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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/43811/Motherwell_vs_Rangers.html
  2. It was a knee jerk reaction there he was walking along doing nothing to anybody no ball in play and the prick comes up and noises him up by kicking at him for nothing bottom line he needs to be cleverer and expect this shit and deal with it in his own time and his own way point it out to the ref get him back later or score a goal all better options than instantly hitting back he is no angel he does his fair share of dirty play if you cant take it don't dish it out fuck getting rid of one of our best players because brown can noise him up easily
  3. Everybody fucks up thing is to learn from it and not do it again Just remember that prick brown laughing at you for falling for it don't get mad get even best way to do that beat them fairly and laugh at them after
  4. KO Note to Morelos first you score then you try and knock the prick out when nobody is looking
  5. No defending him taking the bait yet again If he cant control and refocus his temper then he is a liability and a weak spot for cheating teams to exploit
  6. RobertN

    Ryan Kent

    two old firm games in a row he has hurt them get him signed
  7. Much better second half only one team in it until tav fell asleep
  8. We started Ok but the more it went on the more they pressured us on the ball and we just go backwards need to support each other keep it simple move it forward Mugged with the goal and the red card
  9. Focus next season has to be on creativity and attacking play this is where we fell short this season
  10. Go at them from the start and don't let up do or die time
  11. On paper not impossible far from it it is the fact we just don't look like we are capable of stringing any sort of run together we need to fucking destroy somebody to give us some belief in ourselves on the plus side they have been shite lately as well
  12. Sickening to think it could have been a six point difference instead of 8 today all we can do is take care of our end that means win at all costs if someone is not producing somebody else take responsibility if no one will make some changes earlier at half time if need be don't wait for shit to happen then react
  13. Draws kill you when it is three points for a win nearly as bad as a defeat if it becomes a habit
  14. Can we not just plan to cross to a certain area and have players attacking those areas is that so fuckin hard
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