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  1. How do I go about buying this on RTV?
  2. Didn't know I could do that, fantastic
  3. Can't believe I'm missing this Any chance the game will be viewable online in the uk, my usual site doesn't have it scheduled?
  4. Just turned it on there, how come neither of the them have poppies on their shirts?
  5. Cannot wait till tomorrow, should be some day!
  6. Handed my form in yesterday, can't wait till the season starts!
  7. I just can't understand how edu continues to get a game after giving pish performances every week!
  8. And the 48 hour loyal becomes the 24 hour loyal!
  9. Anyway back to the takeover, what's the latest? Same old 48 hours I take it?
  10. Take it Mcculloch wont be back for it then?
  11. Anyone be able to help me out with a link for the game? Cheers
  12. What the fuck? I fall asleep for an hour and wake up to see it's not happening tomorrow it could be the end of the season? Getting very very bored of this pish! :disappointment:
  13. Getting really excited for this now, my first trip up to shitodrie
  14. awrite fraser ya woman

  15. Piss off back to Ireland.. Green and White SCUM!
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