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  1. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    What we should expect of our great club. Well done.
  2. Pedro back in management

    PLG did not understand Rangers or our rivalry with the scum. He said that the role of an OF Captain was overrated That was the beginning of the end for me. I just knew he didn't get it But highly rated when he came to us. I remember thinking ffs. We got him? Delighted i was But has done fuck all since.
  3. Pedro back in management

    Good luck to him. I liked Pedro He tried to play the hard man a wee bit but that didn't work. But i have no doubt he does have integrity Job just too big and complex for him
  4. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    True mate. But ill take winning vs any Brasilian side any day of the week. Watp
  5. Nacho Novo

  6. Nacho Novo

    ffs . jumped to the last page .. hoping this wasn't true. Hopefully the wee man is ok.
  7. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    Cmon mate you know what i mean. And many bears on this thread slagging him off... It ain't about boyd. Like i said. The spirit of the article is right. Just like fire and fury. Not perfect but pretty much spot on n'est ce pas?
  8. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    No mate. The spirit of it is what i agree with
  9. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    Fuck all wrong with that article. Well said
  10. Rangers legends in Berlin on Saturday

    Id take that side we have there right now Some fucking players we had
  11. Didnt read the thread. But i no longer get upser at these pathetic cunts. Ok they are obsessed. But why? They will never, ever be like us Must really suck to be scum. I suppose they could just seek solace in their priest though.
  12. Decent sides in this MON THE GERS!!!! WATP and GSTQ
  13. Murty vs Walter

    All this proves to me is Murty is learning on the job. We need consistency badly. I've no issues with Murty being in charge. We can go away to the sheep and Hibs and win and then play at home and get beat... Needs to be fixed. Hopefully this will improve and we finish much stronger.
  14. Player ratings

    1 good pass..... nothing else... He's done.
  15. Player ratings

    Bates for me was exceptional. (Tav MOTM though) To come in cold off the bench and be that solid was incredible.