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  1. Doubt there were many Bears there, if any.
  2. Keeper should never have been able to get near any of them, should have burst the net not once but twice, finishing was absolute shite.
  3. Another cunt made of glass.
  4. It was quite a feat to avoid a tackle from Our Tam 😉
  5. Saw this coming at half time yesterday.
  6. Hes a decent player but tends to do way too much, having said that he doesnt really have players round about him looking for a quick ball. He could do with a sunbed or two, a visit to the barbers to get shot of that muff divers beard and a wee bit of foundation to get shot of the Noddy rosy cheeks, his socks are top notch though, knows how to have them “over the knee” like other tadgers in our team.
  7. He will never be anywhere close to being a Liverpool regular.
  8. Well done Scotland but still gutted, the nearly men again. 👏
  9. Way too expensive to sack him and his backroom staff which brings me to the crux of the matter, what the fuck are they doing to help him, is his ego that big that its his way or the highway, or are the backroom staff equally as culpable in this shitfest ?
  10. I dont know where to start with that pish
  11. He should have stayed in his bed, the same as he should have stayed in his fucking box.
  12. The thing is that it’s debateable whether that performance was disgraceful as its just “The Norm” now, that’s what’s disgraceful
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