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  1. Should be easy mate, pretty sure tadic takes ajax's penalties as well.
  2. That top one looks a cracking bet mate. @ForeverAndEver
  3. Had Rode to get booked for 280. Fuck knows how he didn't.
  4. Cheers mate, cunts can't take somebody winning lol, one of the bets was their own fault as well because they didn't suspend the betting on bookings when Grealish jumped into the crowd.
  5. @born a blue nose @Rfc52. I took £510 out of bet 365 over the last couple of days due to a couple of lucky bets and yesterday I get a message from them saying they have noticed I am spending a lot of time gambling. Any of you two ever had this sent to you? Cunts have never sent me anything when I lose a couple of hundred over a few weeks but as soon as i take that amount out, they start going on about self exclusion assessments.
  6. Pacers and Bucks beat me by 14 points last night for about £230 @born a blue nose. Pacers under 100 points for the first time in 6 games.
  7. Pretty sure they cunts got a penalty in the Scottish cup against us last year and, Mccrorie got sent off when he tackled him outside of the box but dembele waited until he got into the box to fall.
  8. Basically what @born a blue nose says mate. Two options, the rams or the Patriots to win.
  9. Fuck knows mate, such a big explanation for basically picking a winner of a match😄. Americans 😄
  10. Put a tenner on the crystal palace keeper to get booked when it went 2-1 at 18/1. Put another tenner on at 28/1 when it was 3-1. Cheers for time wasting Guaita.
  11. They play Barcelona at the nou camp on the Sunday after our game mate, I'm hoping they rest a few players again.
  12. Kasper schmeichel was taking the piss with his goal kicks the whole second half so I backed him to get booked. He got booked for time wasting in the 94th minute. 80/1.
  13. They cunts started this Dan, that bounty will just keep going up by the time I'm bored lol.
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