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  1. Womble72

    Rangers Young Supporters Club

  2. Womble72

    Cowdenbeath v Rangers

    Will send you a PM
  3. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Met @andyhrfc last night with tickets before kick off. Cheers again
  4. Womble72

    Tickets for the home Game against Killie in March

    I will no doubt have spare tickets so I will be able to sort you out
  5. Womble72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Met @Moody Blue Legend yesterday to give him 2 tickets, pleasure to deal with. Hope the wee man enjoyed the game 👍
  6. More tickets for the Villarreal game are now on sale. The normal away section is now available with the away fans being moved to the club deck due to the small number of travelling fans
  7. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    Couple of hours work in the morning then its off to the airport. Buzzing.
  8. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    Going to look into the Metro more tonight but ive got a route from our hotel to the Purple line sorted. Tweed and Stout boozer is meant to be a meeting place for the Qstb and Glassy so going to see where abouts that is and what metro line is nearby
  9. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    We are all patching the buses and getting the Metro instead now. Moscow isnt the kind of place where I am going to start ignoring the clubs travel advice considering they are usually spot on with these away European trips.
  10. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    We are entitled to around 2200 tickets but there will be no more than 1000 of us there.
  11. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    Select travel company and if you got the invitation from the link posted above, then use the name address on the right hand side of the letter. Name is Fortuna Travel and address 101000 Moscow etc. Reference number should be 005287 and confirmatiom number should be listed underneath that. If its easier give us a PM and i can try and talk you through it
  12. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    No the girl never asked for it
  13. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    Yeh myself and another 5 lads from my bus all used them and we got our passports back today so everything is fine. The company email you the invitation letter within 15 minutes and its got all the necessary stamps and info on it
  14. Womble72

    Moscow Away

    Invitation to russia for £8,99 - fill out application form now https://visatoruss.com/uk.html?utm_source=google_adwords&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=│£│UK&utm_content=294881712683&utm_term=%2Binvitation to %2Brussia&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1pb3gYno3QIVCLDtCh2LOwAhEAAYASAAEgKfsPD_BwE