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  1. Right good shift from him today, never put a foot wrong.
  2. Hats off to whoever organised it, looked tremendous under the floodlights, well done to everyone involved 👍
  3. Lazio playing the same brand of Pre Season friendly, we're too good for this pish as they did in the other game.
  4. Well done South Africa, well deserved win . 👏👏👏👏
  5. South Africa certainly have the push on, a real powerful side..
  6. Fans were outstanding, well done every single one of you. 👍
  7. Obviously Im not the manager and dont see our guys on a daily basis but on what Ive seen so far Edmundson looks like he could play a few positions and can certainly make a pass, I would certainly be giving him a run out starting on Wednesday.
  8. Step forward George Edmundson and Jon Flanagan
  9. Everyone would love to play in front of a crowd thats loud and right behind the players all game , every game that goes without saying, If the manager is trying to throw a comfort blanket around his relatively under performing captain then I get that too, he's the manager, he picks the team, he picks the captain. If hes trying to shift the onus for below par performances onto the Ibrox home crowd then I think he's barking up the wrong tree. Anyway, 3 points in the bag, onward and upward, have a good night 🍻
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