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  1. Is Monday a new signing? I knew Murphy and Polster were in yesterday but didny know Monday was in as well.
  2. This just had me in tears man
  3. Aye there was 2 of them in my sons school yesterday and he couldn't run quick enough over to me at home time to tell me that Rangers had been in the school. Said he thought Alfredo was gonna walk in any second, bless him
  4. Quite a good idea tbh although I don't have a clue about Tavernier - Dirty old town link as I haven't heard about that. Don't see the fuss about it being Rangers only songs, we all know orange/loyalist songs are an integral part of the songbook at Ibrox as they should be. The people running it will also be aware of the bad press our traditional songbook bring so will want it to be PG I'd imagine.
  5. My favourite Ranger in recent times. All the best Lee - Legend.
  6. Must be the distance involved and years of being away from Scotland imo. Hope we destroy these bastards today.
  7. Lock the thread ffs not a chance this is happening and shouldn't even be given the opportunity to discuss it.
  8. My favourite Ranger in recent times, absolutely love Lee Wallace and will be sad to see him go. The way he conducted himself as captain was fantastic and is a legend for the fact he stuck by the club through all the shite.
  9. Did anyone name us as an answer?
  10. Home top decent - would have liked a blue line round the collar along with the red. Black one is stunning and I've not been a fan of the previous black Rangers tops. Red one seems a bit lazy and too plain for me. Might have felt different if the shorts were white with blue socks though.
  11. They aren't the most glamorous players man, I don't like watching them either.
  12. Fuck yous all - I'm with the OP. We just keep winning and I can see them dropping more points and who knows? Keep believing.
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