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  1. Prick and a total shitebag. Worst thing is he seems to be in Pedro's plans.
  2. Idiot
  3. If we get through then we are at home on the 13th July, and away the 20th (unless they change the day like they have for next week's game).
  4. This should really have been confirmed by now
  5. Red Imps away would be at Faro. They confirmed it on their twitter.
  6. A city with good weather, easy enough travel routes and not crazy expensive. Dont think getting all of them is a realistic expectation, id be happy with 2 out of 3.
  7. Had a weekend in Prague booked already, so a couple of us left early to meet everyone in Berlin
  8. On the train from Prague to Berlin, at Dresden just now. Having delays though, pish
  9. Waghorn loved those goals tonight Wish he'd got his hat-trick.
  10. Yeah I know. Just replying to the guy saying he didn't hear "you're shite".
  11. No idea what happened before, could've been anything. Was only pointing it out cause you said you couldn't hear anyone saying you're shite.
  12. Do we lose our history again if we become Red Bull Sevco?
  13. After he says "come and say it to my face then", you can hear someone say "you're shite"
  14. Thats a good price, although I'm staying in Berlin anyway. Is that via Frankfurt or somewhere?
  15. Why not? I reckon we'll get as many tickets as we want for this game, it won't sell out.