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  1. Zappa6995

    delayed transmission of the game tomorrow

    If it gets more bums on seats, firing up the lads to go that extra mile then alls good 👍
  2. Zappa6995

    Richard Gough

    Why the fuck would you even bring up this pish.
  3. Pogba showed real pace and desire to get on the end of that cross, he was eating up the ground.
  4. Zappa6995

    Get rid of the feeble minded

    I agree and while we are at it get rid of the feeble bodied as well. Far too many non producers and passengers at the club. I know its impossible but we can dream cant we.
  5. Zappa6995

    Our crossing

    Its a thing of wonder, the vast majority of the time its a fucking abomination.
  6. Zappa6995

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    No shit, but other than Kent when he decides to show up, Tavernier is probably our most attack minded player, the attacking threat posed by the majority of our curent midfield is woeful.
  7. Zappa6995


    If we were to sign every cunt that had a decent game against us then we would have a bigger squad than Man City and Chelsea combined, we are great at making very ordinary opponents look like world beaters.
  8. Zappa6995

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    Get Polster and Halliday on at full back and push Tavernier into midfield.
  9. Zappa6995

    Our crossing

    Hitler also had this problem
  10. Zappa6995

    Our crossing

    How long have you got, our crossing is pathetic and most of the time is worthless as there is no cunt to cross to.
  11. Zappa6995

    One man team?

    Cant see him getting near the Liverpool squad. Worryingly more than Morelos if Kent doesnt turn up and he sure didnt yesterday then we struggle really badly.
  12. Zappa6995

    Gerrard : Post Match Reaction

    Instesd of hoping he should be demanding.
  13. Zappa6995

    One man team?

    I dont think he will give one single fuck, he only cares about himself.
  14. Zappa6995

    Rangers retirement home

    Was going to add McAulay but I think he might be quicker than Goldson so its not all bad
  15. Zappa6995


    Needs dropped.