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  1. Fans flip flopping on a game to game basis on Pedro

    Me too. Get him TF
  2. Mccoist on BT

    McCoist can fuk right off. Any fan getting a selfie with him can fuk right off as well. Disrespectful money grabbing cheating lying little kunt rat that he is.
  3. Herrera 😂

    What the fuk does this guy offer ? He is a useless piece of shit alongside a useless piece of shit manager who clearly hasnt got a scooby doo. What have we become ???
  4. Belter of a bet

    Great bet but that's ridicously bad odds considering the bet.
  5. Herrera 😂

    No. You said he "could have" had a couple of tap ins and I quoted you and stated he couldn't finish tap ins in the warm up so no guarantee he "would have" put them in. I then stated he was "utter pish IMO" I wasn't saying it was utter pish he was in a tap in position.
  6. Herrera 😂

    I'm not sure what you are talking about. I'm referring to the pre match exercise where our wide players cross the ball to our strikers with 1 in middle of goals and 1 at back post and they try to score. The big man has fluffed it every time I've watched. At least 3 times in Sheffield the ball actually went the opposite way from the goals. It's not having a go at him. It's just the plain truth of what happened.
  7. Herrera 😂

    He hasn't scored a tap in since Pedro introduced the new pre match exercise. That's 3 games now and not once has he found the net in the warm up ffs. Utter pish IMO.
  8. Realistic Expectation Next Season

    I agree with Buster.
  9. Is Pedro worse than Warburton?

    Mw came in and made an immediate difference. We played football better than anytime perhaps going back to Advocaat. Fast pace, free flowing, scoring goals, moving about, just exciting. Compare that with the 4 years of shit from McCoist, McDowell and McCall. Instant impact. Pedro has came in and we are fuckin honking and worse. The Progres result is the worst result in our history. I don't give a shit it's a new team. Every manager the world over gets a kick from their first few games. He never. He is a nobody nomark that nobody knew and is so clearly out of his depth. And yes I do hope this gets bumped next May.
  10. Is Pedro worse than Warburton?

    Much worse. An absolute disaster !
  11. Naismith speaks on his departure....

    Clearly not going to be a popular view but on the club not being the same thing, Gough and Walter both said it when under no pressure to do so and most have forgiven them. I've been honest to say in the past that I thought it was the case also. It was only after reading up a lot, and I mean an awful lot, I got clarity. If we went back 5 years and asked most Rangers fans if they would take back a player who played for the manky mob after us or a player who slagged our owners and left us in the huff, then I would be surprised if more than a handful would choose the former over the latter. But getting to the nub of my view. He is exactly what we need on the park right now in my view. He scores goals. He hassles players. He gets on defenders nerves. He isn't a shitebag and he gives it his all. If I can accept a Sellic player in my team because he makes us better then I can sure as hell accept a guy who got shit wrong in an interview. Especially after watching Waghorn the other night.
  12. Training Pics: First day back!

    Nor Jack that I can see? Is McKay on Scotland duty?
  13. Just ma luck that it fecking finished in time as well and could have been out. Watching that video and i know every footstep of PH.... Im out there in 9 weeks time now but cant believe im no there the now. Enjoy bud.
  14. Prosecution rests in Craig Whyte fraud trial

    The case isn't over yet. The defence can now call witnesses though he may choose not to. The crown can't call him. Only the defence. It's unlikely.
  15. Beer Park is a lovely setting but as expensive as fuck so take a lot of money.
  16. New Daily Record blog.

    "The appointment of Pedro Caixinha(arguably one of the few positives of King's reign) " How can anyone seriously think that or hold that view at this point ?
  17. The leak strikes again

    Did you know if the alphabet didnt have the letters "r" and "d" that he would be called Ewa Woowa ?
  18. The leak strikes again

    He's out of his depth and a complete panic appointment by an incapable Board who are an absolute shambolic mess and clueless.
  19. Why are we still playing the Warburton Way?

    This isnt the Warburton way. ffs
  20. TV Bias getting so blatant and tiring

    Unfortunately in this case....its the truth and thats what hurts the most.
  21. Someone's going to get seriously injured

    Was never a foul and Andy Walker is as blind as a bat.
  22. This tackle

    Should have been off. Would have probably helped us. He is an absolute disgrace. He actually stopped tracking back for the first. Just gave up. Arsehole.
  23. Lee Rigby Memorial Cup rumours

    A certain ex player took the huff and warned that any ex player who played in it wouldn't be welcome at Ibrox anymore. An absolute disgrace of a man. Paid hand.
  24. Lee Rigby Memorial Cup rumours

    There's been a few things I have read that were a lot of shite from him to be honest and there has defo been questionable rubbish he has wrote. Re him being called out, I thought all that was called out was that the picture he used was fake and as luck would have it turned out to be an Irish wrestler. I'm not sure that equals the fact he is one of them though I haven't followed it closely enough to know if there is more to it.