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  1. And just to add, one of them better be a proper fucking captain.
  2. Central defensive midfielder, box to box midfielder and right winger should have been the priority signings, guys to go into the first 11. A 2nd/3rd choice striker next on the list, or a quality starting centre forward if we sell Morelos. I still think we need full back cover, preferably 1 more experienced player who could cover both sides and keep the squad size down. And after the news yesterday we should be looking for a centre back now aswell. I wouldn't have had it as a priority before Nikos injury because all 4 are decent enough without being great imo. Now though, if look at bringing in a no 1 cb who could elevate either Goldson or Helanders game to the next level. Both are good players, but neither what I'd class as dominant cbs in a partnership and I think both would benefit from a guy like that beside them. Any other adjustments to the squad will be dependent on outgoings either on loan or sales. I doubt we'll get everything on my list due to lack of finances unless Wilson can pull a few strings or find some creative ways of making some deals, but that's what I'd be aiming for by the end of the window.
  3. If you're paying £7m for a player, of course they're going to be on that kind of wage.
  4. But they still wouldn't have dropped as many points as us. Of course they looked likely to win the league, we were fucking hopeless.
  5. Tapia and Dorsch behind that and Chiellini at the back. Should definitely guarantee second again 👍
  6. Gutted for big Niko after all his hard work during lockdown and in what would have been a real make or break season for him imo. I had hoped we were in the market for a no 1 cb anyway tbh but this should hopefully force our hand.
  7. Yeah, can see those run of fixtures fucking us big time.
  8. I agree I'd rather give our own youth a chance than bring in some untested 20 year old from the EPL or give the minutes to a stop gap player like Polster. But the lack of cover in both fullback positions is a concern for me. A solid, dependable full back who could cover both sides would still be something I'd be looking to find before the window closes because the potential of having a run of games with both Paterson and Bassey starting is a real worry.
  9. Barisic even being mentioned as player of the year is fucking laughable.
  10. I'm sure plenty people will disagree with me but as far as I'm concerned this is absolutely not the season to be blooding our youth. If we go into the season with Patterson as our only cover at RB it is a massive risk imo. We've been extremely lucky with the durability Tav has shown pretty much since the moment he arrived but any kind of mid to long term injury would leave us horribly exposed. I for one would not be comfortable relying on Paterson for a run of 10 to 15 games regardless of how much talent he might have. And I think putting him into the firing line with the kind of pressure and expectation in this season in particular would be absolutely crazy.
  11. Delighted Norwich are going down mainly because of that wee fairy Cantwell. Something really unlikeable about him.
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