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  1. Tonight’s Goals

    Cheers I thoroughly enjoyed that 👍
  2. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    He's a Cunt and I hope this is the last we see of him. Those responsible or involved in his signing should be forever banned from our club.
  3. Colin McAdam - Video

    Cheers Jules I really enjoyed that. I loved Colin McAdam, sleep tight Big Man. John McDonald 👍
  4. Andy Gray - Video

    A real old style centre forward 👍
  5. Bob Malcolm - Video

    Lived The Dream
  6. Alves

    Yesterday will maybe be the last we see of him and that might be no bad thing. He can go through the motions until the World Cup with someone else.
  7. Willie Vass Pictures.

    Is there one of Bates in there ?
  8. Fod

    Solid today 👍
  9. The BBC Radio commentators

    Both BBC and Sky are reeking, BT can be just as bad.
  10. Bruno and Niko

    Taxi for both please
  11. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Some Big performances there, Fod, Tav, John, Wilson, Bates, McCrorie can all be proud of themselves.
  12. Ross and Robbie Mccrorie sign new Contracts.

    Well deserved and excellent news
  13. Would have bitten your hand off for any win never mind 2-0. Apart from that it was a very hard watch.
  14. Ross McCrorie

    Because rather than going for nothing or very little at least we might get decent money for him. Its better than him refusing a new contract and going for fuck all.
  15. Ross McCrorie

    Its a no brainer, get him in thrash out a deal and get him signed up, he can have a buy out clause if he wants, win win.