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  1. Hope he has a speedy recovery. On a side note he is unbelievable on FIFA this year Xavi like.
  2. Useful, details man details. I haven't seen the post.
  3. What was that post? I missed that. Isn't Missy Elliot dead?
  4. I had heard of him from Football Manager years ago yes but obviously not heard anything about him for a long time.
  5. I wouldn't have taken him as manager at all we need better in every aspect of our club.
  6. Do you trust Pedro to do a good job regardless of who he signs?
  7. Yes pretty much that and they arrived with a supposed big reputation and hopes for us. I just want our title back and to build sustainably and working on a better plan for the future.
  8. That's someone who isn't afraid to replace useless managers and we have one who has numerous problems.
  9. I will be happy if Bruno does a decent job but I would rather Pedro was replaced by someone who knows what they are doing asap.
  10. Cribari was signed from Lazio if I remember correctly and he was woeful.
  11. I am worried about his age and that he isn't the same player he once was but I am happy overall with this.
  12. Our signing policy needs to start being the Pick Of Destiny.
  13. Good effort. We need a King Kong at back.
  14. Pedro will go down as our worst ever manager he is an idiot. Should have went for Calderwood for the benefit Pedro has given us
  15. Not a chance of this happening
  16. That's still fairly old.
  17. I like him as a player hope he doesn't join them. Although he is fairly getting on in age would still be a huge upgrade on the Lego eater.
  18. Who were they filthy cunts linked with?
  19. After the hearts game at the weekend I read their match thread to laugh at their pain and they all hate him and want him to gtf.
  20. I'm sure after five years they will be delighted to read that buddy.
  21. How much science there is behind it I don't know but I was always told to wear a bright top. Seemingly it helps with defenders confidence too as the keeper stands out more and is more visible when he is under threat.
  22. Really makes no difference for him tbf.
  23. Brighter tops seemingly catch the eye more and mean the attacker is more likely to aim at the keeper. Hearts haven't won using that strip.
  24. General Sports is public too.
  25. May he rest in peace.