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  1. RobertN

    No passion, no heart

    Remember after the first Rapid game there player said something like they just kept coming We have lost that somewhere along the way we are flat it needs fixing
  2. RobertN

    Deliver the League Title

    Not unless we make some serious signings in January which is unlikely 2m down the drain tonight
  3. need more composure on the final pass we are running into space and some nice passing interplay as well
  4. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/38444/Rapid_Wien_vs_Rangers.html
  5. RobertN

    post match interview

    Kent has been missed great run and pass for the foul at the free kick goal incident too many quality players out today cost us
  6. RobertN

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Really need to go on a winning run now seems as soon as we think we are getting somewhere we fall on our faces first team to get it together will pull away now i think
  7. RobertN

    Rotating your centre backs

    Problems stem from midfield not being able to clear the ball and or keep possession first half we gave as good as we got second half was a disaster
  8. The ref was fair even generous to us linesman was suspect
  9. RobertN

    Rotating your centre backs

    Thing that bugged me about it was the attacker behind him was offside all stemmed from poor defending before that put pressure on him which made him panic
  10. two goals in two minutes killed us never looked up for it after that fucking downer after the first half
  11. Mental game more goals here if we keep it the same
  12. Score draw would do if it comes down to head head between us and Spartak
  13. RobertN


    Why was he so obsessed with center back cover in the window we were solid at the start of the season Worrall is a good player but he is a solution to a problem we did not have
  14. RobertN

    We need to get wise.

    Not a lost cause yet but we just cant put a run together we were bouncing back earlier worrying that even that seems to be fading now need players to step up we need goals fix that the rest will fall in to place