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  1. Rangers vs Hearts - Premiership

    Hi all, Looking for one spare, its for mum, as many know my gran passed away recently and the club are reading out a mention for her before the game and Mum would like to go along. SO if anyone can help out drop me a msg.
  2. Classy from the club...

    Just a wee update to say my gran passed away this evening. She was some lady who even last week was asking about the Rangers results and how we were doing. Put up one hell of a fight.
  3. Classy from the club...

    Thanks everyone. She got back home today. Seems she is just happy to be home
  4. Classy from the club...

    Staying down south its difficult to get up regularly, we took the little one up last week to see her. She is still in good spirits, was asking about the signings, was happy with Cummings lol
  5. Classy from the club...

    Unfortunate update folks, grans had a ropey few months and been in hospital most of it... Cancer came back and is in her stomach, cant do anything either. She has asked to come home since cant do anything for her. They have got a bed and stuff to put in the house downstairs as she wont be able to get about too frail, fought like fuck for a year and its taken its toll.Not got long left but has asked she has a Rangers quilt set for her bed...some woman!!!!
  6. Jordan Rossiter

    its as if Liverpool knew what they were doing when they sold an "£8 million player" for just £250k
  7. Classy from the club...

    ************************************* Update folks, my gran went for a scan a few weeks ago..after months of radiotherapy and in and out hospital.... CANCER IS GONE!!!! We were all shocked but at 80 years old she has gone from a diagnosis of terminal oesophegul cancer and having weeks rather than months to managing to get rid of it....Some woman!!!
  8. home top 15.99 Kitbag

    Very true this. Sick of the "support the club, give them all your cash..>" We give them plenty, time they started giving something back after 6 years of utter shite we have had to put up with.
  9. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    what had Brenda won in his career (at a decent level)
  10. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Pedro is a lovely guy, but we dont need a lovely guy as a manager....Walter Smith told the board go and get McInnes and they went to the Qatar league instead.... Id happily take McLeish on a deal till end of the season and see how we get on, but he will need money to bring in some bodies in January.
  11. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    I prefer the old fashioned "let the players fight for every ball and get a well deserved 3 points"
  12. Pena

    Pena against Hibs was a shocking substituion....yes he was stripped before the 3rd goal but as soon as that went in Pedro shouldve sat him back on the bench and used a different option. I dont know what game people were watching, but from GF6 he looked fucking lost, and just roamed about not really getting involved. Poor game to involve him... Herrera, maybe he is fit, but god help us then as he is slow as fuck, wins some flick ons...but thats it.
  13. Pena

    Those who have actualy seen the guy in the flesh, he isnt fat at all, cunts slim as the rest of them....may be unfit etc but certainly not fat our out of shape.
  14. Chin up mate, sorry for your loss
  15. Belter of a bet

    This is bullshit, transfer the exact winnings into my account as proof and ill give you them back...