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  1. Bootlegging booze has surely got to be up there?
  2. Didnt know you were one of the Clydebank chosen few mate
  3. Arfield was poor tonight and he wasn't much better last week. He was on fire last season but can't be shoehorned into the team on last seasons merit if his form isn't great atm.
  4. Cunt must be loaded, it's like £7-£10 a pint over there.
  5. Was it Hellmans Mayonnaise by any chance?
  6. Middleton didn't even make the bench today mate.
  7. Tonight in SW3..a club in Glasgow. Scumbags.
  8. Never gave a second thought about watching the match but still managed to come on a Rangers forum and post about not wanting to watch the match?
  9. Fenerbahce. Hamburg. Manchester United. Manchester City. Derby County. Inter Milan. Villareal x2. Valencia. Bursaspor. Osijek. Shkupi. Osasuna. Copenhagen. Malmo. Hapoel Tel Aviv. Progres will be added to the list on Thursday.
  10. Joined the travel club twice. First season we got put out of Champions league against Malmo, then out of the Uefa Cup to Maribor. They put in a friendly against Hamburg so went to that but it wasn't quite the same as a meaningful game. Second time I couldn't make the first round so I was planning on going to the next round... needless to say we got papped out of Progres. Brutal.
  11. Half wanting us to go out on Thursday now to cash in this free hand job.
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