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  1. Throw another Segecic on the barbie!!
  2. Strange that this is even in the BD. Do we get a thread for every employee that loses their job?
  3. Seems a bit strange that there hasn't been a thread started already about this, our captain reaching a big milestone, but I suppose that's just a reflection of the mixed feelings about Tav throughout the forum. In days gone by and with previous captains this thread would be pages long and full of thankful wishes and positive posts. I guess I'll start by saying congratulations Tav. Great achievement to reach 250 games and as was mentioned on the commentary yesterday his goals and assists stats over those games are fantastic for a right back. Barely misses training session or a game and al
  4. Tell Ian he's a moron.
  5. Rarely gets the glaringly obvious decisions wrong but we are more than often on the wrong end of the sly decisions that add up over 90 mins. He's a sleekit fenian bastard.
  6. Sensational footballer who still has huge scope for improvement in his game. Enjoy him while he's here.
  7. Everyone has their opinion on whether the boy was overrated, underrated or whatever and obviously he was playing against a lesser calibre of player through the lower divisions but that is an outstanding compilation of goals by any standard. Personally think he was a really talented boy and wish we'd been in a position to hold onto him for another year or two to see how he'd have developed. Injuries have clearly curtailed his career but I'll always have fond memories of him as he was one of very few bright sparks in those shite years.
  8. 2 soft penalties saved the jakey from getting pelters.
  9. The last truly top quality player we had. Fantastic player for us, especially during his first spell and the season before he left for Blackburn in particular. Such a shame he's a bellend.
  10. My absolute hero growing up. I was taken on the Ibrox tour by a family friend who must've had a connection to the club of some kind in the days before my first ever game (Mccoists testamonial v Newcastle). Was lucky enough to be given a pair of goalkeeper gloves, fluorescent yellow and black Adidas, signed by the Goalie himself. They were my pride and joy for years, always shown off to my mates when they were round at the house and safely hidden away at the bottom of my chest of drawers. That was until I came home one night and they were lying on my bed, my little brother had taken them out an
  11. Typical jammy fenians. Should have conceded at one end and then get a soft as fuck penalty for a pathetic dive from the world's ugliest human.
  12. Should have got Drury and Beglin.
  13. Disgraceful that we only scored 2 today, especially after they went down to 10 men.
  14. It's fucking Hamilton, I'd have Roofe, Itten, Morelos, Kent, Hagi and Aribo starting if he was fit. About time some cunt got a pumping, might aswell be tomorrow.
  15. The game has changed absolutely massively in the last decade.
  16. He's probably got too much to say for the segment time that's allocated. As I said, I think he'd be better suited to an in game spot where he can call the game as it happens.
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