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    Same old

    If I remember correctly we were at Fir Park that day and beating Motherwell 1-0 with 15 to go and the fog came in. Referee chose to continue game and we lost 2 late goals to lose. Fortunately we still went on to win the league that season.
  2. I think that is really the message behind his interview. People will find it difficult to argue you can't issue a title based on every team having played all other teams twice, once home and once away, however try to argue you can award it after 30 games when all teams have played a completely different profile of games.
  3. I have to say that was my thought. If UEFA are considering suspending the EL and CL then playing the first legs of the last 16 only makes no sense unless they are confident they will play next weeks games. May be that they plan to play all games behind closed doors next week. This then leaves only 8 teams left and gives them a better chance of completing the tournament later in the summer.
  4. Did one of the players not rest positive, which is a bit different.
  5. My understanding the postponing of Euros was to allow federations to extend their league programmes if necessary.
  6. The UK chief medical officer made the point last week that in a 50000 crowd you are only close enough to c. 10 people to contract the virus through coughing etc. Obviosly there is touching handrails on stairs etc on top of that, however, he suggested you had more chance of contracting the virus going to the pub to watch the game than actually going to a stadium. This was part of the thinking of not banning large gatherings, be it sport or anything else. More likely to lose games due to lplayer illness.
  7. I am pretty sure if they are 16 points clear with 5 games remaining the SFA will declare them champions.
  8. If a team has got to the position where it is mathematically impossible for them to be caught then there would be a strong argument to declare them champions. A win on Sunday versus a defeat adds 2 more games before the scum can get into that position. That could make the difference on the league being suspended before they have "won" it or after they have "won" it.
  9. Have they done a U-turn as the last I read was although he was ill they still wanted to go ahead with the game, despite preparations being affected.
  10. Considering you need to be within about a metre of an infected person to pick up the Corona Virus they must be wearing them to protect themselves from each other. Shows how much thought they put into any "stunt". We can hope the masks cover the full face saving us having to look at them.
  11. If we get through versus Bayer and pick up 3 points in the middle it will improve the mood around the club big time. A big ask but not impossible. Beating them on Sunday would still be too little too late. Would end up giving us all some hope and we know it is the hope that gets you.
  12. I think we would all be pissed off if there were stories of what happened in Dubai , if anything indeed did happen, was being leaked to the media. If there was any issues in Dubai I am sure the media would have been all over it bu now. Haven't even seen any of the MSM hinting at any issues during the winter break. Only place this is being suggested is ion Social Media and normally be supposedly Rangers supporters. What exactly are you looking for the board to say about our performances in 2020.
  13. My take was that the player took it early with a toe poke and got it almost in the corner, I actually thought he had put is past at first. Yes McGregor was flat footed, but not too surprising as the last thing he is expecting is Goldson to do what he did. That said I have only seen the goal once as I cannot bring myself to watch the f*** up again.
  14. McGregor was completely sold by Goldson in the Hamilton game. Goldson chose to turn towards his own goal and then got dispossessed. The Hamilton player then toe poked it into the corner. What exactly do you think McGregor should have done different.
  15. Two games in a row Defoe has come on and hardly kicked a ball. Said to my son as soon as he came on that if Saturday was anything to go by it was not going to be the game changer.
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