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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Haha get it right up you ya mhanky bastards.
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I think Rodgers got confused between browny and downie.
  3. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

  4. Windass.

    That video is a kick in the feelings for sure well done to all involved.
  5. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    Well done to all involved for helping make that little boys life just a bit easier and with a lot more joy. I love that Ronaldo too the time to send him a shirt and that BA and Josh got involved too.
  6. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    He also failed to comment on Ross McCrorie having his shirt forcibly swapped as well the bigoted wee cuntfuck.
  7. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    Was absolutely never a penalty the ginger junkies striker got a touch to it and knocked it of the trajectory the ball was on Bates had no time to react to that.
  8. "Just now"

    Best of luck to you mate keep fighting.
  9. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    He seems angry justice from the robbery we had to deal with at Ibrox ya horrible we prick.
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    It's good to have the youngsters as options going forward and he does look like a prospect for us but coming on away to the junkies when we were under the cosh like that it would have been a crazy risk. Oh and fair play to Wes for his save from Barker when he touched it onto the post that was world class.
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    Bates is one of very few centre backs we have it wasn't pretty but we won.
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    It wasn't pretty but we got the 3 points well done to Murty for changing a system that wasn't working and would have led to them scoring. David Bates came on and defended well and Alves stepped up and organised us when we needed him too.
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    Awful so far come on Rangers
  14. Ross McCrorie

    Jamie Barjonas to replace McCrorie if Ross isn't fit I would love to see them work together as a partnership actually both are very good players.
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Let's hope they get smashed about the place.