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  1. It's not fine margins at all, it's 9 points. If, buts and maybe's mean fuck all.
  2. Looks totally different since the last time I seen him, that drink drive charge must've hit him hard. And Where's Dec?
  3. Still half a team away from matching a bang average scum team from this season. Buzzing.
  4. Mcgregor, Whittaker, Davis, Naismith and all the other rats.
  5. Just like your first sentence.
  6. He's got a squashy wee pape face.
  7. Im not an anyone fan. I just like basketball but the disaster surrounding LeBron this season has been hilarious. And as for your trade thoughts, do you not think if KD leaves the Warriors there's a good chance Boogie will get a big offer to stay there? And whose going to swap a decent PG for Ball. He's been pretty close to a bust so far, is coming off an injury and is a major distraction with his off court shite. I think it could be a very dissapointing summer and another year of scraping for the playoffs next year. Of course I could be totally wrong and there's always AD as a free agent the following year. It's just whether LeBron might be past his best by that point and yet again they would be left with only 1 star to try and compete with some "super teams". It'll certainly make for an exciting off season this year though, the amount of big stars possibly on the move is crazy!!
  8. W. T. F? And surely they are 2 cheeks of the same arse?
  9. Must be shite being a lakers fan. Just when you things can't get much worse, L36ron turns up and turns you into an even bigger laughing stock and media circus than anyone thought possible. Looking forward to the summer where hopefully all the top free agents dodge the team and specifically L36ron like the plague.
  10. I haven't read through all the threads about Morelos since the game on Sunday so apologies if this has already been covered. Will that red card stop Morelos winning the player of the year award at the end of the season? In my opinion he should be winning it and if he goes this summer it's a great accolade to use as a bargaining chip for us when negotiating with potential suitors.
  11. How dare fans who have watched utter shite for the most part over the last 7 years pass judgement on whether or not this most recent bunch of shitebags are actually any better than last year's or the year before that.
  12. Said it before, Tav is shit scared of playing the filth, especially at their dump. Too many emotional scars of getting pumped over the last few seasons and if that's the guy to fire up our players and lead them into that atmosphere we are in trouble.
  13. Great post, brilliant work. Well done to all involved.
  14. What's the point of that bloke with the long hair being there?
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