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  1. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    Generally I don't care much I hate when people watch every replay and run to the corners on every goal etc though it takes so long.
  2. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    It is sweet enough on UT in a position like that it would be the ultimate fuck you.
  3. I wouldn't be accepting that scumbag as a member of the human race let alone giving them the title. Get to fuck lennon you not got another pregnant woman to threaten or a party popper to dress up as a "viable explosive" again you ugly mutant waste of a perfectly good wank.
  4. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    Only if it's a taig do they get that treatment plus the shush and half pitch running dab to piss them off.
  5. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    I don't mind playing Rangers supporters but I skip the celebrations and replays they annoy me anyway but it's a sign of respect to one of our own.
  6. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    It's shit when that happens.
  7. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    I've never put a penny into any fifa other than buying the game. The first one was from a 100k pack I opened during a lightning round and got him the second was in the prime gold players pack from the season pass thing
  8. See ya hope it's slow and drawn out and you get a final last bit of hope before they pull out and fuck your horrible cunt club for ever.
  9. I wouldn't be shocked if the vatican or at least priests etc helped cover the crimes committed there up as they have plenty of practise at it.
  10. Not even just sport its one of the worst scandals in history of mankind that goes so deep and covers so much that we may never understand the full extent of the ring they covered up for. Oh and the part of the brain hartson is missing is obviously the common sense bit fuck off you Welsh scumbag.
  11. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    Second Messi of the year.
  12. Red Dead 2 is amazing visually I've never played the rest of them.
  13. Considering how old Bioshock Infinite is I'd say that has stood up remarkably well. For this generation probably The Last Of Us Remastered.
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