we struggled to break teams down last year. He is capable of something special from nothing and that will be key for us.
  7. I thought anyone under 18 qualified for the European squad anyway that sucks.
  8. I would still like to see him given some game time it would be the perfect chance for him to play for the first team.
  9. I didn't know Mebude was hurt. Derek Johnstone was 16 when he played in our first team give NYC a chance in a game like this it is done a game in this environment would have been perfect.
  10. I hope Barjonas gets some game time tonight along with McPake sad that Nathan Young Coombes and Mbudde isn't on the bench. An easy win though and we move on to progres again.
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