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    FIFA 20

    Won't make any difference other than EA move to a season pass model instead and make money that way while selling packs to the rest of the world.
  2. The program isn't about the scandal at the vermin I think they should do a sequal that is about the abuse though.
  3. celtics smiler the neilly mochan story. The synopsis talks about there history and stuff it's in the included with prime sports documentary section.
  4. That and wiping them fully out of history and future is what should happen.
  5. Amazon prime has a documentry on the beasts from the east I would expect them to be doing a sequal on that soon enough with the crimes that went on there.
  6. Not even sure if I'm serious about this but Windass and Garner would be an upgrade on what we have now and would be cheap from Wigan. Along with McCleoud and Kipke would be better back up to what we have and fuck it bring back Kal Naismith too.
  7. There's rumours that jock did more than know as well as tommy burns.
  8. I don't think Tav could play at right wing especially cutting in on his left foot though we do need a winger Arjen Robben style ideally but I think we are going to go with Hagi wide right. I hope we sign a left winger and move Kent to the right and a target man style striker but not Dykes. We need a destroyer in the middle as well.
  9. We will though it is all Gerrard knows.
  10. Clyne doesn't offer the threat Tav does despite arguably being a better defender if we are replacing Tav it has to be with an attacking upgrade as well as he is so potent for us.
  11. It should see them shut down completely if they aren't they should be given the Penn State treatment.
  12. The normalisation of abuse will do that the church and club need shut down for the sake of humanity.
  13. Holy fucking shit talk about brain dead and out of touch
  14. He is way to injury prone but if we could get him fully fit he would be decent back up to Tav as we can not replace his attacking threat that we rely on.
  15. I didn't though I said that's the only thing I know about him nothing about how good he is.
  16. The only thing I know of him is he made the fifa tots this year and was shite in game. If we are replacing Alfie with him that's stupid and if he's coming in as back up to Alfie that's stupid. Moving to two up front and using him and Alfie could work but that's the only way I would take him.
  17. The Metro series is a amazing pick it up you'll love it.
  18. It is fucking nonsense Laudrup is the best player to ever play in Scottish football.
  19. It is possible to just go into an invite only session but I needed help with a couple of them.
  20. Been playing gta online as I can't stand any more fifa and it's crazy how many picks play it. I was trying to do the casino set up and kept getting blown up.
  21. Until he got booked he was the best player in the park and then went into his shell.
  22. PES 6 is amazing but I'd love a manager game that isn't fifa career mode.
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