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  1. Youths playing at Bayern Munich

    Showed fleeting glimpses in Florida, pacey and direct without really creating too much. I think he's the type who needs to test himself at the next level, in proper meaningful games. If he was at a lesser club he might be playing first team football by now which is exactly what he needs if he's going to develop. I don't think he'll get that at Rangers any time soon with the options we have at the moment.
  2. Tav

    I like Tav, but hes miles away from the level Hutton was at before he left. In fact I think it's highly unlikely he will ever reach that level.
  3. Acceptable second half of season?

    Throw in at least 1 victory against the tramps and I'd agree.
  4. Rangers Scotsman Forums

  5. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Wouldn't be surprised if Aguero is away in the summer. Personally I think he's superb but I think in terms of work rate etc Sanchez is probably more suited to Guardiolas style of play.
  6. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Some people are never happy. Welcome to Rangers Jamie.
  7. Tom Hateley on Jamie Murphy

    Always take these things with a pinch of salt. He's one of his mates, he's hardly going to come out and say he's shite and gonna be a terrible signing.
  8. Halliday

    What are you talking about?
  9. Halliday

    Games of football.
  10. Halliday

    Can't wait to hear that Holt and Halliday ole ole pish again.
  11. Halliday

    It is absolutely going backwards. Play him left back, defensive midfield, left of a diamond, left wing etc etc etc. It doesn't matter, he's not good enough. We all knew it last season, we knew it when he left in the summer, we know it after his fantastic impact in Azerbaijan and if we are stupid enough to take him back and give him a prominent role in the team we will all know it all over again.
  12. Halliday

    It shouldn't take that for us to realise his lack of ability. We all watched him last season, he wasn't good enough then and he still isn't. Why are people always so determined to go backwards when it comes to players?
  13. Know what

    A team and squad capable of raising themselves for big games but underachieving on a regular basis will get us nowhere.
  14. certainly no legends on that park tonight.