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  1. Warning for bears

    Best plan is to go out and beat them then give them a rousing chorus of "we're going to win the league". Afterall hearts and killie are capable of beating them. Of course the sheep won't beat them. Before anyone comments this is all tongue in cheek.
  2. I stopped reading at "second biggest club in the country"
  3. Murty Q&A - Herald

    Biggest concern for me was not having an open discussion at the players meeting. A strong manager in any business not just football are good at getting opinions and views of their staff and then uses this info to improve things. He also needs to then be able to discuss points and say if he doesn't agree without alienating the staff member involved. Basic man management.
  4. Declan John speaks

    The fact nothing was OTT in dressing room appears to be a consistent message from the players. Does make you think Murty has over reacted and the board supporting him over it worries me he is here for the longer term. I know people will say the board have got to support their manager, but not if they a shifting him out in a few weeks. The board should have spoke to some players for their opinions before suspending Miller and Wallace. If view was it was normal dressing room "debate" after a bad result then they should have taken action against Murty not the players.
  5. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I have been hearing this as well. Will be interesting what the "investigation" comes up with.
  6. Who do you back: Manager or Players ?

    I find it difficult this one. Part of me says players need to respect the manager however that respect needs to be earned. The fact Wallace is involved makes me lean to supporting the players. This is a man who unlike most stayed loyal to Rangers through the years in the lower divisions. Not a world beater but could easily found himself another club and similar salary. Also effectively put and end to any international career he hoped to have. The fact he has spoken out and is now suspended is a real issue for me.
  7. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    My concern is that if the board are backing Murty against Miller and Wallace they might be looking at him continuing as manager beyond this season.
  8. No I don' see it differently. I don't question the treatment we get in the media is disproportionate to others. My point is the statement is correct to point out that we recognise we are not perfect while not accepting we are worse than other. A statement which either ignored this or worse suggest we had no issues would be used by the media negatively.
  9. I never said it was. What I am saying is that the statement recognises that like all clubs we occasionally have a minority of fans who behave I appropriate. I personally think this self refection adds weight to the statement rather than one suggesting we are perfect.
  10. The statement doesn't say we are worse than anyone else but that we have a small minority. It would be burying our heads in the sand if we tried to say everyone of our support behaved impeccably on every occasion.
  11. Split fixtures

    I think it is based on some form of seeding and hubs and killie were the teams not expected to be in top 6 so they will get the extra trips to ibrox. They automatically assume promoted team won' be in top 6. They even assumed that the year we came up.
  12. Two Rangers Heroes.

    Agreed and during the game. Why not give the guy the respect of a minutes silence before kick off. Surely the board believe he deserves this having volunteered for years.
  13. Pardew

    I am sure he is on record belittling the standard of Scottish football. That would suggest he would under estimate the quality of player we need to sign . Same issue le guen and Warburton had.
  14. They say it's not obsession....

    I had parents that cared. At the age of 8 they sat me down and explained that I would support Rangers and not that lot from the East End. Best parents ever.
  15. scumdee hivees thompson bails out early!

    I could see a hat-trick