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    Just think...

    I've posted on here several times that if you win every game 1 0 you win every competition you enter, but on this occassion the performance and that against Stranraer really worry me that there are dropped points just around the corner unless we play better.
  2. If two of the yellows are in the same game, ie becomes a red, do the two yellows still count towards the yellow tally up. Just seems that the player would then be penalised twice for these yellows. I genuinely dont know and wondered if anyone knows the rules.
  3. The decision of Clancy to issue a 3rd yellow to Alfie for his gesture was actually a very clever action by him if he wanted to cause maximum disruption to Alfies season. A yellow cannot be appealed whereas if Alfie had been cited after the game Rangers could have appealed it and presented a case that the gesture was not threatening but indicating game over.
  4. Ok we will bring in say 40k at 25£ a ticket so 1m. From that we take off costs of putting g the game on let's say 100k and then split the balance with Hamilton. So we get an additional 450k but may result in us playing 4 games in 8 days and costing us the league.
  5. Last thing we need are extra games, need to take care of them in first game.
  6. Only because it would effect them as well.
  7. I understand the call for some serious rotation to take place, however for me I want us to come back from the winter break and send out a message with a really big win like a 6-0. Not saying a weaker team cant win and cant win well but does run the risk of a tighter game and the media using it to suggest we are going to struggle in second half of the season based on last season.
  8. Brubear


    Simple question for Spence, how many goals has shankland scored in Europe or the top flight in Scotland. Answer, none on both counts so dont even mention him in the same sentence as Morelos. Of course if United meet the tarriers in the cup and Shankland scores he will then be the real deal and better than Morelos using tarrier logic.
  9. I agree with ignoring it and the goal should be to get in front of them even with that game up our sleeve. There is little chance of us not needing it by the time we play it, if by that you mean we have the league won. It will need to be played before the split, even if it means us playing 4 games in 8 days or something like that.
  10. To be fair the bbc article says he was likely to miss the 3 games he is banned for anyway.
  11. Was that not about racism in the stadium. This nil by mouth call is in respect of racism Morelos received in the city centre, Mitchell street. A separate incident.
  12. Strange how the racist abuse is against one of our players yet Nil by Mouth think we should be involved in a joint statement. Surely onus is on celtic alone to make a statement.
  13. I have never supported the bias theory, but I do despair that we often appear to be on the wrong end of bad decisions, especially match changing big decisions which should be easy to see. For example on the cup final you quote three big decisions 2 in out favour, 1 in theirs. The 2 in our favour were actually correct so the only error in the three was to our detriment. I expect referees to get some decisions wrong, even big ones but some are less forgivable than others. The offside in the cup final should not have been missed as it was from a set piece. However, their goal on ge 29th I accept it was hard to see what part of the body the ball hit and unless the ref is clear it is a hand ball he needs to give the goal. His assistant was on the wrong side to help him. If however he saw it hit the hand but was not up to date on the new rule that is unforgivable. Only Clancy will know that and if it was the latter he will never admit it.
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