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  1. Need to focus for this get the game won then think about resting players
  2. RobertN


    Good to see him shooting in open play one of the few players we have that can put power and accuracy into a shot I expected more of that when we signed him as he scored against us from open play
  3. They are going to try and press the game just like last time We just need to get the ball forward quickly to exploit the space they will leave at the back They are 7th they have lost and drawn more than they have won they are worst than last season If we have the right attitude we win
  4. Kamara and Goldson helped on the goal line
  5. That performance against one of the top teams in Europe will not go unnoticed in Europe and England
  6. He seems to want to celebrate with the fans first
  7. Fuck sake amazing from Morelos turned the game single handed
  8. We never turned up started to get a bit of a grip in the middle near the end of the half but never looked dangerous Play like that second half we will be lucky to get a point
  9. Fuck this looks bad we are second to everything
  10. Team looks good to me Same as the last match against them
  11. No rights to show it league football only maybe Scottish cup aswell Bt have the rights
  12. They are relegation fodder with no manager but they still gave us a game last time So no done deal but surely we will win if we have the right attitude
  13. One step at a time i will dream up some new shit when we reach the final
  14. This game if we win it is a step further than what we achieved last season This reason alone should be motivation enough
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