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  1. Time to bin this jolly boys outing, does absolutely fuck all for us.
  2. He was shite and was rightfully subbed, any of the midfield could have been hauled off right enough.
  3. Legend , Happy Birthday Sir and here’s s to many more of them.
  4. Leckie and The Sun can get themselves to fuck.
  5. Tremendous footage, would never tire of watching it 👍
  6. Cracking gesture, good luck to him 👍
  7. Thought he had a great game, long may it continue.
  8. What a load of bitter shite from this no mark.
  9. Should never have been out the team, outstanding again today and I could watch that header on repeat for hours.
  10. Zappa6995


    Thought he was tremendous today, Well done Big Man please keep it up.
  11. Overall he was OK ,its the BIG DECISIONS he shat the bed at and thats whats busting everyones nut. Not Good Enough
  12. World Class goal from him tonight, thank you Jermain
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