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  1. When we launch balls into the box we have no one attacking the second ball from the edge, everyone just standing around hoping the original cross lands on someones head and smashed into the net - 0 desire
  2. Indeed ! I think because of the results up to christmas he thought we could get by without one.... its only when you are dragged to very uncomfortable places away from home it exposes the lack of leadership :/ By not signing a true captain in winter transfer window we have been found out sadly
  3. Manager canny get a reaction out of the players once they are on the pitch and in a deep place, 1-0 down 60 mins gone. For that you need a real leader/captain on the park to drag the players through the wars and get a result. Something which we are so clearly lacking :/
  4. Going to be in Amsterdam on the 12th for first leg & Puerto Rico Gran Canaria for the second leg.... Any bars that will be rammed full of bears in each place?
  5. True but there was still a lot of work to do, bit of a difference from a turn and smash 6 yards out 😞
  6. It was actually a relief to see the 1st goal v Braga because it was just a hold yer hands up "oh well" moment... as opposed to being fucking raging
  7. It has a Union Jack outside, probably a good shout, cheers!
  8. As per topic - There is a "Scottish" bar... but having had the experience of watching an old firm in an irish bar in Barcelona, never again 😄 Any sports bars folk know of which may be relatively neutral? Happy being the only bear in a place as long as there is no unwashed !
  9. This is like watching us play a pub team, how the fuck is this 1-0
  10. said the same even sent a picture and they said bring them in and we will send them off to Nike for testing....... canny be arsed with that ill just waterproof spray em
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