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  1. We couldve signed Gordon, ended up wi wes foderingham
  2. Hallidays on. We're doomed.
  3. I get shivers down my spine when i see a defender running at Tavernier.
  4. Your a professional footballer. You get paid more in one week than some fans get in a year. Deal with it!
  5. 10 second rule? Thought that was something else.
  6. The problem with Halliday is the fact that hes never a holding midfielder in a million years. For me, he'd be a squad attacking midfielder.
  7. Greame Dorrans, Charlie Adam, George Boyd, Lloyd Isgrove. Dorrans has a year to run, the rest are free agents in may.
  8. Nah. I disagree. £6 million spent wisely will get 3 or 4 quality players (for the level of league). With the rumours of Dorrans and Morrison, i think that makes a strong midfield if we can also secure Hyndman for another year. We need a strong center half aswell as a decent right back. I also think we need maybe 2 attackers. Theres plenty of quality out there, believe me.
  9. Aye. Even in my lifetime, 38 years, weve went from also rans in the 80s, to 9IAR, to Advocaats era, to McLeish's success, PLGs reign, Walter brought back success, UEFA cup final, Allys disaster, admin, up through the leagues, to this. Football really does have peaks and troughs.
  10. I was surprised they managed to pass the ball into the net like that. I cant make my mind up if it was a great finish, or we fucked up royally.
  11. His view was maybe blocked for the first, but regardless, a decent keeper shouldnt be beat from a side foot along the deck from the edge of the box. Say what you like about Allan McGregor, he mostly stopped shots like that.
  12. Terrys brothers a bluenose. Terry supported the tims to wind him up. Also quoted as saying it was a dream come true playing at the piggery in a charity match. Add that to the fact that hes on £200k a week and the chinkies will be throwing money at him.
  13. This is the reason why i dont think you should bring in a new manager in the middle of the season. Fair enough Warburton was off, but let Murty take the team till the end of the season. Let the new manager observe from afar. Even let him train the team towards the end of the season. But bringing him in, the fans are expecting him to work wonders. Its plain to see from 1-11 were useless. I dont even rate the keeper. Andy Halliday, fuck me, how is he getting paid thousands a week to play for Rangers? Tavernier, the right back who cant execute a tackle.
  14. I dont think he ever said he'd invest his own cash. Directors and chairmen make cryptic statements like that. The truth is they have invested alot of money into the ground and wages, and also on players like Garner. They've just taken the capital out of the club. Its a very risky thing to do, because it leaves the club wide open if theres any drop in income or unexpected outgoings. Usually, major maintenance of the infrastructure would be planned over a number of years.
  15. Where is this large investment everyones talking about? For someone to put money in there needs to be 3 things. 1. A viable business. 2. A possability of profit. 3. Transparency at board level. We have none of these. Football clubs just dont make money anymore. Were running at a loss, and its difficult to tell whos pulling the strings. If my financial advisor put this business to me and my partner as an opportunity, there would be alarm bells ringing.