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  1. I was going to ask if it was anyone on here # Phantomesque
  2. The way finances are going in the modern game, Scottish football, along with other similar sized leagues are being marginalised. I think that Scottish football manages to press the 'fast forward button' on that marginalisation and in so doing gets left behind some of the similar sized nations. There are various reasons behind this with one being the level of hatred and how that has manifested itself.
  3. I don't agree with the manager regards the creation of chances not being a problem. This far into the season, it's as plain as day that it has been, . As we can get fitter, we may be able to play at a higher tempo which would help, as will the likes of Dorrans and Alves coming into the team..... But the bottomline is what happens once the League starts, when it'll be results and not words we'll be talking about. A big problem that is coming is going to be a general unwillingness to show any kind of patience for the team to be put together and perform. The almost inevitable teething problems will turn into 'crisis time' with a media anxious to help see Pedro off on a plane.
  4. My first thought after reading that was to be reminded of an SLF song I used to listen to back in the 70's. As for the tired line about an "alternative Rangers", the context of what I said isn't taken into account by those only anxious to use something they never actually read as some kind of desperate defensive stick. I'm not the one who is getting righteous, I'm only taking the pish out of a post that has the subtext of other Rangers supporters groups possibly being full of enemy agents and one particular group being pointed to as some kind of perfect defenders of all things Rangers when they 'danced' with spivs for too long. The unpleasent truth is that the support and club have done politics dreadfully for a longtime and we find ourselves in a unsurprising place.
  5. People often are when they want to spare their blushes.
  6. It was more simply taking the pish of the subtext of your post.
  7. But who vouched for the first member ? Is it possible that the first member wasn't a Rangers fan and what resulted about was a rogue group that is completely full of double agents and is a big part of why we are so deep in a morass ? #TinkerTailorSoldierC**t
  8. That's often the first thing trotted out when describing Rangers in foreign press, as it often comes in the context of an old firm game and they nearly always explain the rivalry in terms of Protestant Rangers v Catholic Celtic. It's actually lazy C&P journalism and the reality is somewhat diluted.
  9. It doesn't seem to matter if X is for self gain o not, if he's on a particular side of the internal divide he'll get attacked by the other who will look for something or make it up in order to discredit. It's like continualy repeating about protecting our club and culture whilst at the sametime, self-harming. The stark truth is that it's hardly surprising that most of those (Rangers fans) at a "high enough level" don't want to get involved with or act on our behalf. This is for various reasons that include: - Looking after 'Number One', looking after their own career in an enviroment where our brand both at the football club and beyond is perceived as 'toxic', or at least this is what has been pushed from other forces (to date, successfully). - They see our side as politically being a continual second best and without any short term prospect of changing that. - If they care to observe, they'll see the vitriol and abuse that comes the way of far too many of who get involved and whilst that may be expected from the opposition, I'm talking about within our own fanbase. - The impossibility of what the fanbase seem to want, relative to reality and the lack of recognition that you can't press a button and get to Y, you need to embark on a strategicly planned journey. --------------- That's before you touch on the wider influences and trends that have us swimming against the tide anyway,.
  10. Another thread that helps display why we as a support will never reach our collective potential in terms of influence and lobbying. It appears to me that the main general difference between Rangers and Celtic support at this level is that a great deal of capable, professional Bears look at internal bickering (sometimes worse) and say no thanks, they don't want anything to do with it. Whilst the green and grey have a longstanding culture that sees more of their professional classes willing to stand-up and get involved in some way. It's ironic but we are a bit like the Labour party of the last few years.
  11. We need to see a statement on it. I have the feeling that the delay in issuing it has been about restructuring a response (from the one that Topping aluded to) and that the 'authorities' are starting to see a need to at least go through certain motions.
  12. We could ask them to make up their minds regards Sevco or Rangers because surely in their warped minds, the title stripping can't effect 'newco'.....but, but it does !!!!
  13. It's all about the money.
  14. The hardcore of the Agitating or revolting fans won't buy that. The matter is then about how much noise they can make, where they make it and the potential damage it may have to various parties. I think the authorities see the football starting soon to occupy your average fans attention and the 17/18 ST uptake done and dusted. I'd imagine it'll end up as us getting grief at every away ground wrt to titles/'cheating', which will make a change from Sevco etc.