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  1. New heart & hand podcast

    Touching on some of what was discussed on pod.
  2. What the hell is going on?

    I think it might represent at least two different overviews within those making the decisions. One side being a pragmatic 'safe hands' known candidate (probably coming from some board members) and the other being a more progressive or not Scottish manager (probably coming from DoF and possibly some of board).....Not impossible that there are more than two strands of thought. I'd imagine McLeish would be behind McInnes in the first category but for X reason (eg. DM saying no, financial) they may move onto Eck. Ultimately the board will probably make the call (rather than DoF) and hence the pragmatic, apparently less risky option. ---------------------- I agree that many of the better candidates will probably say 'no thanks' due to current circumstances.
  3. What the hell is going on?

    The board need to come up with viable solutions and not be scared to make fundamental changes where necessary. The 18 months of omnishambles has to stop - Possible boardroom changes/additions (eg. businessmen, politican) - Joined-up longterm strategy (not reactionary mgmt.) inc. a parrallel financial plan - hard-nosed and competent CEO to implement it - Position of a New Director of Comms and Marketing has been advertised (hopefully a positive) - Traynor and L5 OUT - Please make an effective managerial appt. - a football operation that gets value for every pound spent etc ------------------ I'm fairly sure that the eventual management appointment will be underwhelming for many but it'll be how results go after that and how the club is managed as a whole that is important. A hard nosed and effective CEO is perhaps almost as important as a football manager. We've got to change the dynamic or we're on a dark road.
  4. What the hell is going on?

    I think that one way or tuther, they'll be obliged to provide an update of sorts (if no appt. is made prior to AGM),...regardless of the Q&A session. If not at the AGM,..it may come prior to the AGM via a short statement or even this weekend if we fail to beat Dundee. Generally, I don't agree wrt 'no awkward questions' and 'rounds of applause',... I think you misjudge the current mood.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    LincolnRedImps 1 Invincibles 0 Barca 7 Invincibles 0 PSG 7 Invincibles 1 Fortress Brendenbeu Invincibles 0 PSG 5 Invincibles ????
  6. What the hell is going on?

    A short-list isn't long and is what the club will currently be working on. A couple or so week's back, I said that an appointment might well be made a day or two prior to the AGM. If it wasn't to have been made by the 30th, then the club will have to give an explanation as to the situation. ------------ We'd better beat Dundee on Friday night or.........
  7. Craig shite to release a book

    I'd agree with most of those 'bones'. I think it fairly clear that Whyte was moreso brought in to do the 'dirty business'. The whole thing (including post Whyte) has been an ongoing and fluid huge stitch-up with the club/fans the victims. - Follow the money,....... eg. Sir Duped today - Accountability,...........Who has been found to be accountable and punished ?
  8. Pena

    The lack of decent options on the bench against Hamilton showed that.
  9. New heart & hand podcast

    Wrt to the podcast title,....the club advertised for a director of comms and marketing recently. Hopefully positive change will come from this. ---------------- Traynor and L5 aren't working, OUT.........'simples' ---------------- If some of the fans cry to make enemies of the media and tear down bridges then they can't expect to be able to 'control the narrative' with any real effect. ---------------- Team selection As availability stands: Our squad is very light in numbers/decent options
  10. What the hell is going on?

    The board want to win but the last 18 months has seen a dysfunctionality take root. That is the obvious starting place wrt getting back on track. Thereafter it's about: - joined-up strategy - the right personnel/structure (need hard-nosed & competent CEO) - adequate finance to support strategy - all leading into an improving football operation that gets value for every pound spent. Very easy to list on a messageboard but.......
  11. What the hell is going on?

    If we are being honest, stand-out 'winners' aren't currently viable, nor would they currently find the job attractive. In a couple of years, we will hopefully be in a better position.
  12. Craig shite to release a book

    Sounds as if it should be filed under 'fiction'.
  13. What the hell is going on?

    I don't think it's about comparisons tbh,...IMO it's about the particular circumstances we find ourselves in (they are result of 18 months of something very close to an omnishambles)....and the pressure to get the next step right, not allowing a repeat of the systemic failure re. the Pedro appt. The irony is that IMO this was the time to go after the obvious candidate (McInnes), straightaway. Perhaps the time to go through a process that a DoF had input,... was back in Feburary, but the guy from Southampton took his time, knocked us back and we made 'systemic errors'.