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  1. And by the time it's fully reported in the media he'll have deserved it for daring to firstly score, and secondly celebrate.
  2. Yeah, sour grapes because we didn't win.
  3. KBOO72


    I was going to start a new thread about Scott because there was nothing on the first page but thought it would be worthwhile having a look further down the forum. Found this one at the bottom of page 6 which pretty much sums up how I feel about him at the moment . Seems like he's been so utterly anonymous for the majority of the season that people are even forgetting to have a pop at him. Needs benched, or perhaps even bombed out of the squad entirely for a prolonged spell because over our first 20 games this season he's offered us next to nothing in terms of goals and assists. At a push he could maybe play a role as one of the midfield 3 at home against the Diddy teams but if Gerrard persists with using him in the front 3 we are in trouble. Don't usually like singling out individuals after such a terrible collective performance but unfortunately for Arfield this isn't a kneejerk, he's been way of the pace virtually all season imo.
  4. Especially the post about Tav getting into Smiths team....
  5. We've really had some utterly terrible away performances so far this season in the league. Our lack of ability to do the basics puts us under so much pressure in these games and sooner or later we'll pay the price.
  6. We could also be 2-1 down after the header off the bar. Shite first half where virtually no one bar Alfie gets pass marks. Big second half needed. I don't even give a fuck about the performance, just fucking win.
  7. Questions about England and Liverpool, who gives a fuck. 2 weeks without a Rangers game and we've to put up with shite like this.
  8. My mistake. Must just be because they're a couple of cunts then.
  9. I don't think these guys will be getting any appearance money as its for charity. Rules out those two arseholes McCoist and Ferguson immediately.
  10. Calling him Helmander instead of Helander
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