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  1. Sky sports commentators gutted. Not even complimented how good a finish it was.
  2. Almost equalled Edourd's total goals from last season, in November. How anyone can argue who the best striker in Scotland is beyond me 🤣
  3. Boys got massive potential clear as fuck. Got a lot to learn still but who better than Stevie G to learn from? Just look at the impact he has ha don Jack, Morelos, Kent etc.
  4. As it stands we also have scored more and conceded less than the scum in the league.
  5. Hate to say it but we miss Candieas badly. Arfield is not a natural right winger and has been shoe horned in there to fit in him in. Aribo and Arfield should be rotated as the attacking threat from.the middle, play Ojo and Jones out wide, they're not great but they provide natural width which we are massively lacking.
  6. Loved seeing him running on the pitch in his flip flops and his celebration with Katic at the end.
  7. Just like v Killie, would have dropped points last season.
  8. Probably in the minority here but I still do see talent in Barisic which is frustrating because he doesn't look like he knows how to use it.
  9. I'd be dishing out the gobbles if we got £10 mil for him 😄
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