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  1. Travel club emails out

    Been a member of the travel club the last few years it ran been to many euro away games. I'm a non season ticket holder and so use our RSC's like many others do I'm sure. Now being excluded from European away games, have to say I'm very unhappy
  2. Alex McLeish 'says no to Rangers DOF role'

    The European model, at least the way Ajax run it, is that the manager identifies an area in the team that needs strengthening. The DoF is the given a brief of the type of player required, he then proceeds to scour the globe for players matching that brief and presents the options to the manager who then decides who should be signed.
  3. Partick forum

    With that name it really should be a more bear friendly pub...but would be just like them to drink in an establishment with a name harking to Masonic iconography
  4. If we could, would you replace MW?

    Yes. This isn't some knee jerk reaction to today's result. I have patiently waited for things to improve as this is supposed to be a 3 year project. We are now almost at the half way point and the problems that were apparent at the beginning are still prevalent. No discernable progress has occurred and there is very little evidence that it will. A change is required, we may have to endure the rest of the season (and I will support the team 100% through it) but barring a revelation of biblical proportions a new manager is required
  5. Release Kiernan and Senderos now.

    I've defended Kiernan for a long time but yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back. He has to go and I don't care how.
  6. Is there anyone that can't handle the match?

    Was once told the story of a season ticket holder who went to every game...when it came to the scum he would be in the stands right up until kickoff and would then go and sit in to bogs until the end of the game and would just listen for the roars
  7. New kit middle of season

    was just thinking this myself
  8. New kit middle of season

    With RRL no longer having a license to use our trademarks on merchandise I would imagine that any deal struck would have to be done with the club directly
  9. Under Armour as New Kit Supplier??

    I'm nearly sure there was a rumour that went around during last season that said Under Armour would be our new kit supplier when everything was finally sorted. must go digging...
  10. Rumours that the new kit will be on sale on Thursday

    No statement would also completely confuse the situation following the removal of the license to use our crest/trademarks
  11. Warburton's press conference

    Last year he did say that the challenge cup and league cup first rounds were being utilised as our final preseason games too so that'll do for me. Though next year when we are in Europe and have to start the qualifying rounds at this time of the year I'd be hoping for more preparation work and friendlies beforehand
  12. Has our shirt sponsor ever made you buy something?

    In case any potential sponsors are looking in...yes whatever's on our shirt becomes the sole product of my life and I spend 80% of my monthly wages on it.
  13. League cup: Rangers Group F

    I'd imagine these games will be treated as the bulk of our pre-seaon. With 30th free might yet get a trip away somewhere
  14. Mark Warburton on TalkSport: Sports Breakfast this morning

    Olly Murs definitely not one of our own. I remember giving him a rendition of are you Subo in disguise during an old firm game at the girodome when he came out to do the halftime draw
  15. rangers neon led sign

    Guy in my work got one, seems to work fine