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  1. rfc_watp

    Bears with kids

    I've took my boy to 3 games now, most recent being the home game against Skhupi. 1st one was on his 5th birthday, it was at home to Partick Thistle and we won 2 nil I think (Krancjar scored). I felt he was probably a wee bit too young but he enjoyed it and he was desperate to go but take plenty sweets and ration them through the game to keep him occupied. Took him to the toilet just before half time and waited in queue for some juice, left about 70mins in I think. 2nd game was against Hamilton and we got beat 1 or 2 nil and it was me that wanted to leave early this time! His wee face was a picture when we went in though to a full Ibrox and it was a special moment. The best so far was against Shkupi. He is 6 going on 7 now so didn't want or ask to leave early this time and really got into it especially when the goals went in. A bit of advice I would give is take him in when the game is just about to kick off basically and the atmosphere is at fever pitch, the reaction is totally worth it. We got through the turnstiles as simply the best was playing and you could hear the place rocking. Went up the stairs to find our seats and the Broomloan display was up so we couldn't see anything apart from the blue and orange glow above us as we were directly under the Rangers tarpaulin. Will never forget that moment when tarpaulin got hauled back and Ibrox just appeared in front of us in all its glory, 50000 full of bears under the lights and with Blue sea of Ibrox belting out. Had something in my eye though which was a pest Proud, proud moment. Enjoy when the time comes
  2. rfc_watp

    Non Scottish teams you’ve seen Rangers play

    Fenerbahce, Man Utd, Man City, Valencia, Bursaspor, Derby, Hamburg, Osasuna, Villareal, Inter Milan, Hapoel Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, Osijek on Thursday
  3. Pish poor first half, much better second. Ended up watching the stream with they young northern lads doing the commentary. Actually had obsessed taigs donating to get their message on screen but they soon got drowned out by the bears and some of the comments that they had to read out were class
  4. rfc_watp

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    No long whiteyed so that's the sicky phoned....plus side is I get to see the game now!
  5. rfc_watp

    Trouble in Thessaloniki

    Patter is absolutely shite. Bears getting attacked and this is the best you can come out with? Fud.
  6. rfc_watp

    50,817 Capacity?

    Some hospitality tickets were not sold I'm sure.
  7. rfc_watp

    Tannoy guy

    They hit the bar, big wow...it happens. What did they do the rest of the 90mins? Won a few corners at one point and played some nice one touch in the middle of the park. Other than that they were garbage and clueless in the final third. People can't just get on the players back and call it demanding standards. I say this, but have to admit Windass was shocking and I do question if he has the mentality to play here.
  8. rfc_watp

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    We are too reliant as a support on what's happening on the pitch to back the team. If we go a goal down at Ibrox in an old firm I expect the worse as the atmosphere disappears completely and will only get going again after a goal.
  9. rfc_watp

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    All three are stunning. Job well done. Can't wait to get at least one for me and a couple for the boys.
  10. rfc_watp

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Excellent mate, happy to hear it. I had my season ticket and TC membership last year and we got papped out before I made a European game. Gave it up this year due to work and family etc but still planning a European game. Regretting not renewing a bit now as it's gonna be murder trying to sort tickets out in the home end etc
  11. rfc_watp

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    You back with a season ticket and in the TC again this year mate aye?
  12. rfc_watp

    Gary MacAllistair

    Hope Goldsun and Catic are a solid centre back pairing.
  13. rfc_watp

    Jason Holt - The Codfather...

    Going from Rangers to Fleetwood is a totally different scale, I don't know what to makerel of it.
  14. rfc_watp

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Can't remember the wording in the previous ceremonies, I thought it was first home league game but could be wrong.