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  1. As others have said that weapon Thogden blows smoke up the taigs arse at every opportunity and as he is someone who attends England national team games he should be ashamed of himself. Even in this video he can't help but mention them and trying so hard to shoehorn them into the video (probably to avoid being bombarded with abuse from them) but still, it's so blatant. Much prefer his Da.
  2. rfc_watp


    Him and his mrs are due a wee lassie in July. Apparently calling her Summer Holliday.
  3. rfc_watp

    Leagues over

    Fucking joke. Same shit from last year.
  4. Fucking joke of a goal to give away. Davis was embarrassing towards the end there, sickened.
  5. Kevin Clancy was an altar bhoy in his youth mate. This isn't Internet forum gossip, this is cold hard facts from people who grew up with him. The guy is a dyed in the wool taig on his refereeing performance on Sunday was cheating, plain and simple.
  6. Hope they leathered a few of they manky bastards, they've had it coming a while now.
  7. Class mate. Was it the first and last? My Mrs grew up in Maryhill and I thought aw the pubs were mostly their lot outside of the royalty bar.
  8. Where did you watch it mate?
  9. He's a dirty fuckin cheating bastard, plain and simple. Couldn't get his yellow out quick enough to book Morelos. Clear cut 2nd yellow for Bolingoli and he does fuck all. Plays 96mins instead of 94, that was beyond the fuckin pale. He used to be babysat by a women I know and trust me, he is a taig through and through.
  10. rfc_watp


    Unfairly branded a scapegoat when things get tough, a part of the gig as a captain of a team who have went so long without success...rightly or wrongly. He deserves tremendous praise today as he was brilliant. First time winning at that midden and he deserves it.
  11. Won the ball clean as you like, minimal contact with that prick Ajer who made a meal of it. Aye the speed he went in was rash but not a chance that was a red and I'd expect it to be rescinded but won't hold my breath.
  12. Said before the draw Braga would be on the Wednesday regardless who they draw due to the close proximity to Porto who will be playing the Thursday.
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