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  1. rfc_watp

    No passion, no heart

    Don't agree with this at all. We looked the better team last night but as usual we lacked the cutting edge and good decision making in the final third. Punched well above our weight this European run, hopefully Gerrard can add that quality we are lacking in January.
  2. I am so stop disagreeing with me.
  3. It's pretty obvious man. A mountain was made out of a molehill a few weeks ago about his comments, way OTT fae people who don't realise not every player who pulls on our jersey wants to stay for life. If you watch the interview he has a wee ironic smile as if to say - I better say the right things here to clear up that interview from a few weeks ago to.save myself anymore hassle. Just my opinion. Take it you don't agree?
  4. Eh? He is smiling as he is trying to right the wrongs from his last interview where he got slaughtered on social media for his attitude about the loan move- rightly or wrongly.
  5. rfc_watp

    Neds scratching cars

    Wee guy was standing outside my motor last night about to ask me to watch it, but by the time I fucked about getting me and the wee man's jacket and scarfs etc sorted he gave up and moved onto the next victim...result.
  6. rfc_watp

    What are your memories

    Remember watching it fascinated by the wee Brazilian I'd seen on tv in a documentary about Brazilian football when he was at Gremio - floating about the park technically superior to anyone I'd ever seen before. Plus he was wearing these black tights which I'd never seen before either My Mum and dad tried for ages to get me that PSG top and that wee Brazilian went on to be my favourite ever non Rangers player, Ronaldinho.
  7. rfc_watp

    Safe Standing

    People are moaning that it should be in the Copland - aye, in an ideal world definitely. Fact of the matter is though that the majority of the Copland aren't interested in the idea and traditional Rangers end is now a thing of the past. The loudest stand in Ibrox is clearly the Broomloan and they deserve to have it there IF there is no chance of the taigs getting their full allocation back.
  8. rfc_watp

    Safe Standing

    The family stand is BR, not BF.
  9. rfc_watp

    Fans from our community who support them

    My cousin was a Rangers fan growing up, used to wear the tops etc then one day turned into one of them - don't know why. Always been a fanny tbh and I steer clear. One of my other cousins is a Catholic who supports Rangers though. His son who is a wee bluenose is actually in the process of signing with Rangers pro youth.
  10. rfc_watp

    Family stand tickets

    Aye mate will give them a bell tomorrow and see what's what, cheers
  11. rfc_watp

    Family stand tickets

    Been looking on the website everyday for a ticket for me and the boy for the Villareal game. The option of family stand has came up a few times in the availability section and says you can only buy an adult and juvenile ticket in the section yet when you select 2 it says that quantity is not available. Is this just single tickets scattered about then that they are trying to budge?
  12. rfc_watp

    John Hartson

    Gordon strapon
  13. rfc_watp

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Won't step foot in HoF again.
  14. rfc_watp

    Pena returning is it a ? or ?

    Nah no chance. Fat Mexican waster can do one.
  15. It's a glorified sports direct store mate that's why. Avoid until this retail deal is sorted out.