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  1. Sorry to disappoint you but that is how it goes, points, goal difference and then goals scored. If this was the end of the season we would have lost the league.
  2. Agreed, the point is we are not top equal, we are second.
  3. If the league had finished after last weekend the tarriers would have number 9. Nothing to be showing a thumbs up to.
  4. My memory failing me here. Who have Bolton got in the Europa League next Thursday.
  5. I hate when people start predicting a series of games. Always seems to me this is when we don't meet the expectation. Hope to hell I am wrong.
  6. Having a bigger Budget should Avis winning this one.
  7. They might have their new Dutch striker Hertz Van Rental playing for them.
  8. Spot on. DJ moved from CB to CF at HT because Parlane went off. Without the injury that change might never have happened and the result could have been different. That said I have a vivid recollection that the HT score line flattered them and we felt if we got an early goal in the second half we could turn it round. Not sure if that is a false memory formed from what actually happened or blind optimism at the time.
  9. Agreed but they are the type of team that have the odd good performance in them. It is crucial we win this and not undo the feel good factor of going top of the league. The tarriers are almost certain to be ahead of us by the time we play.
  10. Didn't see anything about the Colombia game except the score. Did Fredo get a full 90, how did he play and did he have any chances to score. If you know of course. Cheers.
  11. Not quite 50 years ago but I remember a game at Ibrox against the tarriers from Sept 1977 (think it was 10th) as we were losing 2 0 at HT and won 3 2. Was first time it had happened in an OF game for 36 years at that time and I don't thin I has happened again since. I was 17 at the time. You could get alcohol into the ground back then I managed to miss 2 of our goals as I had the bottle opener and was crouched down opening beers. .
  12. I was probably at it but to be honest don't remember. My dad used to take me home and away back then, would be 10 later that month. Unless there was a something on that meant he couldn't take me I would have been there. As for Marinello he went to Arsenal, probably too young. Never lived up to the hype that I remember at the time. I remember buying chewing gum with picture cards of players in it. Think there were 3 or 4 in each pack and almost every pack had a picture of Marinello in it. I clearly remember the Dundee game that others have mentioned in the thread. I am sure it had happened before but it is the first time I can clearly remember people throwing their scarfs away. I always thought it was the first senior game in Scotland played on a Sunday, not just first involving us.
  13. At least their keeper doesn't have to at 90 minutes
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