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  1. Just wondering, has anyones kids on here ever been selected?? I am always told the kids have to be season ticket holders and they get put in a ballot, but have heard alot of people say its more who you know ...
  2. Price is relative, dont like it or YOU think its too expensive then dont pay it. We pay £20 odd quid a time for livingston, st mirren etc
  3. Hate posts like this...full of logic and sensible footballing opinion ;)
  4. Mate, think about it, there are as many, if not more, celtic fans watching our games than Rangers supporters. They cant help themselves.
  5. I hear you, but we havent looked much like conceeding, i know its early days but feel confident we wont conceed 2 without scoring.
  6. Its about negotiating 2 legs in Europe. So a 0-0 is fine by me. We need to remember aswell there is a game on sunday to prepare for straight after this one. Early goal kills the tie.
  7. I also have the lovely 3 hour drive before hand from Newcastle to Glasgow for each game, then back after :p
  8. My wee boy is 2, he has a teddy we got from the bear factory which we put his first ever Rangers kit on when he was born. The bear is called Miller, you can guess why... But he has the 'When i grow up i want to play for Rangers book'. Loves his football but has little to no attention span. Desperate to get him along to a match but he wouldnt last more than a half hour, id have to constantly be up and down and take him to the catering bit to let him run about.
  9. Dont you dare speak ill of the Goian...its a well known fact him and Papac necked a bottle of Vodie each half time at the piggery then shat in their dressing room.
  10. See if we had players doing that exact tackle...all those 20 yarders scored against us by the tims dont go in...Rogic, Edouard, Dembele, Mcgregor....everyfucking game im screaming to close those fuckers down. Beastmode
  11. ...We need to beat these teams at some point, it doesnt matter when we play them. Its a chance to set out our stall early.
  12. I despair listening to folk go on about how we would have half a chance if we drew Sevilla. Fuck me. Get a grip of yourselves.
  13. People expecting glamour friendlies... dont realise that these days the bigger sides that used to be available are now on glamour tours of the USA, and far east. Hence why you get english sides in early prep, most of the other premier league sides have players on international duty or holidays still early on. The joys of having to start preseason early cause our co-efficient is shit.
  14. Go along and tell them you lost it, usually print a new one free then and there. Miss the old paper books myself.
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