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  1. Penalty at tynecastle was unreal. Seemed to take ages from the penalty being given until he was allowed to take it . Special mention for shutting they cunts up singing their pishy song at their dump.
  2. Gio.
  3. And an assist for Boyds goal.
  4. We have to take small steps in terms of investment and over the the last 18 months he thinks we have done well.
  5. Every song is about us or winning one Scottish cup ffs lol. Waiting on Andreu anytime in that game.
  6. I wait near the Copland road stand before games mate and the amount of people that follow him about going into the game is embarrassing.
  7. Was in GF6 myself mate and it seemed to me that it took the stewards and first aiders far too long to attend to the incident considering half the Copland were screaming for help.
  8. So much for their even handed approach that we were told was happening.
  9. Loads of examples mate, Mcculloch equaliser and Novos chip at their ground. Barely got off the park and there was stewards blocking them.
  10. The stewards in front of me at Gf6 were looking and laughing when they cunts were going daft. Another thing today was just before we scored, something happened in the Copland front where someone took not well and it took the stewards ages to see to the person.
  11. The cunts had free reign at the end of the game to jump in amongst their scumbag fans. We can't even get near our fans at the paedodome when we score ffs.
  12. I know mate, the first 30 minutes we had tav, windass and Holt cutting them open on the right. After they cunts score, we refuse to play the way that was working for us. The scum were fucking rattled with our start and we just give the game away yet again.
  13. As soon as that prick brown got booked, Mckay should've been moved into the number 10 position.
  14. Sandy Jardine front. A wee change from the normal club deck when we play these cunts.
  15. Icardi, Dzeko, Ferrerya, Aduriz and Aspas anytime scorers tonight. Ferrerya didnt play so 4 up.