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  1. ...We need to beat these teams at some point, it doesnt matter when we play them. Its a chance to set out our stall early.
  2. DrFunke

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    I despair listening to folk go on about how we would have half a chance if we drew Sevilla. Fuck me. Get a grip of yourselves.
  3. DrFunke

    Bury and Wigan Friendlies Announced.

    People expecting glamour friendlies... dont realise that these days the bigger sides that used to be available are now on glamour tours of the USA, and far east. Hence why you get english sides in early prep, most of the other premier league sides have players on international duty or holidays still early on. The joys of having to start preseason early cause our co-efficient is shit.
  4. DrFunke

    Season Tickets

    Go along and tell them you lost it, usually print a new one free then and there. Miss the old paper books myself.
  5. DrFunke

    Season Tickets

    I'll be honest... half time of the last tims game where they emabarresed us i turned off and started googling Man City ST's. Go with my stepson now and again for his birthday, xmas etc. But a few days after that i renewed ours. nearly 10 years in my seat now in GF6. Btw, the CIty tickets would have been £200 less than ours. Incredible what we pay for scottish football.
  6. DrFunke

    Europa league prize money

    can we get the tims in the knockout round to qualify WHEN they get bumped out champs league qualifiers :P Unless ofcourse they file an appeal based on some 92nd minute substitues passport having expired and get a free pass to the last 16
  7. Incredible to see someone say those stats as a player mean nothing...to me it shows he knows what it takes to win at the highest level.
  8. DrFunke

    New kit delay ?

    Id have thought during negotiations that sort of thing would have been sorted.
  9. DrFunke

    Permanent Deal for Murphy

    Like the entire team was...
  10. I Honestly thought Dalcio looked great for 15 mins against Progres and that Candieas was shite lol
  11. DrFunke

    Return of Pena

    We dont have time to 'hope' players like this suddenly turn it around... get rid. move on
  12. DrFunke

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    I imagine this is a pisstake...would be a stupid amount to spend.
  13. DrFunke

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    David murray linked now to invest??
  14. DrFunke

    Next press conference

    Humming Berg
  15. DrFunke

    POTY awards tonight?

    ..and what is that exactly....