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  1. Just no.
  2. Tell you one thing the thought of playing the filth with that team and management structure in place is terrifying. Fucking sort it King or get to fuck. Not even angry just embarrassed.
  3. FTFY.
  4. Happy Birthday Walter wish you were back here in charge now.
  5. The government there are funding this influx of players to ensure that they have the best league in the world and get a world cup.
  6. He is correct as well there's famine in the world and the keepers sitting having a pie.
  7. It's bad when that wank sack savage looks normal and good at his job. Fuck you Robbie your as much of a cunt as that arsehole Sutton don't forget that.
  8. That can't be true they filthy bastards are the best at keeping secrets.
  9. No he irritates me.
  10. Fuck up ya spacker I hate that walloper. He's not taking that well tbf bury are a massive club compared to killie.
  11. They are rather unfortunately faced.
  12. On the Saltcoats road or slightly more towards West Kilbride? Oh and should have added fuck no THEM playing for us is bad enough let alone managing us.
  13. Subtly racist I approve.
  14. I doubt she knows anything about football and in any case she was tragically killed on the grand tour.
  15. There was an article doing the rounds the other day might have been him not sure if it was real or not though.