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  1. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Thanks for that .... I think! Also thanks to @cp9 for meeting us at Ibrox today to collect 3 tickets. Cheers again.
  2. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    No problem mate. Happy to help
  3. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    @ScottBF2 collected 3 tickets for the Piggery from me tonight. No hassle at all. Cheers again
  4. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    No a problem mate. Cheers again
  5. Womble72

    Away Tickets Up To The Split

    Only Motherwell
  6. Womble72

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Cheers for posting that. Saves me sending of an email later on in the week because I was also wanting them to clarify the situation regarding taking out flags into the ground.
  7. Womble72

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    10 of us flying out next Wednesday for 6 nights. Really looking forward to it
  8. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    @Pearson83 met us prior to kick off tonight to collect 2 tickets. Top guy. Cheers again mate
  9. Womble72

    Rangers Lotto

    Last night we decided to try a different approach to increase the numbers playing weekly, as a RSC there are only 2 members out of over 100 that dont play through us, so we offered an incentive to anyone that managed to get any family or friends signed up. I have now decided that the incentive is open to any Rangers fan rather than just bus members. All you have to do is sign up and PM me your name and address and I will add you into the draw, or either message me and I will sign you up myself or sign up through another agent such as @govanblue @fanaticCR has already signed up a few already today ? The prize is a meal for 2 at Argyle House and a tour of Ibrox which will be provided by our RSC. Closing date for this is 5pm next Friday before we leave for Dundee.
  10. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    @MichaelP1995 collected 2 tickets from my mate on my behalf yesterday. No problems at all as far as I am told
  11. Womble72

    Rangers to play in Florida Cup January 2018

    Tickets for section 120 purchased for our lot
  12. Womble72

    Rangers to play in Florida Cup January 2018

    4 of us just booked Wednesday 10th and fly home on Tuesday 16th. Think this will be a class trip
  13. Womble72

    ***New Sub-Forum, Please Read***

    I am also unable to post in that thread
  14. Womble72

    ***New Sub-Forum, Please Read***

    Glad to see the ticket section has been tidied up, good work there by those involved in doing so. Just 1 question about posting tickets for sale, do we need to have a certain number of posts to enable us to reply under each game?
  15. Womble72

    Benfica v Rangers In Canada..

    Looks like that is the game confirmed http://ticats.ca/s-l-benfica-Rangers-f-c-to-play-2017-eusebio-cup-at-tim-hortons-field-in-hamilton-on-october-6/