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  1. I think the only place Ive never sat is the East Enclosure, was in in when it was standing but never seated.
  2. Turkey’s voting for Christmas
  3. A Masterclass from a Class Act
  4. I know it was only a friendly but Cruyff for Feyenoord at Ibrox was a joy to behold in the worst conditions imaginable.
  5. Fabulous, his display against Hearts in the SC Final is one of if not the best individual performance Ive had the privilege to witness. Players like him dont come along very often and Im glad he came when he did.
  6. Theres a reason we named a stand after him, no arguments from me.
  7. 3 Leagues of 14, nobody relegated, everybody happy except us.
  8. Would obviously depend on who was top at the time
  9. I would be extremely surprised if those checks have not already been carried out.
  10. Stay Safe BB, condolences to you and your family.
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