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  1. Brubear

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    Got you now. Bloody phones and their making up words. Was of course meant to be mcoist
  2. Brubear

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    Sorry don't understand
  3. Brubear

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    As you say poor choice of words. Obviously meant the pressure rather than burden.
  4. Brubear

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    I always thought under McCourt we were not fit enough and got away with it in the lower divisions but in the championship that along with tactics got him caught out. Warburton had his faults but I thought the team appeared a fitter under his leadership but we went backwards again last season. A good level of fitness can be worth 10 points in a season.
  5. Brubear

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Interesting that most people on here think Miller is past it and had nothing to offer, yet no fewer than 3 SPL clubs are opening talks with him. Guess we all know better than those employed as managers.
  6. Brubear

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    Ok guys. I apologise. The memory of an old man. I forgot we re-entered a new contract with SD. The original question still stands. Is there definitely a first option clause in favour of SD in the contract.
  7. Brubear

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    Can you provide me a link. Any research I do shows SD pulling out of the court case as the Judge was clearly favouring King in the exchanges and the unfair nature of the contract became more and more clear. Rangers had tore up the contract and SD tried to sue King over it, but eventually pulled out of his legal action. I can find no record of any payment from Rangers to SD and certainly no reference to a new contract.
  8. Brubear

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    Please enlighten me then.
  9. Brubear

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    Our retail activity in season 2009/10 was revenue of c. 21m with a profit of £3m. Can you explain why we cannot get back to these levels. Genuinely interested in why you cannot see us generating £2m - £3m profit from merchandising when the team across the city can generate £5m profit selling Grey and White tops. .
  10. Brubear

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    Is it documented anywhere that SD have an option. My understanding was the current board were going to go to court to get the contract "set aside" as the directors who entered it did not have Rangers interest to the fore. In order to avoid this and his Directors being accused of not carrying out their fiduciary duties Ashley agreed to cancel the contract. It does not make any logical sense for the current board to allow a clause where SD have first option on any new contract as part of that settlement.
  11. Brubear

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    Can't be worse than we had under Ashley, but you are correct to say we should ensure it is a good deal before getting overly excited. If I remember correctly we used to make c. £2m to £3m profit from merchandising pre 2012 and it was about 100k under Ashley. If the new deal delivers back at the pre 2012 levels then that is progress.
  12. By opting to not stand for re-election I guess the sfa hoped it would be the end of it. No investigation into what he has been up to in his years in office. Well done Rangers for ensuring it is kept to the fore.
  13. Brubear

    A message from the manager

    Agree, when I first worked in England I use "outwith" and thought nothing of it only to discover no one had every heard the word before. It originates from terms used in Scots law but not in other legal systems, hence it is unique to Scotland. Spell checkers don't even recognise it.
  14. Brubear

    A message from the manager

    I have no issue with him not being around for the next 2 weeks, considering players aren't here anyway. I would expect him to be out and about securing new signings and equally important offloading some of the deadwood. We need to free up wages to bring new players in. If over the next 2 weeks we hear of departures and new signings I will be a happy bear, assuming the new signings are of a good quality.
  15. Brubear

    GERRARD, THE NEXT 3 SEASONS - What would you take?

    Obviously pushing them in year 1, obviously would love to win title, but progress towards winning it in year 2 would be a step in the right direction. The first big test is to not be embarrassed in Europe. Qualifying for group stage would be great but falling short at the final qualifier but not by a large score would do for me, although I would be gutted at the time. I went into last season so sure we would get European football I have modified my expectations this year.