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  1. Surprised that the Daily Record is close to the story,.....not.
  2. It'd most probably begin via his mhedia buddies.
  3. Fair enough, you have your opinion. But obviously have little to nothing to back it up.
  4. The more I listen to this debate and see the candidates, the more I'd prefer Pedro to learn as he goes with some assistance from Graeme Murty regards continuity.
  5. This was the case against (below). Please provide a counter based on fact
  6. The case for BF Ignore the many negatives in his past, including that he doesn't learn from his mistakes and left Clyde 8th in the 4th tier and give him the job because he knows how to do what you shouldn't do.
  7. Wrap it up anyway you like, Barry Ferguson at Clyde, with one of the bigger budgets in the 4th tier, against other part-time bosses with similar restrictions, FAILED in his remit to get them promoted and left them in 8th place out of 10. ie. he hasn't proved himself as yet, has just instilled more doubts wrt his ability in a dug-out / training pitch and if Rangers weren't knocking on his door wouldn't have had any offers from other teams at a reasonable to decent level.
  8. Wrt this role at Rangers, he used his ghost writer at the Daily Record to write two Fridays columns IAR (4th and 11th of March), that were pseudo applications that touched the 'right bases' with readers. He used them in the past He uses them now He'll use them in the future
  9. If there was just one thing you had to choose for making a case against his appointment, I think that is it. For me it would significantly increase the 'risk factor' for the new mgmt team as a whole. BF ambition allied to mhedia contacts will act in certain circumstances, with a view to take advantage.
  10. Beyond the fact that he was an outstanding player for us (but obviously can't play anymore and therefore not that relevant) there isn't much of a solid argument for BF and this comes through in the posts that see him as a good appointment. I can understand those that say if he does comes in, you have to get behind him and hence, the time for registering a counter opinion and backing it up is now.
  11. As it stands, odds against. IMO, we need to beat them twice to give ourselves a decent chance. Game at Pittodrie will tell us a lot.
  12. What is baffling is you inferring that ....Historical facts = Hate It shows up either a lack of a decent and relevant counter argument or something else. Einstein said insanity was......"doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
  13. I've used facts to point to why I think he isn't suitable for this role. Perhaps you could do the same to support his case........
  14. BF doesn't do 'instructions' very well and may say one thing but do another. He'll look to extend territory and if that means undermining others, he'll do it. He can't help himself, it's the way he is wired.
  15. Whether he is a ned or not is subjective and immaterial but a few things that are more relevant........... - Played a big part in refusing to adapt to and the undermining of a Rangers manager, using the mhedia to help in that. Lost Captaincy+ - Off-field Irresponsibility with Scotland see him stripped of Captaincy and further appearences - Disrespecting another Rangers manager see him lose Captaincy AGAIN and cold shouldered. - As Clyde manager, is sent to stands after getting involved in abusive exchange with Clyde supporter whilst in charge of a team being horsed by Spartans in the Scottish Cup. - His repeated highly irresponsible and sometimes deceptive behaviour shows that he doesn't learn lessons very well. - With one of the highest budgets in the 4th tier, he fails to get Clyde promoted and leaves them in danger of losing league status. - Works with the Daily Record and BBC Scotland and has his contacts for the day when he reverts to type and briefs against mgmt. team when results don't go well and will be hyped by the same people (Keith Jackson/ghostwriter) to fill any vacums that may arise in the future. - On BBC Scotland a week or two ago, he actually said that he thought the foreign route was a mistake for Rangers and they should go for McInnes. Fine to have an opinion but not an opinion that marries well with him getting a job within the foreign route. - Listening to him talk about football is like going back a decade or more. He doesn't seem to be an advocate of progressive methods. Again, a bad fit with new set-up. In summary, Ferguson has a off the field history that screams 'NOT Suitable & Dangerous' and has a coaching/mgmt. history that doesn't suggest he has a lot to offer (failed at Clyde). Quite how the board saw him as a candidate for this job is beyond me and IMO can only be via the Parks family influence. This won't end well.