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  1. still the team to beat

    I think it's more that teams have more belief that they can beat us, whereas a lot of the time other teams are writing off the game against those on the other side of the city. We need to start putting longer winning runs together or we'll struggle for second place.....and as per the previous poster, those back to back games against the sheep take on huge significance. First up though is a semi-final against an in-form Motherwell. ....Getting a win and securing a final berth would be the first time Pedro has managed 3 competitive wins on the bounce and help increase confidence.
  2. Big test against an organised team that will be well motivated. We really need the 3 points if we want to keep in touch with second place. One plus is that our top tier away form under Pedro (no defeats) which suggests the players struggle with the pressure of playing at Ibrox. It's curious but it was the opposite under Mark Warburton, good top tier home record but poor on the road. Unpredictable for me.
  3. Forum activity.

    You know what I always said about the TLM. I wasn't sure of his precise motive and I don't discount some of the seemingly postive stuff he has put forward BUT the way he answered some points I put to him about his accounts analysis in IIRC 2013, to me proved he was at it. He was very good at what he did though.
  4. Forum activity.

    Not really, I was a fairly prominent member (FF) who was considered by some of the 'radicals' on here to be in that "select few" and even some kind of 'enemy spinning' agent sent over to RM by the FF operations unit on a mission. ..........That was pish and I was banned from FF earlier in the year. ---------------------- Generally the old FF messageboard IMO was a lot better than RM. I haven't been on the new board as a poster but the absence of 'The Lounge' is a serious downside. A big difference is in the moderation of the two. FF is much stricter in enforcing guidelines/rules with RM much more relaxed. There are pros and cons with both approaches but IMO one of the reasons that FF was/is much busier is that there is not so much casual abuse being thrown around and because of that conversations tend to stick more to topic/are relatively constructive. FF is fairly political and there is more 'censorship' that was born from desperate times that required desperate measures. Back in the 'robbing bastard spiv years' , 'agents' of spivs used RM as a friendly online tool to put their ongoing case forward.... FF used to sooner or later detect them and send them packing. One of the Sir Duped/Toxic Jacks ongoing successes over a number of years that carried forward post May 2011 as a ''spiv continuity bridge' was successfully encouraging fan division, so as to make them less powerful. Fans groups/messageboard land was a big part of that.
  5. Scotland v Slovakia

    Maybe you are schoolkids, it would explain things. I'm out.............
  6. Scotland v Slovakia

    Fair play, at least you get a point for ironic comedy.
  7. Scotland v Slovakia

    You and Inigo can be whatever you like but it might be better if there was a seperate sub-forum for gratuitous and immature pish.
  8. Scotland v Slovakia

    It's more someone simply pointing out the obvious. A bunch of immature 'fannies' carrying on as if they were in the primary school computer lab.
  9. Scotland v Slovakia

    Don't see one for a bit, then two come along at the sametime # thick mentalists
  10. Scotland v Slovakia

    Are you still attending Primary school or just an online mentalist ?
  11. Scotland v Slovakia

    Over a campaign teams like Scotland will have it's ups and downs but at the end you finish where you deserve. The 'what if' talk may fill-up pundits columns and pubtalk but if over countless campaigns, it's nearly always the same, there is an obvious reason for it. We have a chance on Sunday, I'd say it's odds against but then I thought it'd be a draw last night.
  12. Scotland v Slovakia

    Slovenia don't concede many in Home WC qualifiers. Last one they let through was 552 minutes ago in March 2013 (since then...5 wins and 1 draw). That includes games against Slovakia and England. I'd imagine it'll be very difficult for Scotland to go to 'the well' again so soon after last night and put in the type of performance required. I think we'd need Slovenia not to be fully at it and have some luck.
  13. Jonathan Watson on Marseille 93

    There was nothing wrong with the ref's decision re. the Hately sending off. The elbow by itself would have been soft but it's Hately pushing the Bruges player to the ground that makes the ref's work easy. As I said it was stupidity on Hately's part.
  14. New Strip old strip back

    IIRC in 1978, the club bought Bobby Russell for 200 quid. Now that was value. -------
  15. Jonathan Watson on Marseille 93

    We had a great team in a collective sense rather than any of the really top players Milan and Marseille had and this told at times as we couldn't get the goal to win some of the matches that our play merited, eg Bruges (A) and CSKA (H). - the Durrant pass leading up to the McSwegan headed goal was sublime - Hately's sending off was rank stupidity on his part - Our chance was to win in France. As soon as the game was over you knew that Marseille would win in Bruges. Loved Watson's two lines about 'the wee man' and the 'hammer' Anyone wanting to go straight tothe Watson lines, it's at 28mins 30secs in on the link below http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05hzbzq#play