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  1. Well well amazing all these years and after all this shite they bastards get handed the league and we get admonished for made up shite from the mad jap this is a fuckin joke
  2. Fly with the craws shot with the craws
  3. He is not a captain he never speaks and more
  4. What a load of pish we need a stronger midfield and more players to chip in with goals We are struggling here
  5. A very sad day for the Rangers family a true warrior to the end.
  6. Sorry mate had a wee swally and got the angry heed on
  7. Why can Kilmarnock sing the the Killie boys and Hearts the same but we are being told we can’t change the words as it is racist give it a fuckin rest Fare is a catholic organisation that is only working for one club in Scotland
  8. ⚠ St Joseph's Supporters Area ⚠ - Only persons with a Gibraltar Red/Blue ID Card will be allowed access to this area. Failure to produce a valid ID card will result in access not being permitted into the stadium. MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR ID CARD. I’m hours away in Spain and I can’t get a ticket because you have to be from the Gib what a load of shite
  9. Tickets are still not on sale yet in Gibraltar for the game on Tuesday
  10. Now That’s Jail Time. PAEDO’ FOOTBALL COACH FACING 100 YEARS BEHIND BARS FOR ALLEGEDLY ABUSING 25 CHILDREN IN BRITISH EXPAT HOTSPOT NEAR SPAIN’S COSTA DEL SOL The trial is being held behind closed doors to protect the alleged victims By Laurence Dollimore (News Editor) - 24 Jun, 2019 @ 16:12 0 Share A MALAGA football coach is facing 100 years behind bars for allegedly abusing at least 25 children. It comes as the trial for the suspect, known only as J.C.C.F, resumed today after one of the leading magistrates had fallen ill. The court heard statements from two children who had reported the coach back in 2016. The trial is being held behind closed doors to protect the alleged victims. Sources have indicated that the rest of the court dates are scheduled for the 24th, 25th and 26th of this month, as well as for the 2nd, 8th and 9th of July. Alhaurin de la Torre is a popular relocation spot for expats J.C.C.F is to remain in Alhaurin de la Torre prison for the duration of the trial. The sports coach, 44, is married and with children. Prosecutors allege the man took advantage of his coaching status and popularity with the minors he coached, winning their trust before abusing at least one of the victims physically on several occasions. He sexually propositioned at least two dozen others, in person or over Whatsapp, prosecutors allege, while asking them to send him intimate photos. The accused was a level III coach, meaning he could coach at the national or international level. He trained, among other teams, the Victoriana Olympic, Puerto Malagueño, Rincon de la Victoria and even Malaga FC, where he was between the years 2012 and 2014. Since October 2016 he had coached at Alhaurin de la Torre FC. Prosecutors have accused J.C.C.F of crimes of sexual abuse with premeditation, corruption of minors, exhibitionism and sexual provocation, among others. They are asking for a 25-year ban from any work involving minors and a court order banning him from contacting any victims for at least 10 years. They are also seeking €24,000 in damages for seven of the victims, and at least €3,000 each for the others. The prosecutors are also considering subsidiary civil liabilities for Malaga Club de Futbol as well as to Alhaurin de la Torre FC, where the majority of the victims were coached by J.F.F.C.
  11. Typical Tim behaviour from Murty at least they care about the club not like him and his celtic supporting dad time to get rid
  12. Fly with craws you get shot with the craws
  13. It has come. Back to haunt them may they die in peace or not
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