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  1. Enjoyed reading through this thread this morning from the depths of depression right the way through to everybody buzzing and disbelief we pulled that back and went on to win! Beating an on form team, undefeated under their manager from 2-0 down - one for the history books, what a night and hopefully the kick start to our season now👏
  2. A mercenary but will always thank him for his efforts with us. He did love a goal against them!
  3. I've never heard an unbiased comment come out of Michael Stewart's mouth. Whenever he opens his mouth about anything it seems to be anti-Rangers and he doesn't even try to hide it. It's fucking hilarious how obsessed he is, nothing but a deluded wee weirdo. You have to laugh 😂
  4. Pains me to say it but that rat cunt dominated our midfield today 😐 Embarrassing performance and brutal day. We have absolutely nobody able to come off the bench and inspire us. Ojo offers us fuck all to this team, I’d rather see our own young players on the bench tbh.
  5. It is Big Edmundsons wee boy, he’s going with the squad
  6. Jack taken his game to another level this season but Morelos gets my vote - the amount of goals he has knocked in before Christmas, and breaking records in Europe has been unreal and so far deserves the vote. Hope he knocks in a few more in the two games left, especially the second 😜 King has added nothing.
  7. Good draw and really good chance if we play the way we did against Porto! We’re on our way... we’re on our way to Gdańsk, we’re on our way 👏
  8. Absolutely gutted, very harsh after the performance we put in to lose to an offside goal and their only effort of the game. We were miles better, the gap today was massive and I’ve never in my life seen a more one sided performance end in defeat. Their keeper will probably look back on his career and pick that out as his best, unfortunately for us. Gerrard and backroom team need to drum into them we are better, and build the belief. Gloves off, next time the fixture comes around we need to go and take 3 points in their back yard - we are more than capable of scudding these cunts 👊
  9. Goram was best keeper in the world at one point I reckon. We’ve always been lucky with our keepers, had some real world class keepers over the years. Some forgetting the GOAT Cammy Bell though 😂☝️
  10. Thought he was getting a red when it happened😅 wasn’t convinced it was watching the replay though! We are letting them them turn this into a physical battle and that’s their main strength, need to sort it out 2nd half
  11. voltago

    Joe Aribo

    Reckon our Colts would give Charlton a game tbh, and I’m being serious 😂
  12. Absolutely gutted about this, in a strange way it feels like I've lost someone I know just because I grew up with Fernando one of my heroes as a kid. RIP Fernando, you left a proud legacy behind.
  13. Won't be the last time this season we will come up against a back 8. These are the games we need to be taking the 3 points and hoping they cunts buckle with the pressure on.
  14. Notice he has been trying to add long shots to his game and hopefully soon they will click and start scoring a few. Think that’s the gaffers influence.
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