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  1. @gogzy Why do you week in week out do you 'recommend' copyrighted shite? Seriously mate get a grip of yersel before the polis does
  2. It certainly did to me on a business trip to Atlanta, GA And before any you of you start... aye it was 2 women and my glorious self lol . (Just to pre-empt more idiotic comments than mine of course...)
  3. On a wee holiday at the moment--otherwise would have bought for SKY Box Office. Tried here (Nice)..but a non starter. Any -- well you know.. -- alternate ways to watch?
  4. Perfect storm for me today Bears.... Haven't seen my boys in a couple of years.. They are both in London... Mothers day.. and my Birthday.. And THE Rangers destroying the scum. Just has to be... CMON THE Rangers!!!!!!!
  5. True mate. But ill take winning vs any Brasilian side any day of the week. Watp
  6. @To Be A Ranger Excellent points... and great point about Argentina especially
  7. I'll always support my country. That said... When we went down to the lower divisions, for some reason Lee Wallace went from being the best left back in Scotland to not being selected -- overnight. How the fuck was that possible? The attitude of the tartan army makes it difficult as well. It will never be one support -- as it should be. Actually, quite sad about that. There should be nothing better than seeing your country play -- all in in it together etc. Another glorious failure as well. And Strachan saying something incoherent about being genetically behind.. wtf?
  8. So another scum 'fan' onto to the pitch to go after an opposition player in the CL. Previous definitely. Surely to fuck... they have to be seriously fined/sanctioned now. Enough of the £10k fines.... etc... Of course the scum spin machine will be in full force already. "Just an isolated incident. Our support was magnificent." Is UEFA that fucking thick?
  9. I still do not understand how the BBC can make a unilateral decision to withdraw. A company funded by the public has no right to make this type of decision. Certainly... there's previous -- here and south of the border. But ffs BBC grow a set of balls, take it on the chin, IMPROVE, sack arseholes, investigate the scum... Do what you we PAY you for! GSTQ and WATP I just paid my TV license :-(
  10. I'd fancy big Mohnsi vs Mayweather tbh . lol . Cracking punch!
  11. Nice to be back to proper match threads. Well in @RFCRobertson
  12. Agree mate... Can't question his passion.. as long as it's placed well
  13. Need a comfortable win here.. no fucking about. 4-0. 2 goals in each half.
  14. Admin.... BAN the OP . HOPE we win? For a match thread? Where is @RFCRobertson ?
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