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  1. Happy to help out mate
  2. Also met @RFC RYAN tonight to give him a Motherwell ticket, spot on aswell with no hassle
  3. No problem at all mate 👍
  4. Not a problem mate, happy to help and I hope the wee man enjoys his first trip to Ibrox 👍
  5. Just sent you a reply mate. Relax the 2 tickets are still here for you. Wasnt on here last week due to work.
  6. Yes mate. Give us a message and I will let you know pick up details
  7. We will have a few spare seats mate. Picking up at Charing X if thats any help to you?
  8. Always happy to help you mate 👍
  9. Thanks to @sibsy72 for collecting a Livi ticket from myself tonight 👍
  10. Met up with @GreigRFC tonight as planned with a ticket. No problems at all. Cheers
  11. http://www.rangerslotto.co.uk/?page_id=2319
  12. Met @andyhrfc last night with tickets before kick off. Cheers again
  13. I will no doubt have spare tickets so I will be able to sort you out
  14. Met @Moody Blue Legend yesterday to give him 2 tickets, pleasure to deal with. Hope the wee man enjoyed the game 👍
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