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  1. Does anyone know if the official day trip has sold out?
  2. Aye it seems that way, heading to the arena bar anyway
  3. In Gibraltar just now, quite quiet in terms of Rangers fans. Anyone know where most bears will be heading tonight? Seen the arena sports bar was posted above.
  4. Cheers mate, I think I seen that they’re fully booked, would’ve been ideal.
  5. Anyone know of any busses running from Malaga and back? Staying in Gibraltar on Monday but looking to get a way to Malaga after the game.
  6. Any idea what time the bus would pick up in Faro? Might book the flight that gets in at 10.10am on the Tuesday, if that's when the game is.
  7. Anyone taking a chance and booking flights for Kosovo for the 11th?
  8. Red Imps away would be at Faro. They confirmed it on their twitter.
  9. Had a weekend in Prague booked already, so a couple of us left early to meet everyone in Berlin
  10. On the train from Prague to Berlin, at Dresden just now. Having delays though, pish
  11. Do we lose our history again if we become Red Bull Sevco?
  12. Thats a good price, although I'm staying in Berlin anyway. Is that via Frankfurt or somewhere?
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