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  1. He is talking about you @ForeverAndEver. Children behave...
  2. Scumbag.
  3. Watch a few on the bet365 streams when I'm waiting for a coupon. The whole league looks like it sets up to counter attack, every team seems to be fast as fuck out wide lol.
  4. No sure how many games he played but I'm sure he ended up at Hearts.
  5. Templeton.
  6. Thread on FF saying that the cunt who abused Diouf now works at their training ground and attends matches as well.
  7. Foster own goal and Kenny's header in the lafferty dive game. Atmosphere was brilliant after they two goals in 5 minutes. Boyd's Hattrick the same day one of they cunts said Brewster was the better striker lol.
  8. Diego simeone and giovanni simeone.
  9. GR1 this time, was GF2 for the last one.
  10. Kenny was that upset when he heard Derrys walls he had to score a second during the chorus lol.
  11. Seen that after the Kilmarnock game. Not agreeing with the offensive act but we should be toning down our songbook. What chance have we got when our own fans start moaning about songs ffs.
  12. The captain is a cunt.
  13. No mate, but I just figured that out of the two ballots I would've got one at least.
  14. Fuck knows how they work it out but I never got a semi final or a final ticket last year so not expecting one this year tbh.
  15. I thought he was going to crack the wee guy doing the interview lol. Said to Davie that we deserved a draw at least today mate.