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  1. How about investing some of the money you swindled from the club you proclaimed to love, back into the team ya fuckin leech.
  2. So am I mate but you get fannys on this forum telling me that Hallidays challenge on Roberts was cowardly ffs so good luck if one of our players actually does half one of them properly....place will be in meltdown
  3. Aye the half with the pulled hamstring knowing our luck.
  4. Needing a name swap on flights and hotels aswell mate? If so let me know
  5. Exactly mate but we know they are at the wrong club, Pedro obviously knows they are not cut out for it but what can we do? Nothing until the end of the season. Absolutely sickening that the players weren't up for that game yesterday on the back of a well deserved draw at the piggery. The celtic players could smell from them, fucking embarrassing.
  6. Boyd did score against them. Not many granted, but he still scored.
  7. Ok well we will agree to disagree on the cowardly comment. And yeah I'd probably agree with you, no one in the team has the balls to do it. It's infuriating as it's every fucking game he swaggers about as if he had the freedom of the pitch cause he knows he won't get touched.
  8. I get what your saying but it's not only down to him to get in about Brown, we have 10 other outfield players that could have helped. You called his tackle cowardly, do you stand by that assessment? Andy Halliday isn't good enough or physically capable of getting into a physical battle with their midfield over 90mims as have seen plenty times this season. He shouldn't have been in there. If he hadn't put in that challenge then we would have people screaming that he didn't even put a tackle in, if your gonna play shite then at least hit one of them etc so now he actually has flung a hefty challenge in and people are slating him for it. I don't get it.
  9. So crunching tackles on taig players is cowardly now? Wow. Yes it was mistimed and rash, but cowardly? Massive overreaction. And I didn't know we could only half players who weren't wingers or were a certain height or weight ffs. I'd have loved someone to smash that arsehole Brown as much as the next Rangers fan but he strolled it untouched as usual, so I'm not gonna condemn anyone for any tackle against that mob. Andy Halliday should not have started that game today, wrong decision from Pedro. He isn't good enough for us and never good enough to influence that game, the tackle is about the only thing he done right all game. Sad day when even Rangers fans like you are slating a Rangers fan for snapping one of them, good on him, should have done it harder.
  10. Well I enjoyed the tackle. He was daft to do it as he couldn't put in another meaty challenge or he would have been off but he is useless anyway so at least he done something right by halfing one of them. End of the day he shouldn't have started as he is not good enough.
  11. The team was set up wrong, and these 2 were among the worst performers in it. Worst performance Hyndman has had for us and Halliday just isn't good enough. Only good thing he done is half that cunt Roberts.
  12. Hibs are playing Aberdeen today....at Hampden....in the Scottish Cup
  13. Genuinely shocked reading this. Rip big man...and what a goal
  14. Cracking gesture mate but it's sound, I wouldn't feel comfortable if I won using one of your numbers I will stick in a fiver nevertheless so cheers anyway!
  15. Not to worry. Brilliant effort from everyone to get them sold, good luck everyone