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  1. I agree, i think we will pummel the Hivs, we played much better without Jelavic last time out too and i expect the same today.
  2. It wont matter, its not like Ally will get any great portion of it to spend, if any.
  3. The news on the radio earlier today said Rangers were waiting for an improved bid to come in this evening.
  4. Absolutely no way would that £7m have included the "values" of two players.
  5. Whether he did or didnt, the club still spent money. And?What do you want? Some free spending billionnaire? Have i mentioned the bank debt?
  6. And? The fact is the club still spent the money and is committed to these contracts. Anyway, i dont expect him to put his hands in his own pockets, i dont want that from our owner, i want our club to live within its means. Something Murray could never do and something which we need to do. What part of that do you not understand?
  7. Well we spent £5.3m and signed 20 players under Allys watch. Not a bad investment. Allys budget could and should have been spent much better.
  8. He actually said "if some of that needs to be front ended." If and some of key word and phrase.
  9. I cannot be any clearer M, he did not promise to front load £25m. He said we could or would front load part of the overall investment. No way was he ever going to spend £25m in one season never mind one window.
  10. He did not promise to front load £25m! Jesus. This is what we are up against.
  11. He should have thought about that last summer when he had a qualifier against a European minnow and the basis of a very strong squad to build on. What did we get? Knocked out of both European cups and loads of duds, passengers and imposters re-signed from last years squad.
  12. And why should he? We are the ones who finance our club, the fans, we are the club, not some sugar daddy or billionnaire! Sadly because of managerial mismanagement(since the early 21st century) all our pennies together mean we cannot break even when we dont compete in Europe. The manager should also have built his 35 man squad better in the summer. Ridiculous having such a huge squad and 1 reliable striker in it. Criminal in fact. Maybe there is no definite answer because he really doesnt know, no one knows what is going to happen.
  13. No. We can afford to lose it this year, goodness, we maybe going into administration in a few weeks. We just have to carry on. The club should never budget for European football anyway as its never guaranteed. Thats where Murray went wrong.
  14. As it is to me. Some of the dross on our wage bill infuriates me.
  15. He will be replaced, even i know we will not let this window close without us signing a striker, should Jelavic leave. Its who or what we get that is important. We need to look long and hard to get the best deal for the club. The only way i can see where we get funds from are from players leaving, which will need to happen asap, not for their transfer fee, just to get their wages off our big wage bill. Say we free up £100k per week before the window closes, Ally may get half of those wages to spend on players, its then upto him and his scouts to find affordable players. We may only free up half that or a third of that and i dont expect Ally to get it all back to spend on new players.
  16. Guys like Aluko, Weir, Prso, Boumsong, Boyd and dare i say, Larsson prove you dont need to spend fortunes to get quality. Football is one business where you dont get what you pay for. A players fee means nothing. The problem with the Jelavic one is, he wont be releasing muc wages when he goes, he is only on around £15k going by reports, we wont get 3 good replacements for that money and klnwoing that we also have to cut costs, will Ally get the whole £15k per week to spend? I dont know. We cant really afford to swap one wage for another, we have to be more clever, we have to cut costs and at the same time try and improve the team. It can be done. We have loads of deadwood who should have been told to find new clubs. We badly need more bodies out.
  17. Of course mate, we also have to be able to pay our players come April and May time when the clubs revenue dries up. We cannot afford our squad, we need more players off the wage bill. My problem here with Ally is he really should know the script, especially as he was part of the coaching team post-Kaunas, he was an employee of the club, we cannot afford to spend money when we dont have European football. We simply do not have it and i do not want to be in debt to a bank like we were then.
  18. That he wont get the Jelavic money? Yes. I dont need some tit on twitter telling me either. That they have had a fall out? No.
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