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  1. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    Villareal big 3 due back in time for ibrox

    They play Barcelona at the nou camp on the Sunday after our game mate, I'm hoping they rest a few players again.
  2. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Kasper schmeichel was taking the piss with his goal kicks the whole second half so I backed him to get booked. He got booked for time wasting in the 94th minute. 80/1.
  3. Why have you had to wait years to purchase a kit?
  4. The amount of people on that ff thread that say they haven't bought a top in 5/6 years are embarrassing as fuck.
  5. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Cracking finish and he injured himself doing it. What a debut.
  6. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Yaya toure apparently signing for crystal palace for 1 year. 250k a week.
  7. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    Championship play-off final

    Seen that mate, noticed a couple of years ago as well when Prince William was shaking that cunt meyler's hand, he wouldn't even look at him. Scumbag cunts.
  8. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    Easy Old Firm games when you expected a tough one.

    That cunt cha du-ri for snapping Wallace as last man I'm sure.
  9. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    Broomloan season ticket holders old firm tickets.

    Bf2 mate.
  10. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    Broomloan season ticket holders old firm tickets.

    Never been as close to them as I'm going to be next Sunday.
  11. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    Broomloan season ticket holders old firm tickets.

    GW3 for me.
  12. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    ***The Official St. Johnstone v Rangers Thread***

    Aye mate, scored to make it 2-1 I think. That cunt Sheridan scored from about 40 yards that night. Was that game not long after the Edu game at Ibrox?
  13. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Bet365 are showing the first game live tomorrow night.
  14. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    Murtys 'Presser'

    I would much rather have MOH coming on at 2-1 away from home than Herrera. Gives us an out ball with his pace.