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  1. I'd let her kick me in the balls with a pair of steel toe caps on just to get a sniff of her high heel stilettos after she's stood in dugshite.
  2. I think they look cracking.
  3. Heard Bengaluru try to play football the right way by knocking the ball about, balti feet. Also Anton Rogans son plays over there, wee Rogan Josh.
  4. Hoping to curry some flavour with the support.
  5. Don't know if your aware of this but your name and quote was in the paper last week. Was in getting a Chinese on Saturday and browsed through that paper that begins with I, canny even mind the name. Looked through the sports sections and it had a quote from a poster on each teams forum and Rangers one was your post saying how proud you were to be a bear after you seen the display left to Fernando and the reception we gave him at Feyenoord (something along those lines)
  6. It's that group linked to the IRA I'm sure that murdered that journalist earlier this year. The republican group that marched in Glasgow last week are said to have links with them as well.
  7. How very noble of you - take your vomit inducing pish elsewhere. Respect Fernandos memory by standing in a minutes silence like the rest of us, clapping on the 2nd minute, hang a scarf on the Copland gates, sing Simply the best as the teams emerge at the top of your lungs in dedication to him and chant One Fernando Ricksen until your voice is coarse. What you have proposed doing is everything wrong with modern day football fans. Feyenoord sing that song every week so let them be, why join in? This is the same Feyenoord fans who were in the Brazen head with taigs last night and attacked Rangers fans at will the last time they were in Glasgow. You might think your 'gesture' makes you look all high and mighty but all it shows is you are a toe curlingly cringey apologist twat.
  8. Single tickets for the above match are now on sale. Feyenoord haven't shifted their allocation as all of BR4 is for sale for the bears. 2 tickets bought for the Family Stand for me and the wee man for his 8th birthday this weekend. Cmon the Gers!
  9. Bad day all round from management, tactics and players having an absolute mare. We will struggle to play worse than that all season. Passing was shocking, too many players were off the pace. Get it out of the system, one game doesn't define a season. I still have faith in this team.
  10. I took it as they weren't confident in possession and wanted to play a territory game. I would have took that as a compliment if I was a player.
  11. rfc_watp


    Infuriating display from him again. He is clever in his movement but instead taking the ball into feet, taking a touch and then making a pass he tries to be clever and try a 1st time flick that never fuckin come off. He needs dropped as he has been honking for weeks now. Shoehorned into the team even during a clear bad form spell is baffling.
  12. Plenty others deserve criticism today before Davis ffs.
  13. Fuckin pitiful 1st half Rangers. Aribo shocking and game passing him by as predicted. Kamara has been terrible, Arfields 1st touch layoffs are brutal. Defoe has been poor. What was Goldson thinking with that pass?? So sloppy on the ball, what the fuck is happening. Get this sorted. Morelos on asap and a winger anaw.
  14. Where's the info on this mate?
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