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  1. Anyone know what time the Burns fight is expected to start?
  2. MisterC is God with a rod!
  3. I understand most of what has been going on but I don't get what happens to the tax bill when HMRC decide how much it is?? Anyone help?
  4. Too right, SWSL will want ally to resign for laughing when he scored!
  5. I never said you where paranoid? Did i? Looking at your first post again though it could be said that you are being paranoid to think it won't be reported because its lennon yet you assume it would be in EVERY Scottish newspaper if it was McCoist. Personally i couldn't give a fuck if its in the paper or not, even McCoists one thats not happened yet. Are you paranoid?
  6. Personally i think there is too much paranoia just now with some rangers fans. I think this will be reported tomorrow but you probably won't be happy unless its front and back page, suppose we'll need to wait until the morning.
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