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  1. New heart & hand podcast

    Touching on some of what was discussed on pod.
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    LincolnRedImps 1 Invincibles 0 Barca 7 Invincibles 0 PSG 7 Invincibles 1 Fortress Brendenbeu Invincibles 0 PSG 5 Invincibles ????
  3. Craig shite to release a book

    I'd agree with most of those 'bones'. I think it fairly clear that Whyte was moreso brought in to do the 'dirty business'. The whole thing (including post Whyte) has been an ongoing and fluid huge stitch-up with the club/fans the victims. - Follow the money,....... eg. Sir Duped today - Accountability,...........Who has been found to be accountable and punished ?
  4. New heart & hand podcast

    Wrt to the podcast title,....the club advertised for a director of comms and marketing recently. Hopefully positive change will come from this. ---------------- Traynor and L5 aren't working, OUT.........'simples' ---------------- If some of the fans cry to make enemies of the media and tear down bridges then they can't expect to be able to 'control the narrative' with any real effect. ---------------- Team selection As availability stands: Our squad is very light in numbers/decent options
  5. Craig shite to release a book

    Sounds as if it should be filed under 'fiction'.
  6. New heart & hand podcast

    1. Robertson isn't a CEO 2. IMO we need a hard-nosed and competent CEO implementing a 'joined-up' long term strategy, that we stick to and that encompasses the club as a whole. 3. Investing any money without a well considered strategy in place will see more waste. Good Strategy.. + ..Good personnel.. + ..Adequate investment = A chance to go forward. Remove any of the three and we'll fall short.
  7. Craig shite to release a book

    Sir Duped was the main catalyst and is so obviously bullshitting with his side of the CW takeover 'jackanory'.
  8. Borussia Mönchengladbach v Rangers 1987 Germany

    BMG were the first team I saw put us out of Europe back in 1973. Germans (Cologne) would also put us out in the EC QF 78/79 (after beating Juventus and PSV). Makes you marvel at how we managed to put Bayern Munich out of the ECWC in 72, a team full of Germans who had won the European Championship and would go onto win the WC in 74.
  9. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    I think I've stated what I think and why, on various occasions. Try reading them slowly.
  10. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    No, I have said that the last 18 months has been an omnishambles and it is their own fault why they arrive at this juncture with so much in the air and uncertain.
  11. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    But if that person had suffered a bad bout of food posioning from his previous visit, he may have deliberated over his choice somewhat longer. --------------- I agree in that I'd have preferred a quick resolution with IMO the obvious candidate but all I'm saying is that I can understand why it has developed the way it has. However, it's the boards own decisions during the past 18 months that have pushed them down this track.
  12. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    I agree with most of that although given circumstances, I wouldn't blame the board for going through with the selection process as they had decided to do it. Where they are to blame, is why it has all reached this stage and for 18 months of omnishambles. I said a week or two ago that I thought they might end up getting the wrong man but with what seemed the 'right process'. I'd lean heavier toward that now. Post the Kilmarnock draw was IMO crying out for an almost immediate approach for McInnes but the board were probably divided and having got the Pedro appt. wrong on a systemic level decided they had to take their time and do it in a 'thorough manner'. ...but it's really more about getting it right. The AGM arrives at a time when the club needs to take stock and take measures/make changes at various levels.
  13. Scottish cup draw

    Good straightforward passage into the next round was what we needed. Gives a new manager some breathing space. I know one Bear who'll be very pleased with this draw and for once there won't be a long journey involved.