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  1. Apparently the guys a bluenose, went to a proddy skool n aw rat. A know his uncle n hes a pure season ticket holder, family fulla bluenoses.
  2. The problem is, at rangers, one or two bad games can ruin a season if were chasing a title. This is why we dont bring through many.
  3. Nah im no having that. Gazza was voted the best ever english player. People who supposedly know what there talking about reckon he was one of the most gifted player theres been and, if not for his problems, would've played for the best teams in the world. Laudrup, although a very talented player, was widely thought to be the poorer of the 2 brothers. That said, watching both these players in a Rangers top was a dream. Some of the football was out of this world.
  4. If your going on ability and talent, then gazza hands down. Probably one of the best footballers of that generation. I picked Laudrup though, as he'd be more consistent, and a better team player.
  5. I'll be there
  6. That wee number at the side of our name was our co-efficient points. It was extremely low, lower than st johnstones, irish teams, teams from macedonia. means were going to have to beat a couple of decent outfits to get to the group stage.
  7. If we finish at least s close second, and by close i mean lose it on the last day, AND win a cup/ long euro run. That will be enough to appease me. If he doesnt win us the league in the next 2 seasons though, get him to fuck.
  8. Think it was in gorams book about jardel. He came along to train, all the players thought it was a hidden camera wind up he was that bad.
  9. Can take weeks to organise, especially in the close season.
  10. Same strips as last season then.
  11. Hes blue, hes white, he shags a sheep all night, ryan jack, ryan jack.
  12. Oh Bruno Alves Your number one oh bruno alves your older than my mum oh bruro alves make danny wilson a better player pleeeeze!
  13. Any chance of getting this thread pinned at the top? I think it deserves it. A great thread and really important subject. Songs like this are the lifeblood of our club.
  14. Bants
  15. Getting ready to play in the big leagues? Hes coming to the ladbrokes premiership.