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  1. At home v the sheep was fully deserved and most people knew it was coming.
  2. Sure is. Away to Osijek, lovely worked corner routine and delicate little touch from Alfredo. The start of a season of ups and downs for him.
  3. Nice video but there's only 29 goals. His first of the season, a close range header in Europe is missing.
  4. He was 31 when we signed him.
  5. Hated him when he missed against Lyon but it led to that utterly fantastic Uefa cup run and for that I'll always be thankful. And loved his celebration.
  6. KBOO72

    Jordan Jones

    I'm a bit "meh" with this signing. Low risk with potential for big reward as there is the makings of a good player there, hopefully our manager and coaching team can bring him up a level or two and if not we might still be able to move him on at a profit a year or 2 down the line. The new top looks fantastic though imo.
  7. Quality wee player, classy bloke.
  8. Is a bastard. His sons a cunt and his brothers a bastardcunt.
  9. Can you put the writer of the pieces name in the thread title please, could maybe save fellow bears wasting their time opening the thread.
  10. KBOO72


    Seriously disliked him when he played for us because he was shite, ran like Woody out of Toy Story, took foul throws and couldn't cook a fucking egg. Hate him now because he's a cunt.
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