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  1. Well done to everyone involved in this πŸ‘
  2. Brilliant, sure I spotted Hughie Green in the crowd. πŸ‘
  3. They need all the money they can get their hands on.
  4. My brother used to maintain the old ones and the ones at Rugby Park, just sayin’.
  5. McKinnon and especially Munro πŸ‘
  6. Love him to bits and he is a tremendous Ranger but Scotland were quite well off for midfielders during Doddies career but as Ive said he was an outstanding player for us.
  7. Couldn't give a flying fuck about football at the moment to be brutally honest.
  8. Good luck with that πŸ‘
  9. So you think his team and tactics were right
  10. Its not hard to criticise Gerrard when he picks the wrong starting 11 and sends them out with woeful tactics.
  11. Nowhere near what is required.
  12. Lets be honest here, the personnel and the tactics were wrong from the start.
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