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  1. I hadn't seen that post how the fuck did Dallas miss that.
  2. Unless there's been a different angle than BT showed it was outside the box and was a free kick.
  3. Imo it was a free kick at the edge of the box Davidson'shand seemed too be outside the box.
  4. Flat turgid pish again domestically. Goldson is awful on the ball. We need so much more from the team.
  5. Kamara and Goldson were so slack on the ball at times yesterday it was bad pass after bad pass. Goldson is needing a rest and Kamara hasn't played much football though other than them too a man everyone else was superb.
  6. He was fucking outstanding tonight had Leroy Fer and the rest of their midfield in his pocket.
  7. Fuck me thank fuck that's over well done Rangers everyone aside from Kamara was outstanding imo.
  8. Should have had another one penalty for certain but the one Morelos got boomed for was as well imo. A superb first half keep this up Rangers.
  9. Devastated for him to have suffered so long, his family for their struggles as well. At least we all have great memories of him and can remember those in times of sadness Mr Ricksen was a legend. May he Rest In Peace and those who loved him take solace in that there is no more pain for him.
  10. He really won't be close. If it wasn't for Jones we wouldn't be in Europe still his crossing and pace are a real asset.
  11. Straight-Edge-Loyal

    FIFA 20

    We will find out soon enough if it still works on the PS4 I hope so.
  12. If Gerrard had too he would Murphy is imo the last option now so it doesn't matter much he's in the same boat as Dorrans unfortunately and should have been sold or released again imo.
  13. Of course he would play there if he was asked too either the right wing or centrally is his best hope now to replace Ojo or Arfield dropping back for him.
  14. The development squad isn't the same standard or anywhere close as you well know. Based on the fact that Jones has kicked a ball and contributed to us in the last few months albeit he's injured for a while too.
  15. Yes but you do realise Murphy is absolutely miles away from fitness and Jones is better. Murphy would be an option on the right wing if he gets himself fit but he is so far away that it would be after Christmas before he's even close.
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