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  1. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    FIFA 20

    Any player with decent curve can score direct from a corner. Aim the wee circle to where the six yard box and touchline meet and hit it with full power. Scored two with Tav already.
  2. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    FIFA 20

    Anyone scored with the corner glitch yet?
  3. Sasa_Papac_No1_Fan

    FIFA 20

    Seasons are so easy with Rangers. Battering everybody by 4 and 5 goals before they quit. Not even finished a game yet.
  4. Best just to leave it then mate, you obviously don't think there is an issue with fare and UEFA over these charges. Enjoy the game tonight and hopefully we are talking about the draw tomorrow morning.
  5. We will see, apparently fare have reported us for every game last season.
  6. I agree but if UEFA are going to be banning fans and shutting stadiums, then they have to be consistent with teams. Enjoy the game and hopefully we can qualify.
  7. They didn't get the same charge as us even though it's the same offence, that's what getting away with it means. How the fuck can you compare a 23 grand fine to a partial closure of a stand?
  8. I've lost the plot? I understand that we have broken the rules twice so far this season. They cunts do pretty much the same thing and get away with the same charge. That's all I've said to you really.
  9. It won't matter what we sing tonight. Something will get brought up about a song after tonight if we win.
  10. I didn't claim it didn't happen, I said they have been charged under a different article. How you can even differ that one is sectarian and the other isn't is crazy.
  11. Thank you for that, I already know that you think this should've been 14 as well. @LaudrupsPatrickBoots. This is why I can understand people being pissed off at clearly different rules for certain teams.
  12. So not the one that we have been charged with, funny that. I take it you will be defending the fans after we get charged again tonight even if no sectarian songs are sung?
  13. Under what article were they charged for this sectarian banner?
  14. You are moaning at our fans feeling as if there is a campaign against us. We broke the rules I get that but they have broken the same rules as us and not even been charged or been charged under a different article.
  15. Explain why they cunts got away with a display about Palestine against the Jewish team and ira banners against Linfield?
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