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  1. Collected a Killie ticket from @Jamesrfcwatp today for @Billy1984 No problems at all 👍
  2. Womble72


    Back on sale now
  3. Not a problem mate. Sorry again for being slightly later than I had agreed to meet you.
  4. Ideal mate. Will square you up for 1 at half time tomorrow 👍
  5. Forget the 20 is plenty campaign. Only tarriers complain about the costs
  6. @SasaPapacLoyal met us tonight outside the ground for a Livi ticket. No problems cheers
  7. Cheers to @Stunels @Johnnyren and @Perth_Campsie_Ger who all met us last night for Feyenoord tickets and also @sibsy72 who was once again there on time to pick up a St Johnstone ticket from us 👍
  8. Met @sibsy72 on Saturday to give him a Livi cup ticket. No problems at all 👍
  9. Will let you know later on tonight
  10. I believe they will be £43 for single matches
  11. Sent you a PM with my number to contact us on
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