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  1. https://www.sportoptions.com/soccer/ £449 overnight, £375 day trip
  2. Would be great if we could get some info about the official trip
  3. Applied for myself and one other for the official trip - got an email saying successful, so went on and paid the £776 it was asking for. The trip was £369pp + the cost of a ticket. I think the tickets are £38(?), so that’s two trips and only one ticket I’ve been charged for?
  4. Are the emails out for the official trip?
  5. Anyone that was in Bern last night, what’s the best bet for a pub today? Should be getting to bern before 12.
  6. Anyone booked up for Bern? Booked up today, no idea how many will go
  7. Does anyone know if the official day trip has sold out?
  8. Cheers mate, I think I seen that they’re fully booked, would’ve been ideal.
  9. Anyone know of any busses running from Malaga and back? Staying in Gibraltar on Monday but looking to get a way to Malaga after the game.
  10. Anyone taking a chance and booking flights for Kosovo for the 11th?
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