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  1. KBOO72


    We'll drop points again before they do. Probably at home to Aberdeen next weekend if we don't have Tav back and we don't bring in a new face or 2 before the window shuts.
  2. Not listening to it because I've heard it all before. Absolutely no doubt I'll hear it all again aswell.
  3. KBOO72


    Once he's lost the first 30 headers it might be time to try something different though.
  4. KBOO72


    Would also be great if he could realise that Aribo can't win a header.
  5. One win a piece says otherwise. And it's not our performances against them that matter, its beating all the other shite in the league that wins titles. 5 points dropped against the team that's won twice all season and 4 points shiter than St Mirren certainly doesn't.
  6. Am I fuck watching anything he's got to say tonight.
  7. KBOO72


    Just like last year. Alot was made of the St Mirren game and not repeating the mistake we made last season but they were never comparable considering how poor they are and the fact we were at home. Today was always the test against a team with a new manager, new signings and a full stadium desperate to beat us. And just like last season we failed the test miserably. Lessons learned? Doesn't fucking look like it.
  8. He shouldn't have fucking started then. Another costly mistake from our Manager who is costing us just as much as the players this season.
  9. I honestly still believe that our players don't realise this yet.
  10. Their records says otherwise. Throw in their friends in black and we've made things unbelievably hard for ourselves.
  11. That's our strongest midfield and should be more than capable of dominating the game today. Then it's up to that front 3 to create enough and take our chances. Big game required from Kent and especially Aribo down that right hand side today.
  12. KBOO72

    New song

    If it's the Aribo one that was posted the other day, congratulations on being deaf and blind.
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