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  1. Brubear

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    At one time that would have been great humour. Unfortunately at the moment too believable to be the slightest bit funny. Hopefully we can keep a clean sheet and pick up a point.
  2. Yes we are point behind Rapid so other result makes no difference.
  3. Brubear

    it still sickens me!

    Totally agree. What it dies mean if any one team can go on a winning run they can pull away. It is most likely to be the tarriers or us. Let's hope it is us. Tarriers won league with 82 points last season. Lowest ever so an opportunity missed. If they drop the same number of points this season and we aren't above them I'll be gutted.
  4. Brubear

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    I agree that there is no bias in the refereeing. They are just bloody awful. I do have concerns over the decisions made within the corridors of the SFA. Who within that organisation raised the possibility of raising charges on us and who supported it. I take your point about transparency but the lack of it allows such decisions to be taken. It is only media reports regarding summit but if SFA formally announce one I would expect it to be coupled with them dropping the charges against us. I suspect they will wait until after our judgement day next week and then announce a summit. If that happens will you concede there may be an agenda in the corridors of power. The thread has concentrated on referees which was never my point.
  5. Obviously want us to win but would happily have lost this one in return for having picked up 6 points in last 2 games. EL run good for profile but detracting from league challenge.
  6. Brubear

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Yes and more than 2 hours against 10 men
  7. Brubear

    league table

    That wad my reaction. Considering how bad I thought we were post the winter break last year.
  8. Brubear

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    I understand you point of view but don't you find it strange that we have been cited by the SFA and others haven't when some of their comments were as critical as ours or in some cases more critical especially Levein.
  9. Brubear

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    My point isn't whether we get better or poorer decisions than other teams as I genuinely believe refs are just bad and some you win some you lose. My point is the SFA response to complaints regarding refereeing standards. We have been charged we accusing Collum of being biased but to the best of my knowledge and reading articles I cannot find one point where we or any of Rangers staff have suggested bias and certainly didn't state that in our letter to the SFA.
  10. So the tarriers complain about an offside goal against Motherwell, Aberdeen complain about Cosgrove sending off and hearts complain about our goal against them and the penalty against St Johnstone. What happens the SFA are to hold a summit on the subject. We complain about the most ridiculous sending off in years and what happens. The SFA levy charges against us. If that was in a TV drama people would say it want believable.
  11. Brubear

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    Of course I am serious, the other 2 a light weight and quite frankly not good enough.
  12. Brubear

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    McCrorie is better equipped to deal with a physical game than some who were on the park, Ejaria and Middleton for example.
  13. Brubear

    Ross McCrorie

    I would have thought he would have performed well in the current squad with better players around him than last season. He obviously isn't doing enough at training to convince Gerrard to give him a starting berth. Would still like to see him get another chance, then see if he takes it.
  14. Brubear

    Disciplinary action

    I fear you will be proved correct.
  15. Brubear

    manager of the month

    There were only 3 games in November and St J won 2 and drew 1 (5 goals for 0 against), whereas we had 3 straight wins (12 for and 1 against). That said I am actually happy that our successes remains under the radar. Hopefully when the media and others wake up we are out of sight.