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  1. At best, wishful thinking. At worst, totally delusional.
  2. I'm better than what we have! If we have to rely on the Naismiths and Laffertys then we're in much worse trouble than I thought. Surely there is much better out there? Why must we always obsess on ex players, particularly those who demonstrated so clearly just how fickle they are. Let's forget the Norwich cast-offs and look elsewhere.
  3. If this Board seriously believes that 3 million is a realistic transfer (and wages) budget then they're in cloud cuckoo land! 3 million might buy two players of good quality - assuming we have someone who can identify a genuine prospect - but, regrettably, the Garner signing tells me that we do not! Bear in mind that we need to jettison at least 8 players (possibly more!) so, realistically, 10/12 million will be required to bring in decent players - not world-beaters - just good quality players. Anyone who believes otherwise is deluded. But the inescapable fact is that we don't have that kind of money and, even if we did I suspect that King and Co wouldn't sanction such a transfer budget. The guy won't cough up £11 million to buy the club, so what chance have we of any major investment in players? I know we're fixated on Celtic because of the potential 10 IAR scenario, but we need to realise that we have great difficulty even competing with the other teams in the premier league - despite the undeniable fact that it's of a very poor standard, as are the teams that populate it. That's how far we are behind! I'm sorry to say so, but that kind of budget will not materialise unless we suddenly find a seriously monied investor, an experienced, and professional executive ( and non-executive) management team and a coaching staff that actually knows what it's doing. That 'wish list' is commonly referred to as, 'pissing in the wind'
  4. I feel relatively confident that we will not win the league next season. Why? Because, as others have already stated, it is highly unlikely that the Board/King will provide the funding necessary to acquire the quality players that we so desperately need. I suspect that our acquisitions will be pretty 'bargain basement', and that we'll simply exchange old poor quality players for new ones. I think PC will be frustrated in his his attempts to bring in the players that he really wants. More difficult times ahead Im afraid
  5. Absolutely f***ing NO! Not under ANY circumstances!
  6. Incompetent team, being totally bullied by a decidedly mediocre Motherwell. The new manager has his work cut out to motivate this team. I say 'motivate' because I see little commitment, determination or controlled aggression from Rangers. McKay flatters to deceive every week and his colleagues up front are simply ineffective. Our defence is still the 'bombscare' it was under the imposter Warburton. I'm sorry to say it, but I have no desire to see this team in Europe - it would be a humiliation. Pedro, I don't envy your task! Roll on the end of the season when you can clear out the dross (and theres a lot of it!) and bring in some quality during the summer transfer window.
  7. Superb yet again Jules! Keep up the good work mate.
  8. I wish Pedro all the luck and best wishes in the world, and I trust he will prove all the doubters (including me) totally wrong. I will give him my full, unequivocal support, but I'm under no illusion about the monumental task he faces and, like many others, I don't believe he will be supported financially by this Board. The man is not a miracle worker and we all need to understand that and give him time and space to establish his football ethos and coaching regime. Best wishes Pedro!
  9. I voted yes, and I've no doubt that his appointment will, initially, give the players a boost. BUT you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear and everyone would do well to remember that in the run up to Sundays game and thereafter. We are piss poor and the appointment of a new manager - particularly a relatively inexperienced one - will not suddenly make us a good team. I have considerable doubts about this guy but, as always, I will wish him every success and all the luck in the world. I sincerely trust my doubts will prove to be unfounded, and he will prove me totally wrong. Best wishes Pedro.
  10. A draw would be a terrific result, but I really fear another humiliation. We are poor, and I don't believe in fairytale results. The sad fact is that the Mhanks are an average side looking good in an utterly crap league!
  11. If you sincerely believe that was an 'almost' brilliant performance, then you're totally deluded. All of our frailties were, once again, on display and having squandered a two goal lead we were saved by a fortuitous late goal. I pleased with the win, but under no illusion that it heralds a real change in fortune.
  12. Give the job to Murty. Bringing on Garner on 90 mins was a masterstroke! Jesus!!!
  13. I thought, on this occasion, that I would actually take notes from kick off to final whistle As usual, we had plenty of the ball and lots of passes but, predictably, no end product. Our Ist touch is wildly inconsistent, our final pass invariably wayward and our finishing is particularly poor, given the number of chances we created in the first 15 minutes of the game. Thereafter, we fell into our normal lethargic pattern and Inverness gained in confidence and eventually got their reward. Yet again we managed to make an extremely poor side look half decent! We are nonexistent in the air (offensively and defensively); our final pass is invariably wayward and our play is generally slow, ponderous and predictable. I think we're incapable of playing fast flowing football. Haliday continues to be a liability; McKay flatters to deceive, and missed a simple header on 33 mins that should have put us one up. We offer no threat, and I see little determination or real commitment. If this doesn't change in the 2nd half, I see nothing but another ignominious defeat.
  14. We're a poor, poor team playing in a poor league against poor opposition! It simply boils down to how much poorer we are to the average team we play on the day. No excuses, no blaming the world and his wife - we're rubbish and our best hope is that we play a side that is just that bit more rubbish than we are! God forbid that we qualify for the Europa League! It would be a serious embarrassment that we may not recover from. Sad days; no light at he end of a very, very long tunnel.