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  1. Nice one mate. What hospitality package did you go for?
  2. I get what your saying but I reckon Pedro only wants people 100% committed to the cause in the dressing room. Barrie McKay has a questionable attitude at best and is stalling on signing a new deal so clearly isn't 100% committed to the cause at this moment in time. If attitude changes or the contract is signed then brilliant, bring him back but until then I would probably agree with the manager.
  3. Gutted I can't make this. Must admit I expected a crowd of round about the 30-35k mark, unbelievable backing from the fans right in amongst one of the busiest periods of the year with holidays etc. Gee it laldy.
  4. Who's Wright, the goalkeeper? I thought our backup goalies were Kelly, McCrorie and McAdams.
  5. Not got a problem with this as we have Muslims amongst our support, albeit a very small percentage. Look forward to the tweet from the club in a few weeks wishing a large part of our support a happy 12th July. Won't hold my breath though.
  6. Only bought a season ticket last year for the first time and I'm no more or less a fan than I was for the previous 27 years of my life. Guys support the club whatever way they can. Games, tops, tours, merchandise and Rangers TV, it all counts. Only fans I have an issue with are the people who don't and never have invested any money in the team (going to games, buying tops etc) in any way, shape or form..yet they bump their gums online or spout pish on the radio as if they are the voice of the support.
  7. Probably agree with this.
  8. Bold statement! Seriously though, good chance for the team to play together against weaker opposition in front of a decent Ibrox. Need them to hit the ground running.
  9. McAdams McCrorie Kiernan Bates Hodson Halliday Crooks Windass O'Halloran Waghorn Forrester
  10. What time does this leave at tomorrow?
  11. Ffs man. Forgot about that wee bentshot Stockbridge. Gave me a shudder seeing those shysters names again.
  12. Wear your top whenever and wherever you please. If it means having to look at one less rag on the street then that's fine by me. Guys slating people for wearing a top should have a look at themselves ffs, probably the same handwringers telling you what to sing and do at the games. Who are you to judge and look down your nose at people? Who needs enemies with friends like these.
  13. Delighted about the new retail deal, finally a tidy bit of money going towards the club. Hopefully see more of a visual presence on the streets, sick and tired of seeing manky hoops over the place. Oh and people moaning about Ashley making money? Get a grip fs. The issue was never about him making money, it was that he was shafting us so that we didn't make any. Now the terms have been altered, we make a favourable return so that is good enough for me.
  14. I'm already down at your sisters that night mate so don't bother.
  15. Working the home leg and away down the caravan for the 2nd leg. Round 2 for the away trip for me I think.