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  1. What pisses me off is everyone talks about him reacting to other players. Why does no one in the media talk about what he is reacting to. If Morelos had made kicked out on Brown the way Brown kicked out at him, he would have been getting hunted.
  2. lgr1991

    Union Jack

    Loved his celebration
  3. Tav, Arfield, Candeias, Kent and Morelos been fucking unreal so far
  4. Remember on Walters last season he banned the players from making social media posts. Gerrard seems to be of similar opinion, at least keep it filtered.
  5. Shrewd signing for 4th choice, decent enough
  6. Fee was 17 million, the rest add-ons. Huge sum goes to Dembele and his agent, looking at 10-12 million pocketed. Still have 20 million more to make.up for missing out on champions league.
  7. They signed that French gut they had a loan from PSG for 8 million. 8 million on one player and meanwhile their squad is weaker than last season. Brendan Rogers has always been terrible in the transfer market.
  8. lgr1991


    Fucking unreal save! But I must say, UFA keepers save was possibly better! I was raging then he saved it ?
  9. Just think he needs to learn to control his temperament a wee bit better mate, still love the guy!
  10. I mean his petulance and is eagerness to involved. Dont take me for a Morelos hater, I'm his biggest fan! But its definitely his biggest weakness as a player.
  11. Some people are over-reacting, but the club need to discipline him for it. He needs to realise that he has bags of potential but he will never reach the level he wants unless he can sort out his discipline issues. We need to realise he's still immature.
  12. lgr1991


    I swear he always slices his kicks to the right, Best keeper in the league, but sometimes I wish he would just gather the ball, take a second and let the team get their shape.
  13. The thought of Barisic, Lafferty, Morelos and Ejaria linking up when all are settled is scary
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