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  1. Ticket office queue now

    Anybody know why concessions and juvenile tickets are priced at £30, the same as adult prices on the website?
  2. Morales Cardosa

    I see cunts in Denny have a cracking sense of humour.
  3. Morales Cardosa

    Thought this was going to be a new signing in the January transfer window for a minute there.
  4. Pena

    Me neither mate. Delighted for him getting a double tonight. Won't lie - he is incredibly frustrating to watch whether it be getting dispossessed or not enough pace on the pass but I think he will be a big big player for us this season.
  5. 150th Anniversary Celebrations

    Would like to see the Founders Trail guys involved somehow. The work they have done in researching our clubs beginnings is absolutely brilliant. I would name a stand or the training ground after our Founding Fathers or something along the lines. More unrealistic ideas would include flute bands performing pre match, the Queen in attendance to help celebrate and Prince William singing the sash in the centre circle.
  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    Same mate. Was more hinting towards England and Wales. Nationalism is on the rise down there after Scotlands own referendum.
  7. Slovenia v Scotland

    Fair doos but my point is the other teams might not be British if they had a vote, Scotland had a vote and voted to remain in the Union. Wish I could have went to Scotland games back in the day when it was majority bears, waving the Union Jack whilst being proud of Scotland and Britain.
  8. Slovenia v Scotland

    This logic doesn't make sense mate. Scotland voted no. The rest of the home nations have never had a referendum so whos to say they wouldn't vote to leave the UK? Would you support them then? For the record I couldn't give a fuck Scotland are out. 5 years ago aye, not now. Rangers only for me!
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Any links??
  10. ***Feedback Thread***

    Top man mate, thanks again. Will catch up with you for a pint sometime in the future.
  11. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    No worries mate. Reason I ask is because I didn't tick it and haven't received an email so was wondering if people were on the same boat.
  12. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Did u tick semi finals?
  13. SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    Tbf the guys just spent hundreds of pounds on this match and is likely to get fuck all of that back, would you not be raging? Even if he was digging the board I think he should be cut a bit of slack ffs. I agree with what he says anyway, the board hardly ever back the fans although I'd be surprised if they didn't do something on this occasion as Benfica have fucked all of us over.
  14. Pedro the man.

    Good post mate. Embarrassing the way Pedro is hounded by some. Has my backing 100%.
  15. Miller to train with the Kids

    Pretty sure everyone's response has stated IF it's true then Miller can gtf but hey ho, we're the one jumping to conclusions. The manager has my backing against ANY player and if Pedro deems him to have wronged him or whatever then good on him.