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  1. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Shaktar are Ukrainian.
  2. The Boxing News Thread

    That's the point I'm making he was lucky to have gotten away with it yesterday if Garcia hit slightly harder or Frampton wasn't as tough Carl went to sleep.
  3. The Boxing News Thread

    Maybe but I also feel Frampton was tired by that point because too get caught twice was careless if not outright stupidity.
  4. The Boxing News Thread

    No I'm saying if Garcia had more about him then he would have finished Frampton off.
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    Twice Frampton was on the ropes and Garcia had four or five straight punches to the head unanswered. Frampton fought back at that point and did well to not go to sleep.
  6. The Boxing News Thread

    I didn't say Frampton was in danger I said he should have been stopped and said if Garcia had a killer instinct he would have been.
  7. The Boxing News Thread

    I think he should have been stopped when he was on the ropes Frampton did really well to hang on and come out swinging. I don't know what caused the lack of stamina maybe Garcia just faught at a pace Frampton either didn't expect or hadn't trained for. The important thing is he won in the end.
  8. The Boxing News Thread

    Garcia was impressive imo and should have stopped Frampton and if he had more of a killer instinct would have. When he had him on the ropes twice he should have finished it. For the first three rounds Frampton looked like blowing Garcia away but couldn't keep that pace and allowed himself to get into a slug fest which should have cost him.
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    I think he won by one at most he stood and was out faught for so long he tried to out brawl Garcia rather than out box him.
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    I think Frampton got lucky tonight. But happy for him to have won nonetheless.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I want they bastards wiped off the face of the earth I loathe them in every way.
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Having seen the state of Fury I would beat him now and I can barely walk with a fucked knee. Carl Frampton fights tonight.
  13. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    Don't give a shit about the score as long we win. A big performance is important though get back on form after the international break.
  14. Republic of Ireland

    No point just hate them anyway.
  15. Republic of Ireland

    What a shame that the taigs are out.
  16. Republic of Ireland

    Bye bye.
  17. The Boxing News Thread

    Well obviously AJ does win I didn't EVER say he doesn't win "if it happens". Last I heard Fury was done with boxing and his drug issues meant he wouldn't be cleared to fight again.
  18. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    There's literally no pace in that. My gran could outrun that and she's been dead for a decade.
  19. The Boxing News Thread

    McGregor is looking at an MMA ban for laying his hands on a ref so it's possible.
  20. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    Would leave us with a midfield of Brunt Jack Kenny McClean and Dorrans no thanks.
  21. The Boxing News Thread

    ? The fight doesn't happen.
  22. The Boxing News Thread

    He really won't. No chance that fight happens.
  23. If You Wondered Where Daniel Cousin Is Now

    Get him signed us up we need a keeper big man will fill the entire goal
  24. The Boxing News Thread

    Shouldn't be allowed into a ring anyway the stupid cunt that he is.
  25. Liam Miller

    Hope he makes it through.