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  1. if he goes its fucking madness and really shows how much we have sadly fallen
  2. We've no chance of signing this cunt!! If we had put a half decent offer in the first time we bid then I think we could have got him too little too late
  3. why dont we ban these fenian cunts??
  4. belter mate, did you think of that one all by yourself? that took you 8 minutes lololol wait for her but she's barkin but ur daughter mmmmm
  5. stick in at that online dating I'm sure something will pop up eventually
  6. y nt u both just fuck off then, u r ibrox punters the type that turn round in disgust wen someone starts singin or the greetin faced cunt that tells everyone to sit down coz u cani c the game go n do some gardenin fukin brown nose
  7. ur what's wron with our support these days, embarrassing
  8. Ok so ignore he's a good player and will do a job!!! And the refernce to spitting on a taig was the fact being labelled a scumbag but riordan was gonna be more than welcomed an out an out scumbag
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