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  1. I would suggest Aribo has been played out of position, agreed on Kamara šŸ‘
  2. Not convinced by that team, draw at best, hope Im proved wrong.
  3. Maybe just maybe it caught footage of some arsehole throwing stuff at Bears out a particular window of a particular flat.
  4. Iā€™m not really sure what your getting at,
  5. Some of the worst pish you will ever witness.
  6. Every one of those houses has cctv cameras outside.
  7. Should have been loaned back to Motherwell, Good Luck to him anyway.
  8. Throw Jones into the mix and it was a masterstroke, not.
  9. Both were garbage today, Morelos marginally better.
  10. What it did was give us an early throw in, something that we are masters of, if I recall correctly we threw it straight to Lego.
  11. Zappa6995


    Jack could easily have seen red in todays non contact fitba. Leading with your studs is a no no.
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