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  1. Just get sponsored by Corona Lager
  2. We will see i don't think they will even get to the final
  3. ah well season over last 16 is a lot more than we expected i suppose
  4. We got what we put in to that half fuck all Far to much respect and fear shown i know they are a good team but fuck Braga looked more dangerous than them Get Hagi on fill the midfield and have a fucking go
  5. RobertN


    Give us a reason to believe by gubbing them at Ibrox
  6. Turgid predictable crap so far need more centrally attacking wise try switching it more if it is to congested
  7. If we play like we did first half against Braga i fear the worst we came of some shite results going into that one Need a no surrender attitude like Hagi showed that night to have any chance
  8. It could be last chance saloon for a lot of the players and the management Do they want it enough ? That is the question
  9. Said it at the start of the season not just strikers attacking players in general what we do have in reserve are just not good enough to even get a game or are out of favour or even loaned out shocking lack of vision from the management
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