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  1. I've had two 147s admittedly that was on the PlayStation but still. My actual highest break was 51 I still remember it actually as I missed a black from its spot too continue.
  2. I think Barry will see too him. Or not just seen the score he is getting pumped.
  3. True but he is as useless a manager as he is a human being.
  4. They aren't even the second biggest team in their city behave yourself lennon ya moron.
  5. That is because your probably not very good.
  6. I didn't even know Edinburgh had an evening news well done them. Although it could be as he was charged they reported that. I haven't seen the article so don't know. It worries me that they filthy bastards can cover up and get the media to be complicit in covering up these crimes.
  7. I read that they had Harry for the rest of the season then were getting rid of him unless they stay up. I just hope that Niko comes good he is one of my favourite players to watch and has been over the years just a shame we didn't get him in his prime.
  8. If he doesn't keep Birmingham up then Redknapp won't have a job. Imo Niko could have a part to play next season.
  9. I don't know I didn't watch the program but I hope that every single person responsible gets caught and punished regardless of club.
  10. Unless new revelations come out with him I don't think anything else can happen to him now as he "served his time" and actually got punished with jail time.
  11. 4 I think and there will be a lot more I suspect including a big name or two perhaps burns or stein.
  12. Well we know that the likes of Saville and the cardinal have connections to each other and THEM and they are connected to the likes of Carlisle FC and through Saville to politicians and high ranking police so a cover up could well be the case.
  13. Perhaps I'm being naive here but I think the lack of reporting this in the media is due to it being a live investigation.
  14. From what I read earlier it's not tax fraud that's being investigated here just fraud.
  15. What about him?