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  1. Lionel Charbonnier does dressage Filip Sebo is a triathlete.
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Comparing moult to lewandowski. WOW
  3. I can't make my mind up about him. he might be one of these players who just look shite on the ball. But stats don't lie and fair play to him. He got two important goals for the team.
  4. Pena has the touch of an elephant!
  5. Slovenia v Scotland

    As much as it pains me, mcGregor, Forrest should have played. Tierney should be playing in his natural position. Robertson can't get a game for Liverpool, why is he playing? Guys on form aren't getting a should like Stevie May. Cue the pelters .......
  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    The likes of Gordon, Brown, Fletcher x 2, Berra, Mulgrew, Anya, etc are finished now. Scotland are getting nowhere with these players.
  7. If you won the lottery...

    Wouldn't put one penny in. I'd buy 10 season tickets though and offer them out to local charitable organisations.
  8. No team in the top division should have a pitch like that.
  9. The beginning of the end!

    Maybe Pedros causing the split. We don't really know what happens. He probably talks as much pish on the training ground as in his interviews. Maybe the Portuguese boys understand his pish patter, and the Scottish boys are perplexed.
  10. The beginning of the end!

    Once this happens, it's easier for the board to get rid of the management team. Rather than moving on 5 or 6 players. I expect a new manager will be in by January. They will have already drawn up a list of replacements for the managers job. A disaster all round.
  11. Who said Hodson was fair at right back. He's utter mince, makes Alex Cleland look like Dani Alves.
  12. Folk on here arguing about a reserve game. 😫
  13. News on Alves

    He's obviously away there as they believe he'll get the best specialist care required.