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  1. I dont claim to be "in the know", and Ive mentioned on here before. A family member had some work with an advertising company involving the club. At the time they said there was massive problems with the kit manufacturer. In a nutshell, the club doesnt have many allies in the business world, lets just say companies arent falling over each other to deal with us. Anyway, they called it right regarding the home top (using last years), and there was major doubts in sponsorship. That said, this was all before we got the deal sorted with sports direct. So maybe were moving forward.
  2. That £8 million spent in the summer was a massive gamble.
  3. Gary Rowatt is Derby manager.
  4. Shouldve paid the million to get mcinnes in. A steady hand. Good, solid manager.
  5. Football lads.... boak.
  6. Kenny Millers burd saying hes lasting longer than ever, bruno alves wee stripe is greyer than ever. Its all looking very positive.
  8. He was poor at the weekend.
  9. The keeper needs dropped. Alnwick must come in. Wilson at left back. We can beat hearts. Looking back at the hibs game some of their goals were stumbled across the line. Poor defending by us, god knows what the keeper was playing at.
  10. Cant disagree with him though. Weve been a joke for years now.
  11. The thing is. If your looking to have a strong season, you've got to build momentum at the start. Getting knocked out of europe and beaten at home by hibs are massive red flags. If people are saying pedros the man then fair enough. But thats him had 2 strikes now. If he gets pumped off celtic, or aberdeen, or even hearts, for me thats curtains.
  12. Aye ive seen him speak to some people like shite. He has a decent pub, but has to realise that guys get drunk and shout things they normally wouldnt. Pull the guy aside and warn him he might get kicked out, but theres no need to pick a guy out on the mic.
  13. Ohalloran scoring 2 today. This baffles me?!?
  14. Stealing a wage
  15. Do you understand sarcasm?