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  1. Well said my friend. The doomsayers were out in force yesterday, as they are after every misstep, as indeed they are in this thread. There will be other missteps, and I suspect that there will be one in Moscow shortly. But it doesn't blind me to the immense progress we have made under SG, or the enormity of the task we face. His relative success over the past few months has unrealistically heightened expectations. I didn't expect the league title this year, and nor did I expect us to qualify for the group stage of the Europa League. Im prepared to take each game as it comes whatever the outcome. I'm as disappointed as anyone about the game yesterday - gutted like most others! But I refuse to be a doomsayers after 4 months of SG's tenure. Some on here need to get real!
  2. We have been pretty poor against a awful team. They have parked the bus and are concerned only about not conceding another six. Whilst it's not a dirty game, Hamilton are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop us, whether that's by fair means or foul. The boss needs to bang a few heads together here. Our pace is slow and ponderous, and I detect little urgency.
  3. I know Alfredo got 2, but for me Candieas was the MOTM. SUPERB DISPLAY FROM START TO FINISH. Well done the lads.
  4. So proud of my team tonight. I thought a trip to play Villareal would probably be a 'bridge to far, but that was a display full of heart, determination, desire and no little skill. Yes, we had a poor 1st half, but the 2nd epitomised everything that Rangers Football Club stands for. This is still a work in progress....but what progress! Well done the lads!
  5. Yet another deplorable refereeing display. If Clancy really doesn't see these challenges then he's simply incompetent. If he does see them and is consciously ignoring them, then he's a cheat. Either way he's an utter disgrace! At some point this issue must be confronted. There's no merit in this constant refusal to address the problem of referees who are simply not fit for purpose.
  6. "There is none so blind as those who cannot see" Describes very well those on the site who cannot accept that we're a work in progress. Not content with qualifying for the group stage of the Europa League - a fantastic achievement - we just had to see off celtic as well! It seems that many on here think we are world beaters, rather than a team playing well above ourselves in a period of fundemantal transition. 16 weeks of SG's reign - a complete team out, and a completely new team in - but we should be trouncing the Mhanks. Get real guys! This is a new manager learning his trade and making a super go of it. Will he get it right all the time? Of course he won't! But hes going to be a star turn. Lower your sights. He'll get it right, and maybe - just maybe - we'll do great things this season.
  7. We have been pretty poor today. We've allowed ourselves to be bullied by a big physical side who were clearly up for a 'fight'. We were nervous and tentative in almost everything we attempted, I suspect were gonna have to get used to this approach from other teams. Their hatred - and that's what it is - gives them the energy and determination to perform way above themselves when they play us, whilst they fold against other teams.
  8. Aberdeen scramble to an undeserved draw and celebrate as if they've won the league. Not much to worry about there. In truth, I'd have taken a draw before the game but, like others, I feel a little disappointed now. We were undoubtedly the better side, playing some great football - even with 10 men - and they offered nothing.
  9. What an utterly ridiculous decision! I just wonder where the allegiance of the assistant referee lies, because no reasonable person would have considered that incident anything other than a simple yellow card.
  10. Can't say I'm at all surprised. I kept my mouth shut whilst we were signing all these players and, with the exception of perhaps two of them, they were all unknowns with no pedigree and no potential. I think we all got caught up in the general excitement of the mass signings and didn't really look to closely at the quality because the quantity was breathtaking. But I suspect we have exchanged Warburtons Wasters for Caxhina's Calamities! I know it's early days, but getting a drubbing from a bunch of part timers from Luxembourg is simply unforgivable! No, it won't happen, but Pedro should be shown the door this evening. We've made a major, major mistake and we must rectify it immediately. No point waiting until the league starts, hoping that Dorrans et al will revive our fortunes. Act now before the cancer spreads. Wishful thinking I fear!
  11. Sorry, but we're not doing ok. In fact we're labouring. Our play is slow, ponderous and totally lacking in invention and creativity. This is a game that we should be dominating but, in fact, we've created nothing and look pretty lethargic against a relatively poor side. Maybe the 2nd half will bring some urgency.
  12. Just pleased that we weren't playing a good team, because I suspect we may have been beaten tonight. Even at this early stage in the competition there are teams more than capable of beating us. Some seem to think we were reasonably good tonight, but thats just wishful thinking, perhaps even groundless optimism. We were average (at best) against a poor, poor team from lowly Luxemborg. Vast improvement required in the second leg or we may not see much more of the Europa League.
  13. Incompetent team, being totally bullied by a decidedly mediocre Motherwell. The new manager has his work cut out to motivate this team. I say 'motivate' because I see little commitment, determination or controlled aggression from Rangers. McKay flatters to deceive every week and his colleagues up front are simply ineffective. Our defence is still the 'bombscare' it was under the imposter Warburton. I'm sorry to say it, but I have no desire to see this team in Europe - it would be a humiliation. Pedro, I don't envy your task! Roll on the end of the season when you can clear out the dross (and theres a lot of it!) and bring in some quality during the summer transfer window.
  14. A draw would be a terrific result, but I really fear another humiliation. We are poor, and I don't believe in fairytale results. The sad fact is that the Mhanks are an average side looking good in an utterly crap league!
  15. Give the job to Murty. Bringing on Garner on 90 mins was a masterstroke! Jesus!!!
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