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  1. I am afraid you are probably correct. Lucky if they pay £1m in total.
  2. I remember this being asked on the BBC sports web page just before the first ibrox old firm match and a number of so called experts had their say. I think the most any of them came up with was 2, McGregor and Morelos. Although we only won the match one nil we had played them of the park that day being better in every position. Kept expecting (no I didnt) to see a follow up article showing how wrong they all were and we are stronger this year.
  3. Fair enough. I thought it was an official Liverpool source that said they were looking for 8m.
  4. Is that not what Liverpool quoted to Leeds.
  5. Based on stats Candeias had better stats than Kent which just goes to prove you need to look at a bigger picture. What the player is doing off the ball, do they track back etc. Etc. That said I do believe Ojo could well be a step up from Kent.
  6. Not necessarily. I know a few guys who took their kids along for the first time when down in the lower divisions. Kids are still in awe being part of a 40k+ crowd and watching Rangers regardless of the quality of the opposition or the Rangers team.
  7. Hope they have a great time. Normally one trip to Ibrox is enough to have them hooked for life.
  8. 19th gets you to enter CL at 2nd qualifier and 18th the same for EL. There is a year delay before it kicks in so Scotland got up to 20th last season so next year will still be 1st qualifier but realistic chance to get to 17th this season. Above that will take another year or so of us and them reaching group stages. The majic target is 12th for EL group entry and 11th for GL group entry. All will probably change when EL2 is introduced and the target is to be I 15th place or better for Scottish teams to go into EL1. All countries below that go into EL2 where money will be shit I expect. Really need Scotland to be in top 15th and remain there, although hopefully by then we are competing in CL qualifiers, but will matter if you fail to get through these as you will drop to either EL1 or EL2 based on criteria set out above.
  9. I know SG has Rangers as his main focus but he will also be aware that a win is better for the Scottish coefficient than a draw and that benefits us going forward. celtic losing a goal in the last minute on Tuesday cost Scotland moving from 19th to 18th even though they would have still gone out at 3 each.
  10. Breaking news. The disco lights at celtic park have just requested a transfer. They are not happy as they were promised CL football for the past 2 seasons.
  11. Not a surprise as we only have 1 year of coefficient scores so we were ranked over 200 going into this season.
  12. Just to say despite my earlier bit of fun, I am sorry to hear a fellow bear missed a game and had car trouble, hope it wasn't to serious (expensive)
  13. Same result. Your want you car to break down again😁
  14. Have to confess I have been known to go onto a Dundee Utd forum when they lose. It is quite good fun as they resslisr they are staying in the Championship. Unfortunately they have started this year with 2 wins, but I expect to get my opportunity soon.
  15. I am the same regarding being nervous about winning league. I think my anxiety comes from the fear that if we don't do it this year the board might decide to replace SG and we could be back to where we were a couple of seasons ago. Regardless on quality pf new manager he would need to build HIS team and we could go another 3 or 4 years without winning it. If we do fail I hope we at least get a cup or two and the board stick by SG.
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