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  1. kranjcar

    Murty needs his baws toed for having Niko, Hodson and Hererra anywhere near the bench. A complete waste of time and would be much better with youth than that pile of shite. Hererra especially. 3 pre season games, he couldnt even score in the warm up. And thats the gods honest truth. Not 1 goal from that Pedro training exercise. Useless piece of shite.
  2. Our club & board are a shambles

    People making all sorts of excuses blaming injuries and Brighton and the eclipse of the moon. It's really quite simple in my opinion. The well is getting close to dry. We don't have millions to fork out. I actually think it's a brilliant move we haven't paid a few. But it's not through any sense of good business on our Boards part. It's simply that these guys in their current state can't take us any further forward. Welcome to the club Jamie.
  3. Jimmy Nicholl

    Waste of time.
  4. David Bates

    This all day long.
  5. Player ratings

    Foderingham 8 Tavernier 9 Bates 8 Wilson 8 John 7 Kranjcar 1 McCrorie 6 Holt 7 Windass 5 Morelos 7 Candeias 8 Others Pena 1 Herrera 0 (Big sack of useless spuds) Alves 0 (Shitebag)
  6. Dorrans

    Very true. 0 good passes in the first half. 2 good passes in the 2nd. Defo better as it went on.
  7. Beaton

    Madden apologised to Andy Halliday after the Hibs red card a few seasons back that he got wrong.
  8. Beaton

    Stokes should have walked twice in that game. The first one was ridiculous. No doubt about it in my mind. Doesnt change my opinion though. Hibs had a stick on penalty the other week. We got away with it. Collum gave a penalty against us last season that was 2 yards outside the box. It went against us. Ross County player deliberately dived against the manks and got a penalty that was as bad as ive seen in years. Shit happens.
  9. Beaton

    Must admit im with Deanz on the cheating bit also. Its quite simple in Scotland. Gers fans think everyone is pro mank. Mank fans think everyone is pro Gers. All non Mank and Gers fans think everyone is pro Mank and Gers. We cant all be right. For every decision we show that goes against us, i bet Brendan and Dimothy could find an equally bad one that went against them. Some times i dont even think its the refereeing standard thats bad. Ive seen decisions where the replay has shown it from 6 different angles and Ive been 100% sure im right only to see it from a 7th angle and think, oops, shit, he got it right. The game is so fast nowadays that they make decisions on the spot and of course they will get it wrong. Offsides another thing that people moan about that linesmen are cheats because after Sky has went through 3 slow motions and a pause from a ball that was played from 50 yards away it shows the guys toe was offside and the linesman missed it. It doesnt stop me moaning about refs in the heat of the moment stuff by the way but I dont believe any of them deliberately go out to give decisions against us or them or anyone and ultimately risk a good pay nowadays.
  10. Windass.

    Murty is unlocking it..
  11. Club Statement

    "The position of Rangers manager requires an ability to win football matches.........After the two games against Aberdeen, we requested permission to engage with their manager" And as for concomitant, its written by a conco fucking mutant.
  12. Windass.

    There's a player in there somewhere. We need somebody to unlock it.
  13. Sons of the Sloth, Why the Silence?

    Very very few people who invest millions into a football team make a profit. I struggle to think of any since McCann truth be told and I can widen that to all of football, not just our little back water. Even at a discounted rate, unless we get it right in the Boardroom, in the accounts and on the pitch (in any order) then the share price and attraction won't budge. Football mainly is "heart purchase" or "status purchase" it's just not a profitable game.
  14. Sons of the Sloth, Why the Silence?

    Just my opinion, but I can't see King ever making his money back either. Certainly not the £20m and I doubt even the money he has put in recently, if it's all converted to shares.
  15. Denis Law

  16. Jim McColl

    I know he used to be interested and he certainly was more than capable. Im not sure now to be honest.
  17. Jim McColl

    Jim McColl stepped back that night as he realised that the other 4 requisitioners were a shambles and clueless. He has said that to 2 different acquaintances of mine. The 4 of them told the fans bare faced lies that night.
  18. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    Did you fully support the previous march against our owners ? Would you fully support a current march against our owners ?
  19. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    LOL - not drunk. Just being real. Its embarrassing. Hypocrisy is the worst trait in my view. Its in abundance with you and your ilk.
  20. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    Im against marching and boycotting. I have a problem with wanks who promote marches when it suits and dont promote them when it doesnt. Bum.
  21. The Mexicans

    Herrera and Pena are murder. We can only hope Pedro takes them to Qatar when he gets that job back.
  22. Ross McCrorie

    Agreed. Hasn't put a foot wrong. Would be in my team every week as things stand.