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  1. That opens up huge questions though, around things like player contracts for example, if there are no games being played there is no income for clubs but the players still have to be paid their wages. Then there's the fact the new TV deal is due to start next season, so how would that work if season 20/21 is just abandoned? These aren't digs but just observations that scrapping next season and playing the remainder of 19/20 when possible just swaps one set of problems for another.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2020/apr/13/how-scottish-footballs-voting-farce-led-to-open-warfare-breaking-out Interesting read on the Guardian.
  3. I had a 9 in a row mug that was smashed during a house move, was a cracker as well. Now i'm making do with another one that just isn't as good. Edit: Here's my two most used mugs...
  4. Oh definitely - if her point was valid from Monday then it was also valid from sunday, so it was daft of her not to say "as soon as possible" and let organisations decide. Or just come out and state it was taking effect immediately.
  5. A good thing - putting 50,000 folk together under the circumstances and thousands more in pubs n clubs just seems silly at the moment. Plus Sturgeon actually does have a point, in that the emergency services on hand at any football game ,and the old firm especially, could be put to better use just now.
  6. Is it too early for a Hagi for Davis sub?
  7. Finally!! Papering over cracks though but I'll take it just now.
  8. Really disappointed to see Goldson start, if he was dropped for Katic you could argue Gerrard was trying to change things for the better. Tav being dropped was due to injury, and one change he did make was to bring in Kent for Kamberi who was one of the players that looked interested at least in recent games.
  9. I'd be disappointed if he left but also suspect he's taken us as far as he can. I'm not quite convinced he should be sacked though simply because I don't know who'd take on the job that'd improve us just now. Based on that you could put me down for 3 options! Anyway, it's an utter shite state of affairs we find ourselves in.
  10. I'd love to be wrong, but Gerrard will still be here in a month unless we take a pumping by the scum (twice) and Leverkusen. We're in for a shocker of a few weeks.
  11. No way Hagi will want to stay if Gerrard is still manager at the end of the season. Even kamberi would probably rather go back to Hibs than stay with this shower of empty shirts.
  12. Can't see much enthusiasm for 8th minute clap any time soon....
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