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  1. rfc_watp

    Our crowds early 80's

    Think the pictures been flipped round mate so it's actually the Ibrox primary school from the opposite side. Just above it is Edmiston House.
  2. rfc_watp

    Our crowds early 80's

    Question to the older bears. What did that feel like having such low attendances when 10/15 years previous, the game you were going to were just shy of 100,000? Must have been tough to take at the time.
  3. rfc_watp

    Edmiston Drive

    Fs horrible news. Rest easy mate.
  4. rfc_watp


    What a compliment that is considering where and what Buffon has done in his career. He has been to pretty much all the major stadiums in Europe so to be in his top 3 is pretty special, definitely worth boasting about considering he has played at the piggery several times and it never merited a mention....we know we wouldn't hear the end of it if it was them.
  5. Bit unfair imo. If he was to murder someone he would be banned from society for 20years yet here he is throwing a coin and he has never to see Rangers again for the rest of his days. Not comparing the 2 obviously but can you see what I'm getting at?
  6. Surely a 5 year ban or something would be more appropriate than life? So when he's 70 he can't take his grandkids to a game because he chucked a penny at a linesman 40 year ago? Way OTT. I can't get a pint at a football game because the older generation of our support couldn't behave and rioted steaming, chucked bottles and fought running battles using them as weapons so having them preach about this and that is a bit precious. Couldn't care less what anyone in the media thinks either, they don't need ammo to hate the Rangers support. This is the same media riddled with fans of clubs who wanted us dead
  7. Show me where I've said it's acceptable? Quite clearly condemned him earlier in the thread by saying he let himself and the club down. But aye I'm the spasticated one yet you have swallowshisownspunk as his username ya fucking wrong yin.
  8. Don't think it's anyone's right to call him a real Rangers fan or not. A Rangers fan who made a cunt of it and is facing the consequences, no need to kick him when he's down.
  9. Says who, you? Do you know the guy?
  10. Banned for life for throwing a coin? Ffs man get a grip. Aye he let himself and the club down, and he will face the consequences but far too many of our own sticking the boot into the guy. Banned for life for a moment of madness, not for me.
  11. rfc_watp

    Acting like tarriers

    He got a cut on the head ffs, is that not enough for you ya animal.
  12. rfc_watp

    Acting like tarriers

    Guy is an idiot who will get found out and have to take his medicine. He doesn't deserve to lose his job over it though imo and I personally wouldn't grass him either. Those comparing it to the taigs bottling a 10year old boy - why? They are in no way comparable.
  13. rfc_watp

    Strange people within our support

    I agree with you to an extent, more so about the activity in threads about politics. But it's not just about the football mate, Rangers represent more than that. Back in the day religion was an obvious factor. We were Protestant, them catholic. That isn't so much an issue today, but national identity is...especially when our support is being marginalised after the referendum in 2014.
  14. rfc_watp

    your greatest atmosphere ever at Ibrox.

    Inter Milan. 3-2 game to stop them winning the league at our place. 4-2 game against Hibs a few years ago. But for me the best atmosphere has to be the last 16 against Villareal. Walked into the stadium and the air was crackling. Also one of the last times we could sing our party anthem the Billy Boys without fear or being fined etc iirc.