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  1. 1st ever old firm game and it was a good yin! I was right at the corner where the mini invasion happened so will be looking out for myself on the highlights. Bosses it from the first minute, and as far as I can remember they only had that one chance around 80mins? Either way we win next week and it's a strong end and significant improvement over last year.
  2. AljayBoy


    That was a horrendous error - reminiscent of Kiernan at his 'best'.
  3. Aye, would be a good option from the bench, but if he doesn't start then a major element of their game plan is redundant.
  4. Bastards giving me hope, can't manage this pressure. Please please please.
  5. Can anyone claim to be surprised at how this has turned out? Actually relieved the stream died, listening to it on the radio isn't much better mind you. Morelos has been indefensible since Christmas, he'll go for 6 million having never scored against the scum and we'll be better for it.
  6. I'd agree that there's been progress under Stevie G, and think most would too, the real argument is whether there's been enough progress - and that's when the arguments start.
  7. Crackin' piece, just enough to get the point across without getting hysterical.
  8. Good article but as mentioned by another poster, a table to highlight the stats 'at-a-glance' would probably have got the point across a bit better, but that's me nit picking.
  9. Absolutely zero negatives to this, here's hoping it ends up being a popular initiative.
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