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  1. If this gets finalised the morra, i'll post a picture of me in a set of pink bra and pants Thats how confident i am of it getting delayed further!
  2. fancy a friendly game of fifa with teams of choice

  3. ave no commented oan this yet so thought i'd throw my 2 pence in
  4. So have you had this baby yet? :lol: :clap: :lol: Whats his name again and what weight again... You got Ewan Chester on the phone for trials yet? Hink the under 3months team are screaming out for a goalscorer :lol:
  5. Nah you hardly offended me lol No bother you just confused me thats all
  6. and have a This thread cracked me up, a was gonna highlight certain bits but thought... Fuck it treat yourselfs and read through
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