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  1. Neil Mccann playing up front v the filth. Turned out to be a masterstroke.
  2. KBOO72

    Left back

    Not signing a first choice left back could be the defining decision of this season imo. Good managers, teams and players will take advantage of this obvious weak spot over the course of the season if the problem isn't addressed.
  3. Mcgregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan Jack Davis Aribo Arfield Morelos Ojo Strongest team for me at the moment with only Jones and Ojo a debate for the 3rd member of the front 3. Left back still clearly our weak spot and although I'm not particularly a fan of Flanagan I think our most defensive option suits us with the more attacking threat of Ojo on that side and especially away from home.
  4. KBOO72

    Left back

    Wish people would give it a rest with the Greg Taylor pish. He's absolutely no better than the 3 guys we've already got.
  5. Absolute cringe fest watching these muppets on BT.
  6. Because Kilmarnock would have to pay us 7 million to take Taylor?
  7. KBOO72


    Fucking love him
  8. Wonder if his comments in the last 30 seconds are directed at anyone in particular?
  9. He's like a young Frazer Aird.
  10. Davis touch, run and dink for Defoes hat trick was fantastic but the run and pass from Jones, the movement and cut back from Ojo and the finish for Defoes second was sensational football. As a team goal it'll be hard to beat this season. Brilliant day, enjoy your night bears.
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