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  1. Question re yesterday

    It originates from the battle of the Boyne, not one soldier was wearing shoes that day
  2. Will Glasgow Rangers become an English club

    Going by the OP's logic, Alex Ferguson is no longer a Scottish Manager because he manages in England..
  3. Will we finally make the 50,000 on Saturday?

    Pretty low estimates. As of Monday lunchtime approx 46,000 had been sold so far.. as per ticket office. Three days worth of ticket sales have since passed. Recent performances will have no impact on our support.
  4. Dave King to Invest?

    Good. I can't understand comments against DK. He is a genuine supporter and his investment should be welcomed. He didn't play any part in the downfall of Rangers, he invested his money into a dodgy regime run by DM where he lost every penny. As things at the club straighten themselves out he's willing to invest yet again.
  5. Depends if we are singing the Billy Boys or not?
  6. Under 30000?

    Second time this season I've thought the attendance was a good bit higher than the official announcement.. Both matches being cup ties with split revenue I'm sure all is above board though
  7. C'mon Bears

    Bought my tickets sharp when they went on sale.. Had this one down as a big match, potential sell out and electric atmosphere.. Just me?
  8. Queens park away

    Good point although keep in mind we didn't quite sell out ibrox, would be an ask to get more supporters to an away match.. Surely another record to be broken here
  9. ***The official Rangers vs. Queen of the South thread***

    Had a look at the stadium plan, BF1/2 are sold out which is good to see from an atmosphere point of view but the rest of the stadium is dominated by empty seats
  10. time is ticking allu

    We're 1 point off top spot, been very impressive at home. Yes, the players must raise their game away from home but your post is reekin
  11. Newco Jesus

    Perhaps the Jews should appoint an independent panel of athiests to investigate the use of miracles by oldco Jesus
  12. Will we ever return to the SPL?

    I heard something similar when we were granted entry to the SFL. It was along the lines of the SFL and SPL being two completely separate organisations and league bodies, which would mean we'd be under no need to switch to the SPL after winning SFL 1 as much as this is current protocol.. The places in Europe are at the hands of the SFA, not the SPL or SFL and it would be possible to grant Rangers a place in Europe.... Not that this seems very likely
  13. This Is How It Feels To Be Rangers - Our New Song

    This is how it feels to be small
  14. Ian Black

    It's very difficult for someone who is a proud Scottish & British unionist to stand side by side with the tartan army who largely hate what myself and my club, traditionally stand for. I felt very uncomfortable watching the Scotland support boo the national anthem of our Northern Irish brothers GSTQ and for that reason - I'm out