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  1. This angle is often discovered when someone for whatever reason is deemed to be out of favour..... it's usually without conclusive evidence. ------------------ If BG goes as is likely, good luck to the lad. But it does leave a sour taste in the mouth in that you wonder why even bother discovering and nuturing exceptional talent in this day and age. It's just another aspect of an increasingly uneven playing field within a business that has very little sport left in it.
  2. I changed my post as I read it back and it didn't make sense. --------- It's subjective opinion and it's no use arguing about it. Personally I consider the abuse CH has received over a period of time to be way OTT.
  3. First thing that came to mind when I read your question. ie. A level of abuse can be allowed to or simply becomes the norm/habit and people don't think twice about measuring whatever it may be in relation to scale of abuse.
  4. # Normalisation
  5. Sin bin has been fairly standard for a longtime. It's only the 'real Jeremy Hunts' that get the red card
  6. Sooner or later it is usually resolved by a 'pay-off''. However if you pay off the players we'll want to move on, I doubt there will be funds to bring in all the players that we'll want.
  7. Bodes badly for a satisfactory outcome for the club in more ways than just this one player.
  8. It's good to see someone aiming satire at himself and his forum
  9. Some can and in our divisive world will naturally focus on polarised positives/negatives for one forum or another but if you take a step back for a moment, we are all Rangers supporters. Whilst there will always be disagreements in any walk of life, we seem to be on a never ending climb up the wall of divisory confrontation that has, as a collective, served us very badly. I'm an FF man as far as forums are concerned (currently sin-binned for looking like Brad Pitt) but I'll offer my particular olive branch towards RM by saying there are at least 238 posters who aren't Jeremy Hunts,,,,seriously, the best thing about it for me is that I'm allowed a voice that goes against the general RM grain. # Don't hit me with any negative vibes man !
  10. If you typed that with a straight face your vocation is stand-up comedy.
  11. Derby have quite a few Scots that have done well for them in recent times and none of them are superstars. A bargain deal on MO'H would make sense for them.
  12. Can't locate it, what was that ? The conspirational angle would be him and agent not being interested in championship clubs and/or move on terms that may have been suggested.
  13. Interesting, given he didn't turn up. If I were the speculative type, I might read all kinds of things into that
  14. Might depend on who his agent is and how much MO'H actually wants to play. Clubs will know the situation and won't be bidding much in the way of a fee. Will an English championship club be interested?...mibbes aye mibbes naw...you might be looking at their 3rd tier. Scottish clubs will want him but haven't any cash. --------- Sod's law, he'll move and start playing well.
  15. A summer move away for him will hopefully suit all parties....but can see a possible stalemate over a pay-off.