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  1. Bobby Russell v PSV. luckily I was there to see it.
  2. Wilson's a Darkie.
  3. Pretty much as expected. The usual channel 4 shite about us being liquidated, blah blah blah. Footage from previous Hampden finals against the peados showed trouble in the Rangers end (looked like the late sixties) as well as us running the fenian bastards on the pitch at the 1980 cup final (I was there!) Traynor stuck up for us. Recently made program as there was a good few minutes footage of this years game at the BigJockKnewCamp.
  4. Watched it last night. Disappointing.
  5. Anywhere that has FOX soccer channel (most places do)
  6. As posted earlier, the '76 semi final against Motherwell. Atmosphere was brilliant that night. The final against Hearts is a close second as it was my first final, I was in the Hearts end as a 10 year old with my old man who was so smashed he could barely stand up. The 1980 final was fun other than the result. I was lucky to be at the '79 Drybrough cup final too.
  7. I was at both of those games. The Centenary stand was bedlam that night.
  8. Yeah, that was me. I had a bottle of Pomagne in my back pocket! Took a bottle the following year to the Scottish cup final where it came in handy!
  9. I was at that game.
  10. I was there for Paul Miller's testimonial in '86 and it was bedlam......................Good times!
  11. This was the worst cup final I've ever witnessed by a Rangers team (My first was 3-1 against Hearts in '76). No fight, no fuck all. Smith should've been yanked in the first half as he was/is fucking rotten. It seemed like none of them gave a fuck. How can Daly destroy SPL defences two years ago and now can't do anything against a bottom half Div 1 team? Same goes for Law. Seems to me that every player that comes to Ibrox these days starts well and goes to fuck, as they know there'll be no backlash from Mr Nice guy McCoist. Tactically we don't have a fucking clue, but to have no fight is inexcusable. That shower of imposters are a disgrace to Rangers football club.
  12. McCoist fuck off now and take those other two clowns with you . Enough is enough. Useless bastards.
  13. There's a hooker somewhere in Bogota who's wearing one! I was there on business 5 years ago and gave it to her as partial payment along with $80 for an hours worth of fun. Met her in a place called "Extasis".............................True story and I have a pic of her wearing it in the hotel room as that was also part of the deal!.....................Fucked if I know where the phone is though, maybe one day I'll find it as it's somewhere in the house!
  14. Was only 13 at the time, remember the bus leaving from a hotel on a big roundabout and the 12hr stop in London on the way back. There was another guy, Alan (70/s shoulder length hair & moustache, sold loyalist badges at Ibrox) who I remember from that trip as well.