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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Just seen this on my Facebook This could be a huge u-turn in the takeover, anything could happen now!
  2. 3-0 :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic:
  3. :mcgregor: :whittaker: :weir: :webster: :davis: :mcculloch: :weiss: :lafferty: :beattie:
  4. I fucking hate when the wee diddy teams get so much praise for "playing amazing" when really they are just there playing their average football, while we are the ones that beat ourselves with our shite performances week in week out. They're making out as if ICT are world beaters just because they drew twice against us, which was due to us playing badly. Piss poor once again.
  5. Walter being forced to play a 4-5-1, I'm thinking this will be the line-up (4-1-4-1): :mcgregor: :broadfoot: :weir: :whittaker: :mcculloch: :davis: :hutton: :weiss: :miller: Seeing Broadfoot alongside Weir gives me the shits though
  6. We need that 3rd goal, then get a few youngsters on for 10-15 mins
  7. Brilliant play by Weiss My prediction may come true
  8. Stream cut off just before the goal went in Hopefully we can finish them off before or just after half time, 3-0 after 50 mins I think. Then flood gates opened?
  9. IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE A GERS GAME AND ITS NOT SHOWING CHECK MY WEBSITE globalgers.com and we have every game live every week free http://globalgers.com/forum but it is a new site and I still like this one

  10. hey jobby wont ask why the nickname haha

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