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  1. Because he has been told to prove he can do it on a wet night in Stoke obviously.
  2. Ok Jack should never have been off and the son of his auntie should have been but to then spend most of the game launching long hopeful balls against a big defense is stupid. Mistakes were made all round.
  3. Don't care about anything else today other than beating the diet taiga get them right back in their stinking place.
  4. Start the bidding at £5 million it's time we got decent value for our assets.
  5. He needs to show us vast improvement on last year though he started this season well.
  6. How do you know he isn't?
  7. He would be the left winger we need IMO.
  8. I would love us to go and get Jefferson Montero on loan for left wing. A striker who will guarantee us goals and another full back if we get that we will win the league.
  9. Now now he is correct our game is built and run too suit the filthy hoards. Is this a serious campaign?
  10. I would like better if we are too beat they bastards this year.
  11. As purely cover too the squad I agree as regular starters they aren't good enough.
  12. Kenny McLean or Jamie Walker aren't title winning additions IMO we need better than them.
  13. They will hopefully be relegation fodder this year regardless of their manager. But Davids is an awful manager as he has shown at his previous clubs.
  14. Because his managerial pedigree is awful.
  15. Man City Chelsea Spurs Everton Relegated Newcastle Huddersfield Brighton
  16. He is more than good enough for Scottish football unfortunately. Still fuck him and fuck hearts.
  17. Why's there another thread on him we have a transfer section.
  18. Yes
  19. No
  20. No
  21. Danish
  22. Bring Tav in then go with the same team.
  23. As much as it hurts Naismith as link would be much better than Miller.
  24. I must confess to being disappointed big Bruno never killed a Motherwell player for shame big man for shame. On a serious note though very impressed by the centre backs against Motherwell. They were solid particularly dealing with a lot of crosses that we would have struggled with last year.
  25. Hearts can go fuck themselves absolute cunt of a club.