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  1. Fuck yous all - I'm with the OP. We just keep winning and I can see them dropping more points and who knows? Keep believing.
  2. rfc_watp

    Ibrox Tour

    That's brilliant mate Were the staff raging? I was lucky enough to win a competition a couple seasons ago when I was up against another guy at half time to pass into a target in the middle of the park. What a view out in the centre circle of a full Ibrox
  3. rfc_watp

    Ibrox Tour

    What age is your boy? My oldest is 7 and I've been contemplating taking him. I want him to appreciate it though and don't know if he's too young. I went as a birthday present for my 11th bday and I can still remember it so well.
  4. Guy was wearing Rangers top in the airport in Kevin and Perry go large.
  5. Bottle of wine and feeling fine Bottle a vino for one of the people
  6. No seen that movie in years.
  7. Wee man was jumping about mental when tiger roll was romping it home...brilliant. I won EW on Walk the mill as well. Stuck 40quid on bets for all of us, winning my 40quid back in the process love watching the national.
  8. He gets asked 'what don't you like about football?' and he replies crowd trouble.
  9. Our fault even though we had 0 Rangers players represented in the Scotland squad last night - fud. Anyone on twitter fancy firing a tweet to our SLO demanding he never gets a gig at a POTY awards or anything to ever do with our club again?
  10. I used to use that logic as my argument as well. But if you think about it, wummin don't choose to have periods - it's a natural occurring thing like doing a shite so would you be expected to carry about a bog roll everywhere with you or would you expect it as a standard human right to have it provided for you in public places like it is already? Shopping centres, restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets, trains, football grounds. You would be provided with toilet roll everywhere in that list so why should tampons be different?
  11. Sense the sarcasm my good man.
  12. Step forward the waitrose broony - Darian MacKinnon
  13. Tav is a serial loser and we should get as much as possible for him. He has been here for years now and has been a constant in team after team of let downs, the guy doesn't have it in him to be a winner and should not be captain of that team. The fact Gerrard picked him at the start of the season genuinely baffled me. Morelos does have quality but cash in now while we can, we need money invested in the team. That, coupled with the fact he wants away means we should be looking to get top dollar for our biggest asset.
  14. Makes it even worse. The game should have been long gone by then.
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