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  1. 100% percent behind this. We have to do whatever it takes to help the atmosphere and there are plenty like me, not a part of UB but would be more than delighted to be a part of a standing section singing and jumping about all game. With regards to people having to move ST, it's a tough one but a call the club must make for the better good.
  2. I got one for me and the wee man through the poster plumGer on Tuesday mate so I'd drop him a PM
  3. Walked by a bar in Finnieston at the weekend to see Niko and his Mrs sitting in the window watching the world go by. After a wee double take, I give him a thumbs up etc and he was more than happy to give me a smile, thumbs up and just general good will..looked although I had made his night. Compare that to years ago getting blanked by cunts like Charlie Adam. Good all round guy and fantastic technically, could watch him ping a ball all day.
  4. Was in Dalnottar today by pure coincidence and seen a lot of people arriving at the crematorium, looked a good turn out. Didn't know him but sounded a good guy, rest easy.
  5. Unfair to judge him on last seasons results with the shitebag team he had. This season aye, but you can't use last seasons results against him imo.
  6. Has the Rangers SLO been in touch with Rangers or the SFA about this? We need to speak up and demand answers about this, absolute disgrace. No chance he didn't see these incidents, he saw it and downright cheated.
  7. That I can fathom I don't understand why Pena was brought on if he isn't fit. Maybe Krancjar in the middle of the pitch threading balls through or whipping crosses right onto Herreras head would have been a better option.
  8. No I don't agree tbh. A plan doesn't need to work for it to be a plan. He changed the total way we played in the 2nd half, we didn't get the result unfortunately but he still had an idea of how to change it to win. We could have played a plan c and still not picked up the 3 points.
  9. He did have a plan B and it didn't quite work out. He took Hudson off for Wilson and went to a back 3. He took Candeias off for Herrera and went route one looking for him to win knock ons, hold the ball up etc. As I said it didn't quite work out as planned but we drew the 2nd half 1 each and he made 3 substitutions so I don't think you can say he didn't have a plan B.
  10. Aye no bother ya roaster
  11. Love how fucking gay all these fans are nowadays aswell man, greeting about 'sectarian bile' and complaining about receiving abuse Ffs it's football, what do they expect? It's not that when their fans dish it out but they can't receive it back, sensitive wee souls. That Dunfermline bufter looked like he was about to cry at someone giving him the middle finger and that Hibs statement is cringey as fuck, pre warning their fans of abuse they are likely to receive
  12. Wee churning feeling in the bottom of my belly....buzzing for the day! Cannot wait to put these manky bastards back in their place and I feel we have the team to do it. Ibrox will be absolutely rocking, 90mins worth of our full repertoire please. Hopefully see them get smashed on and off the park today aswell.
  13. Great picture mate, had the pleasure of taking my boy to his first game last season as well. Special moment for every father.
  14. Scotland, England, Germany.
  15. I actually prefer the original class defender version. And no I'm not a handwringer, would have simply the best with the full version plus add ons if I had my way.