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  1. 6 and a half years is a disgrace of a sentence, heres hoping he never sees the light of day again.
  2. Name names then McCafferty
  3. Where the fuck do you even begin to start with that shite..
  4. What a filthy, rancid shower of bastards they are, quite how this is not national and international news beggars belief.
  5. Nice to see him get a shutout today, well done Fod 👍
  6. Hes a class act and I wish he would drive forward more as hes got that in his locker, when he did it today, Boom, Goal.
  7. Needs to add goals to his game, at least one so I can see him go nuts. Like many others he had a very good game today and was solid.
  8. Solid so far 👍 Same second half please.
  9. Attendances of 35,000 and 41,000 being given,looking at the photograph of Provans penalty it looks more.
  10. Loved him as a player and nothing has changed my opinion of him, hes made of the right stuff and I wish him every success.
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