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  1. voltago

    The Boxing News Thread

    I had it 115-111 Fury, gave Wilder the 2nd and the two 10-8s. I'd honestly be sitting saying that guy who called the draw scored it terribly, but then you see 115-111 Wilder - heads blown. Pauli Malignaggi is going in on that judge post fight saying he hopes his career is done haha - and rightly so.
  2. voltago

    The Boxing News Thread

    anybody got a link, mine died?
  3. voltago


    Am no sure what’s worse, the fact he even posted that or that there will be cunts on that site probably donating to him ??
  4. voltago

    Edmiston Drive

    R.I.P. thoughts with his family. Never really spoke to him but how good is it seeing how much a guy off the internet to most has left a lasting impression on so many. Hope he will be looking down on 55 this year.
  5. voltago

    Still Buzzing

    No been this buzzing about a game in a long time, in Work this morning and amount of times I’ve heard ‘obviously you had a good night’ ?? loving it ?
  6. Something special is happening this season. Take it a game at a time and I think we will win it.
  7. voltago

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Just watched a stream in work with two English boys doing their own commentary. They were absolutely slaughtering Clancy all match and couldn’t believe some of the decisions. One of them said it’s one of the worst ref performances he has seen which is mental considering it’s not even the worst of this season. Reffing up here is brutal.
  8. voltago

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Nerves kicking in, let’s fucking go Rangers ???
  9. This is the most biased refereeing performance I have ever seen. Bribery? ?
  10. voltago

    Tav tonight

    Captain’s performance tonight ?
  11. Hope to fuck we put these mouthy cunts in their place tomorrow. All they’ve done is talk the past couple weeks. Glad we aren’t biting back, just need to get the business done on the pitch ?
  12. voltago

    Osijek player says we were lucky

    Our home form last year was so brutal so we need to hope that we make Ibrox a fortress again. Let them do their talking in the media but we need to be prepared, show respect and do our talking on the pitch ?
  13. voltago


    Don’t know what everyone is complaining about, it’s no like we were daft enough not to put a sell on clause in his contract obviously ??
  14. voltago

    *****Europa League Q3 draw*****

    Potentially a good draw for us and the one I wanted if we go through but at this moment we’ve still only drew Ojiesk until we beat them over two legs! Let’s go ???
  15. voltago

    Acceptable second half of season?

    Win the Scottish Cup In the league the current gap is 11 points. Main target should be finishing season less than 11 points behind them, beating them, and getting back to pumping the likes of the sheep and hivs every time we play them - no excuses ?