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  1. Jones had done well at Killie and is adjusting too not being a proper winger now I am for giving him more time personally I think there's a player in him.
  2. We're through with a less than full strength team. Halliday, Barker, Ojo are all awful. Nathan Patterson was excellent in the first half and good too see young Kennedy get some first team minutes.
  3. The end quests are all good but the Legion should have been fleshed out more but considering the entire game was made from start to finish in 18 months it's understandable that there's issues.
  4. It is a broken mess that shouldn't be so loved by anyone but I truly love it.
  5. Elder Scrolls 6 has seriously got too redeem Bethesda and be cracking and having really well balanced and value for money DLC with minimum microtransactions but it will be focused on making money for every reason possible. I will maybe start Outer Worlds tonight I've mainly been playing Fifa and Outer Wilds which is amazing too.
  6. Not just the best Fallout for me the best game of all time
  7. We have it but I've not started it yet but I'm looking forward to playing it my girlfriend wants too watch as I play through she loves the series too but prefers elder scrolls.
  8. Skyrim and Red Dead are amazing I'm not a huge fan of Fallout 4 it is the worst of the Fallout series too me granted I've not played 76.
  9. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    There will be a new engine for the next gen consoles Frostbite has been an absolute disaster for fifa.
  10. Isn't he still at Newcastle? Ashley won't deal with us.
  11. I would like a third choice striker but if the right option isn't out there it doesn't press too much as we have Stewart that can play through the middle. We also have Mbude that could fill in if needed.
  12. A left footed Arjen Robben style right sided attacker and I would be happy for the window along with some of the shite leaving
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