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  1. Picked up my wife and span her around the living room while both of us shouted yes at the pitch of our lungs. Thank god the neighbours were Bears or they’d have wondered what the hell was going on.
  2. That’s a new one even for Andy Walker, Rogic didn’t foul the Kilmarnock player, he “made him trip up”.
  3. We need to be realistic. Since we got back into the top league we’d have lost a game like that today and been out the Cup. We’d also have been miles off the top of the table in the league. We've made huge huge strides this year both domestically and in Europe and it was probably unrealistic to expect the Manager to win the league in his first season but if we can match the progress from last season into next season, we’ve every right to be optimistic. We definitely need at least 3-4 new players to strengthen the first team rather than just the squad, but we need to have faith in the Club to identify the right people to bring them in. Having said all that, we’re still in the Cup and have an outside chance of the league so as Big Marvin says, keep believing!
  4. I found it by entering Clare Whyte ... guffaw
  5. Agree, I thought he was outstanding also - he gets a lot of stick on here but, to my mind, he’s improving with every game and was strong defensively and in attack today
  6. Just watched the sending off on sky ... unbelievable ... Candeias did nothing
  7. Absolutely agree. I posted after one of the earlier games that we had one we needed to be understanding and patient when things didn’t go so well and too many seem to struggle that we’re not hitting the heights of when we had Gascoigne, Laudrup, etc. I want to see the team improving every week but realistic to know there’s going to be ups and downs (unfortunately). We’ve take a huge step forward from last season, and have a manager we must have faith in.
  8. Love hearing Mr Gerrard talk about us. You can tell every word of it comes from the heart and any player should be willing to run through brick walls for a manager like him. We, as a fan base, need to show understanding and patience on the days when things don’t go our way as it’s clear he’s building a team of which we can all be proud, and we’re probably 2 or 3 steps ahead of where we could have dreamed of being so early in the season. It’s potential for now, but there’s signs of huge improvements in a ridiculously short period of time which should give us all optimism
  9. Can we get a bit of perspective on this. Its only our second game of the season, we're in the process of a major squad overhaul and it's going to take time for the team to settle. At this point winnings the important thing, performances can come later.
  10. Before I pass out completely, no matter what, so proud of Rangers today, every player has done us proud.
  11. Charlie Nicholas on sky "you can't hear each other breathe never mind speak" What?????!!
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