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  1. They certainly linked it to sectarian singing and behaviour but that doesn't equate to it being a more than 1 game decision. They may look hypocritical if they reverse it next season but can state they believe we have "improved" our behaviour so again putting it down to us. We need to be taking the lead.
  2. Totally agree. I said this on an earlier post. If we say we will take only 4000 for the next 5 years Killie board have a £1.1m decision to make not a £100k one.
  3. Don't disagree, however it it was one targeted club such as Kilmarnock due to this action they would suffer while the likes of Motherwell, ST J, Hamilton etc. didn't I am sure they would struggle to be top 6 by year 2 or 3.
  4. Motherwell are on record for day I g their trip into the CL qualifier cost them financially as gate receipt for home leg did not cover cost of away trip.
  5. Did they really do well. Standard of Scottish football fell and has yet to recover. SPL clubs worked to smaller budgets and therefore lower standard of player. The tarriers didnt need to invest in players to dominate domestically. Scottish UEFA rankings fell as a result so now all clubs entering at very early rounds of qualifiers for European competitions. Scotlands standing in European and World football lower than ever before. Some of this would have happened anyway but don't tell me us being out of the SPL for 4 years wasn't a contributing factor.
  6. I always thought it was 50/50 after home team deducted policing and a stewarding costs, but you could well be correct. My opinion is probably donkeys years old.
  7. That would also deprive us of 50% so a bit different from not going to away games.
  8. Difference is we can sell all the tickets we don't pass to the away team
  9. That is a good point. Only way to counter it would be for the club to say what ever you give us this time we assume for security reasons that will be the same for the next 5 years for example. Don't offer us any more. Killie would need to assess if they are willing to give up £1.1m over 5 years as instead of only £100k for this one game when they have had a bumper year off us. We know it isn't going to happen.
  10. Surely Kilmarnock should not be able to sell Rangers section directly to public as there would be no contr of who bought them. I thought sale of away tickets had to be controlled through the visiting club otherwise that club cannot be held responsible for any crowd trouble.
  11. I said to my son the night we f**ked up at the quarter final that the irony was we could put the tarriers out in the semis but the sheep had no chance. That night we help contribute to their 3rd treble.
  12. When I was in my teens in the late 70s 4 of us went to every game and 2 of the guys were RC. Admittedly both had protestant fathers who married RC and they took their football allegencies from their dad's. They used to go into school on a Monday after an OF win with their scarfs knowing they would take a kicking but said it was worth it. One of them was the brother of Alan Lyons who signed for Aberdeen as a youth and played for St Johnstone for over 10 years. He was a big tarriers fan.
  13. Absolutely, and since the break they have won 3 games with goals after 90 minutes. I know it is all ifs and buts but without these it would still be game on.
  14. I think that is why we are appealing Kent one. I assume Rangers want to highlight browns part in the altercation and there was provocation. I am sure they know they will lose appeal.
  15. Absolutely. After his performance and goal he must have been livid we have given away such a cheap goal and probably knew it had cost us both the game and any hope we had of keeping in touch in the league. He let his anger boil over when brown threw the ball away. I for one will not hold that one lapse against him.
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