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  1. Brubear

    First Rangers game you attended?

    First game for me was Hearts at Tynecastle, September 1968 aged 8, 1-1 draw. I had 2 uncles on my Mothers side. 1 was a Hibs fan the other Hearts and my father only ever watched Junior football back then so both my uncles tried to get me interested in "their" team. Fortunately, I also had a cousin who was much older than me who was engaged to Ronnie McKinnon at the time so I only had one intention which was to support Rangers. The idea of taking me to Tynecastle when Rangers were the visitors was meant to get me interested in Hearts but I went mental when Rangers scored much to my uncle and father's embarrassment as we were in the Hearts end. 3 weeks later Ronnie talked my father into taking me to Ibrox, we were playing Dunfermline, think we won either 3 or 4 to 1. Ronnie arranged for me to meet some of the players after the game so I was completed besotted and never looked back. My father relented and took me home and away ever week until I was old enough to go on the supporters bus on my own. He went back to watching Juniors (strange man). My cousin, Mary, and Ronnie split up and never did marry, I always joked their love affair didn't last but mine with Rangers did.
  2. Surely that would be a reward for them not a punishment.
  3. Brubear

    No further action against Power

    The Power incident was significantly worse and more dangerous than what Morelos did to McKenna.
  4. Brubear

    No further action against Power

    Because he knows Power would miss celtic game if he had been cited.
  5. Brubear

    Replay ticket information.

    Absolutely. That is a minimum revenue of £810,000. At £20 a ticket would require a 40,000 + crowd to get this revenue. Clubs commercial department, rightly or wrongly, will have made a call that £7 lower price would not generate another 10,000. However, the fact this is an extra game that they would not have had if we had won (or worst still lost) on Saturday you would have thought they could have given the fans a break.
  6. I hope you are keeping it off.
  7. For the sake of GD a 5-4 is actually a better win than 1-0
  8. Brubear

    Compliance officer .A total sham

    If the offence continues into the box it should be a penalty according to the rules. That has always seemed strange to me as you would logically think it should be where offence first occurred. Actually means if ref blows up quickly you get a free kick but if he waits to see how move develops you can end up with a penalty. Strange to me.
  9. Are you seeing anything that makes you think we will get anything out of this
  10. Brubear

    Alexa Knows

    I just tried it and the answer was "good question, my favourite is Rangers"
  11. I starting going to games in 1968 and it was 1975 before we won the league. We got 1 league cup in 70 and the Scottish in 73 and bugger all domestically in those 7 or 8 years. We did win the ECWC in 72 which was a bonus. My old late grandfather once told me if I supported Rangers in these days I would support them for life. How correct he was. I remember being ill and had been off school the week leading up to us winning the league at Easter road in 75 and my mother wasn't going to let me go but my dad stepped in and basically told her not to be bloody stupid as I had waited 7 years for this day
  12. Brubear

    Is there a waiting list for STs next year?

    Is it not normally a 3 stage process. 1 existing ST holders get option to renew. 2. Existing ST holders who have renewed get option to request seat change. 3. Remaining ST put on sale to public.l I think the window for stage 2 was quite short last year. Anyone correct me if the memory of an old bear is playing up.
  13. Brubear

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

    When you tell me I am missing a brain cell it seems personal, but accept your explanation. Cheers
  14. Brubear

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

    Obviously not worth trying to debate with you.
  15. Brubear

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

    I don't understand. Can you explain. Post says he was there with his family for new year. Nothing to do with squad and where do you get a few hours. He could have been in Tenerife 31st Dec to say 2nd Jan and back in UK when wife posts photos on line. Maybe I am missing something.