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  1. .

    That's the bottom line, full stop.
  2. Best chance to beat them?

    You said they weren't at the races but tbh, I don't think we were either. We took the lead twice without every really dominating the game. It was a great chance to bury them just the same as we should have when we played the last game in December. I guess what I'm getting at is if we are at our best and with a fully fit squad then I believe we are more than a match for them. Your other posts about mentality are spot on. Not sure if it's mental weakness which would be worrying or a lack of big game experience or to use a modern cliché, lack of 'game management'.
  3. Best chance to beat them?

    Armstrong wasn't out, he came on as a sub. Roberts was available for selection albeit on the bench and not match sharp. Sinclair was on the bench as he wasn't good enough to make the team according to their manager and Dembele played and scored 3 in his last 3. The rest of your post I agree with but I don't get the argument about them not having a fit and full squad to choose from. We flung it away yesterday which was unforgiveable but we have plenty talent to come back into the squad and if we apply our tactics properly in the next game then there is no reason we shouldn't beat them. They are genuinely not that great and if we show them less respect next month and press them far more aggressively then we should beat them.
  4. Best chance to beat them?

    In Murtys post match interview he said he told the players we wouldn't get a better chance to beat them. What does he mean by this? Injuries? If it is then I can't work it out. Also hear tarriers saying it was their B team etc and we still couldn't beat them. As far as I know out of a full strength team they had Gordon out, Lustig their 1st choice RB, Bitton who is a bit part, Hayes who is even more a bit part and that ugly cretin gollum who gets rotated. That left them their 40trillion million striker starting, their captain, a full defence Lustig aside with a strong bench who weren't playing due to either form or not match sharp. In comparison we were missing a first choice centre back Martin with our other one Bates going off injured 15mins in. McCrorie, Jack and Dorrans - basically a full midfield who arguably all would have started and our first choice left back from the start of the season and captain Lee Wallace. Now I still think we need 2 or 3 quality signings in the summer to overhaul them but we weren't that far away yesterday..a quality centre back and someone who will take his chances to be precise. We are mentally weak and this is what cost us and it's something that needs sorted, Murty didn't know what to do when they went down to 10 men and it filtered through to the players.
  5. Costa Rica at home or Hungary away?
  6. Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    Sad news man, your Dad done well to bring up a true bear through and through. Hope we get a result for him on Sunday mate.
  7. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
  8. What the fuck happened...

    Chin up mate, condolences
  9. Harthill Loyalists

    What percentage do you think were Scottish out of curiosity?
  10. If Murty is serious about his claims that everyone is pushing everyone and that jerseys are up for grabs then he has to change it imo. We failed to get a result on Saturday, full stop. Drop the underperformers.
  11. Dick of a driver.

    Your username is misleading.
  12. Rangers vs celtic 10/03

    Why would you not book it off? Is it even a question?
  13. Our massive squad, and wage bill

    You forgot Sebastian Faure. Him and a Fraser Aird were the ball boys the other night as they didn't get in the match squad.
  14. Sellouts v Aberdeen & Hibs

    Aye was easy enough mate. There is normally 1 steward standing outside the turnstiles, sometimes none. Obviously with it being season cards, there is no one operating at the turnstiles so once I was by the steward I just squeezed up behind my mate as he put his card up to the machine.