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  1. Going to be a really scrappy game as usual can't see them really going for the win.
  2. His players are being scudded by coins and clarke is more concerned because he got something shouted at him. Guy's just an attention seeking rat. in 2019 playing the victim to push your agenda is just general practice these days.
  3. Potdog

    Fifa 19

    That's our kits up on ultimate team now.
  4. Potdog

    Fifa 19

    What kit are u guys using in UT I can't find any decent looking ones.
  5. Potdog

    Fifa 19

    Yeah I have the badge too but have you actually seen the kits on the market?
  6. Potdog

    Fifa 19

    I can't even find our strips on the market
  7. Potdog

    Fifa 19

    Are our kits even in ultimate team?
  8. Potdog

    Fifa 19

    I can't seem to find any of the Rangers kits on UT:S
  9. To be fair couldn't ask for an easier team in the playoff if we get beat off them we would of been pumped in the group stages. Hopefully we get maribor tonight without any issues.
  10. They two cunts on that stream just annoyed me all game. Every two fucking mins "Guy's can you donate" "The money will go back into investing in the stream" Besides that though good game and some promising signs.
  11. Will people start to forgive him if we go on to win the title with him in the squad? A title win is alot more valuable than what we would of got for him if he transferred over considering green and co were in control .
  12. If you believe the scums fans that 160 million for tierney alone.
  13. Basically saying we are a sleeping giant but have been sleeping for awhile and that it will be a really tough job without proper financing and players.
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