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  1. We are and always will be the bench mark not them.
  2. Hope Newcastle go out of business horrible club.
  3. Don't give a single fuck what they have or do but we need to strengthen massively literally every single player could easily be replaced.
  4. Happy for Kenny. With young Hardie coming back next season that's five strikers in the first team with Miller being the best of them though that can't be allowed by kick off time.
  5. Just come out with some fight and beat them FFS nothing on that pitch could be as bad as that surrender on Sunday.
  6. Pathetic zero aggression and can't stand and let they filthy child abusing cunts play this half right in about them Rangers.
  7. I predict 3-0 the Bears tomorrow. Waggy Miller Wilson. But will take any win come on Rangers into these DFB's.
  8. He is a good keeper but I would say the traitor is better and there are others too. Perhaps even young Jak.
  9. We are all entitled to our opinion mine is that we could have a better keeper.
  10. He has been better this year but still not as good as we should have.
  11. He has also made stupid mistakes as well though this and last season I would feel more comfortable with a better keeper though.
  12. Wes is a good keeper but going into Europe and hunting for the title I think we need better. If it is true I trust Jak to do as well as Wes.
  13. Giant Union Flags covering our fans.
  14. You would be correct it isn't as I think he is good enough to stop the filth on Sunday playing left back but when we either get Wallace back or sign another Beerman will move into another position probably further forward. So absolutely zero contraction there.
  15. Hold his own? The wee man will dominate the filth. That said I get the feeling he isn't going to be the answer at left back and is just there as we have no one else and will find his place in the team elsewhere.
  16. Can't believe he passed away Rest In Peace Ugo you more than played your part with our club and took your place in our history.
  17. Let's hope not let's hope they get wiped of the face of the earth first as we pass them on our way back to the top.
  18. Thought the second game was on Sunday too.
  19. Get well soon big man.
  20. One pass won't cover both games as they are covered with time so you will need two passes.
  21. Don't give a single fuck how we beat them as long as we beat them twice in the next two games.
  22. OK still think he is here somewhere though.
  23. Morethanafan that was I think he's now foreverandever.
  24. As distasteful and scummy as this is hunting is a legitimate sport.
  25. As long as the DFB get our in their place I am happy.