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  1. Ger for life

    Police assulting fans in BF1

    Well we now live in the Orwellian state where our everyday actions are overseen by CCTV - all in the name of safety and security you understand! That's why they're not called speed cameras anymore but "safety" cameras. My advice to anyone who felt he/she was unjustly treated by the police tonight - and indeed at any other game at Ibrox is to lodge an official complaint via legal assistance if required. All incidents within the ground and its immediate parameters will be covered by CCTV and the footage should show any evidence of police over-reaction. The police - and indeed the Club - utilise this medium to identify any person causing unrest within the stadium. Might also be worth a call to the Head of Matchday Operations at The Stadium.
  2. Ger for life

    Our Manager - Ally McCoist

    I haven't had time to read all posts but my assertion is that the players do not have the fear factor which those who played under Walter had. I cringe when I read quotes in newspapers from players who are basically kids in the game referring to the manger as "Ally" or even worse,"Coisty." They have no right to do this, Ally is the boss, gaffer, whatever. I think Ally's good guy reputation is not helping him. Ally has to remove himself a level from his players. Can you imagine any player getting summoned to Struth, Waddell, Wallace and Smith's office and not shitting a brick? Players themselves told stories of how frightened they were at the very thought of this. There are no such similar tales of players' fears with Ally. From experience, I know being a manager is that you are not a pal. Sometimes you have to take tough decisions and that can include people you formerly were on a par with and indeed were friends with. I think it is now time that we see the public face of Ally the boss, the critic,the hard liner. Not the persona of reasons which excuse players who should clearly be playing at a better standard. All of this, Ally should have already learned from Walter. Am I suggesting Ally should go? My answer is that if he can't inspire or install a fear factor within his squad, then he has a call to make. P.S. I omitted Scot Symon from the list of managers because Jimmy Baxter played him like a banjo when Jimmy didn't want to train.
  3. Ger for life

    ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    Oh I'm sure they'll manage somehow! We will never get any credit from that rhag!
  4. Ger for life

    ***The Official Brechin City v Rangers Thread***

    Well done Jig!
  5. Ger for life

    Is God helping?

    There may well be a God. I received a tax rebate yesterday from HMRC! Told them to stuff it unless they accept our CVA!
  6. Ger for life

    Duff & Phelps out now

    I don't know what to make of all of this, however I tend to trust my gut instinct. I watched the programme unfold with an ever increasing sense of dread at what has become of our proud club. Integrity, transparency and honour seem to be small by-words to a collection of individuals who have no interests at heart but their own. In all of this the main sufferers are the supporters - ordinary people who follow a club we love, a club loved by our fathers and indeed our forefathers. When you think of the list of honourable gentlemen who guided our club to greatness over the many years of our history it is enough to make you weep!
  7. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    Ok guys have had a good laugh tonight at some of the comments, which I think we all need as we come to the end of one of the most troubled periods in our recent history. Thank you to all who have contributed, particularly ED who has kept us all hanging on in the hope he would buckle and reveal all! Hopefully we shall have some good news very soon and if what ED's source has told him comes to fruition, the dark days may soon be a thing of the past and Timmy, et al, who wish to see us vanquished will be almost suicidal. We Will Follow Rangers!
  8. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    Where he could be charged with loitering within tent!
  9. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    You might bump into a fat guy crying and begging staff "please just let me try it on"
  10. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    I just hope this can be confirmed bhoona rather than later! TAXI!!
  11. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    ED I think you should only PM those of us who haven't asked your for a PM - oh shit,that's me fucked now! :lol:
  12. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    Or as they are better known in The Clansman, Jack & Victor
  13. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    Davie Cooker??? Apologies no offence meant...think the late great Davie C would have had a wee chuckle
  14. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    I would love to see him sitting in the Ibrox Boardroom across the table from Ally saying, "remember,this is my boardroom and it's my money - now off you go and spend a wad which will win us the Champions' League in two years!"
  15. Ger for life

    Well funded London based consortium

    It's quite alright, "Beefeaters, cancel the escort to The Tower!"