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  1. Sorry Broxi, thought about it after I posted, will depend on age. An old timer like me was finding it hard to see how you would have seen someone like Arteta a playing in England but never at Ibrox Apologies.
  2. Are you saying you never saw any if these three in a Rangers strip, or have you misunderstood the question.
  3. Guess that makes Stephen Naismith a legend.
  4. His inability to lift top level trophies was hindered by circumstances outside his control. On his day he could have held a place in a trophy winning team.
  5. Does that define a legend to you.
  6. How can a club be awarded Gold in all four categories yet somehow get Platinum overall. Doesn't make sense. Then we get 3 Golds and 1 Silver yet end up Silver overall. Very strange.
  7. Don't see it If McLeish had got a 2 1 home win against Cyprus it would be negative headlines but this will be seen as a good start for Clarke.
  8. How can you say that It was an inspired substitution and he has instilled a never say die attitude already. Before I take pelters it is called sarcasm and probably what the media will come out with tomorrow.
  9. McLeish was hounded by the tartan hordes from the day he was appointed, even before any of his Scotland teams kicked a ball. Being an ex Rangers manager was the only reason they needed. Clarke was going to be the hero, early days but not a great start, and that was with players not pulling out so giving him a full compliment to work with.
  10. Almost identical. I too was around 11 and went to home game. Couldn't have been much of a game as I honestly can't remember anything about it. Father also went to away game with his mates and left me at home. Where we differ is my father didn't burn a scarf, to the best of my knowledge.
  11. Not sure we are that far apart on our "didn't work out" list. I see both Firth and Polster as being acquired for the future and never part of last seasons plans so harsh to include them in this camp, I think Firth will become back up to McGregor this season and Foderingham will move on. Where we differ is I think Barisic and Coullibaly were not complete failures and were squad players. The rest of your list makes my 4 or 5, have to confess I had forgot about McAuley. My successes were basically your 4 plus Arfield and McGregor and to a lesser extent Defoe and Davis. SG was announced as Manager on the 4th May although didn't take up post officially until 1st June, and Arfield and McGregor signed in mid May. It was reported at the time SG was consulted over the signings, although not sure he could have vetoed if he had wanted to. I am sure he wasn't involved in the selection of these players but as Tomatosauce pointed out in another post, the way modern football works the manager doesn't directly select future signings but has input to the final decision, so I would argue SGs involvement in their signings was no more or less than the others signings through the season.
  12. Thought so, so we are in total agreement.
  13. Struggling to tie your response to my comment. Does your "its not" mean you think our recruitment in the last 12 months has been poor or good. I appreciate we cannot compete with the transfer budgets of many other teams outside Scotland, however somewhere in the region of £25m to spend on players required to compete/excel in Scotland is enough to get 5 or 6 players. If we were in the EPL would get you a strikers left foot, but we're not in that market.
  14. Don't disagree with you. My point was that regardless of the process I don't see our recruitment since SG came as being very poor as Graeme was suggesting.
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