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  1. Good luck wee man make yourself a legend if you get your chance.
  2. Offt don't pull your punches hen well done. Stein was involved in the abuse let alone the cover up that's why he kept quiet.
  3. Rumours that we don't get as much of a percentage unless it's from the megastore.
  4. He won it when he was with Manure as a youth.
  5. How fucking dare you point out that supporting terrorists that attacked your opponents city may lead to reproctutions in the future.
  6. That is a hell of a statement well done Linfield.
  7. Exactly why anyone could think that he is good enough is beyond me.
  8. Don't know but he was downgraded from a 78 rare gold CAM in FIFA to a 73 rare silver one.
  9. I suspect this might have been a fishing trip and if it was fair fucks it has caught a lot. However if you are serious go and fuck yourself.
  10. Shut up Dave and find the funding for us to stop they filthy bastards this year no excuses.
  11. Nothing against Billy King he was just not good enough long term for us. Dundee UTD are an embarrassment of a club.
  12. The positive news keeps coming this week excellent. Not sure what other great news we can have beyond a couple of new signings.
  13. Even their own subhuman support hate each other.
  14. Awful choice should have been played on the 12th. The vhermin only have themselves to blame for how much they are hated world wide they should be left to suffer.
  15. Find a way to bring closure to the victims of this and then heavily fine and punish the clubs involved in covering it up.
  16. Not a fan of King at all but the board have done well this summer so well done them.
  17. Or ban posters. WTF is Bannister's?
  18. Title and only the title. That was before he was backed so strongly in the transfer market. Anything else is a failure.
  19. Please get this done made the Team of the Season last year.
  20. Even I am impressed by the board.
  21. Mario's for the simple reason it was more unexpected from him and was a goal worthy of winning any game. Unfortunately it wasnt enough on this occasion.
  22. Because we have to have the aim of winning everything. Do you want to become a second rate club? We are Rangers we have to aim to win everything I know it won't be easy but if we don't aim for that we would be as well closing the doors. I would assume Bruno is on a decent wage and Jack won't be on pennies either plus agents and signing on fees etc money has went to fund our new players. Plus the likes of Dorrans etc still to come. Mark Warburton was forced to carry the can for being forced to shop in the bargain basement. (Obviously that's not his only fault but the players we wanted weren't who we got for the most part that much is obvious) I expect us to win every game we play.
  23. I disagree fully with most of that apart from closing the gap being a must and them obviously having more money than us. That is up to the board to fix and Pedro to get right on the pitch for as long as he lasts. It should encourage managers who are secure with their skill level and knowledge of the game here. Silverware of some sort for me is a must this year to announce we are back and have to be taken seriously again.