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  1. Give the job to Murty. Bringing on Garner on 90 mins was a masterstroke! Jesus!!!
  2. I thought, on this occasion, that I would actually take notes from kick off to final whistle As usual, we had plenty of the ball and lots of passes but, predictably, no end product. Our Ist touch is wildly inconsistent, our final pass invariably wayward and our finishing is particularly poor, given the number of chances we created in the first 15 minutes of the game. Thereafter, we fell into our normal lethargic pattern and Inverness gained in confidence and eventually got their reward. Yet again we managed to make an extremely poor side look half decent! We are nonexistent in the air (offensively and defensively); our final pass is invariably wayward and our play is generally slow, ponderous and predictable. I think we're incapable of playing fast flowing football. Haliday continues to be a liability; McKay flatters to deceive, and missed a simple header on 33 mins that should have put us one up. We offer no threat, and I see little determination or real commitment. If this doesn't change in the 2nd half, I see nothing but another ignominious defeat.
  3. We're a poor, poor team playing in a poor league against poor opposition! It simply boils down to how much poorer we are to the average team we play on the day. No excuses, no blaming the world and his wife - we're rubbish and our best hope is that we play a side that is just that bit more rubbish than we are! God forbid that we qualify for the Europa League! It would be a serious embarrassment that we may not recover from. Sad days; no light at he end of a very, very long tunnel.
  4. We are a comedy - and MOH is the lead jester! OK, so we have quite a few jesters, so he's not on his own to be fair. The last few minutes were utterly embarrassing! Another scrappy, totally unconvincing win although we're in the hat for the next round. Whether that's a good thing or not I'm not prepared to comment. I just hope we draw a team that doesn't have a world class keeper - they all seem to be world class against us - or maybe we just couldn't score in a brothel! Absolutely pathetic!
  5. It's a mark of how poor we actually are, that Morton look like a decent side! We struggle against these sides, not because we have a bad manager but, rather, because our players (from back to front) are average to down right rotten!
  6. Absolutely abysmal! But like many other posters, not at all surprised. We're poor in almost every area of the park.
  7. It's difficult not to conclude that Hamilton is the epitome of all that is second rate about Scottish football. The stadium is an embarrassment, it's facilities substandard, the playing surface barely acceptable and the club nothing other than an also ran. Regrettably they reflect a profound malaise that is intractable in the Scottish game and the Scottish football authorities. The commentator referred diplomatically to the stadium as 'compact', but diplomacy can't hide the inescapable fact that he club is, simply, a no hoper.
  8. Same old! You really could write the script for all of our games. Having the highest percentage possession is meaningless if we can't capitalise on it - and we can't. Yes, we're the better side, but that is also meaningless if we can't convert our domination into goals. Dundee are a relatively poor team, yet were 'on eggs' when they break. Games against these teams at Ibrox should be 'bankers', yet we can bank on nothing. Sorry, but this is just so repetitive and predictable.
  9. Firstly, let me say that I never believed for a moment that we would win the league this season or, indeed, put in a realistic challenge for it. I hate all the hype about this so called 'gap'. Celtic are a decidedly average side but, like it or not, they are much better than us. But It's not really about the Scum. I'm much more concerned about the sad fact that we can't beat the likes of Hamilton, Ross County, St Johnstone etc. Let's be brutally honest, we're going to drop a lot more points to the so called lesser sides in the weeks and months to come. What is really depressing is the inescapable fact that the players and management are unable to change it. More depressing still is the obvious fact that we have bought players that clearly can't 'cut it' even at this level. The Scottish premier league is sub-standard rubbish, and is acknowledged as such by most footie fans and pundits. So the probability of finishing mid table really worries me, particularly given that we know there will be no 40/50 million 'bail out'. The boos last night were not only for 2 valuable points dropped, but the fact that we are utterly clueless at present.
  10. We struggled not because St Johnstone played better (although they did) but, rather, because we simply kept giving the ball to them, making schoolboy errors, consistently make the wrong decisions and were incapable of beating a player one to one. Our play was so predictable and totally lacking in creativity and invention. It seems that no matter what the changes in the team we are incapable of closing out a game. The standard of the SPFL is relatively poor and St Johnstone are as average as they come, but that only serves to demonstrate just how average we are. It's so frustrating, but I don't believe we can improve with this current a quad - to many under-performers.
  11. Utter waste of time! The media will pay scant attention, and the SFA will totally ignore it. The way to punish the SFA and the clubs that have vilified us for years (particularly the last four) is to use our financial muscle and hit them where it really hurts - in their pocket! But I I've no doubt that will be rejected by both club and fans, as we continue to pour money into their coffers while they continue to damage us at every opportunity. When will we ever learn the lessons of the last few years? The cup final fiasco is but a symptom of a much wider malaise.
  12. Same old! Every game now is a carbon copy of the last. Thistle are a poor, poor side yet they are much more threatening than us. Perhaps that tells us just how poor we actually are. If we got points for playing across the park or backwards, we'd be top of the league. Lots of passes with absolutely no end product. I will not be surprised if Thistle score. I must say I'm becoming accustomed to these lack lustre displays.
  13. I voted NO, simply because we have a totally disorganised, slow and ponderous defense that is easily taken apart by a relatively competent team. The warning signs have been their for a long time and we have not fixed the problem.In addition we have difficulty scoring goals and, consequently, cannot put teams 'away' as quickly and efficiently as we should. That shambles of a league cup group demonstrated all of the above points. I make my comments against the backcloth of a substandard SPFL and the fact that we should only actually encounter meaningful opposition form 3 or 4 teams in the league. I do hope I'm totally wrong, and I'll be more than happy to eat my words.
  14. Those goals demonstrate just how fragile our defence is. Motherwell exposed our defensive weaknesses without punishing us, but other teams won't be so accommodating. We are very poor at the back and we'lln pay for it this season if we don't act swiftly to rectify pur very obvious deficiencies. Yes, I know the SPFL is pretty crap, but it'll be hard for even the worst teams to miss the holes in our defence!