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  1. I was also unaware that this happened. Very nice of us to post this on our site. RIP our absent friends.
  2. Another home tie
  3. I normally stand in BF1, but I took my young cousin to the game today so we sat in the Govan. Thats the first home game i've been to outside BF1 so it was interesting to see what it was like from an outside of the group perspective. The section looked fantastic and were really loud, but you have to imagine how better it would be if we manage to get a move from that corner. I'm sure theres plenty of demand from people to move into the section as well, just wish the Rangers security see sense as it is basically the only source of atmosphere in the ground.
  4. Super Ally, Super Ally ole Ole ole!
  5. Nice statement from Charlie Green. RIP Our Absent Friends.
  6. Well said Super
  7. Not bothered about it at all. Might watch it if I've nothing else to do.
  8. Not a chance I'm boycotting Ibrox.
  9. I'm in BF1 and as awesome as it is, I'm kind of intrigued to see how it looks to rest of the stadium Promised to take my young nephew to a game this season, so maybe I'll get the chance then. It'll be a bit too wild for him in BF1
  10. Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) or Aberdeen at Ibrox
  11. Won't be going to any SP-Hell ground.
  12. Registered on BF1/TBO forum, but still awaiting activation for this forum. Username is AndyBF1
  13. Nice We are the people.
  14. BF1. Absolutely shattered though. Only slept about 4 hours this full weekend