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  1. Nobody knows the truth. Apparently he had a go at the management team. There’s also other rumours he tried to gee the team on, thats all. Nobody really knows.
  2. His manager was livid when he seen the picture. Low and behold he was paid off a week later.
  3. Unfortunately the finger waggers will always find something to hold against people. My pal was fired from a job for being in a photo holding an orange ‘no surrender’ scarf. Im all for taking pictures/videos and sharing it with mates, but putting them online would be a big no no for me.
  4. Think we’re all in agreement that we have made progress. We all go to the games and you can see the standard has raised slightly. The question is, have we made enough progress? Were still on course to finish double figures behind them in the league. Out of both cups. Europe was a bonus this year though.
  5. This is a great idea. Just what we need, more pictures and videos Of people. Absolutely no chance these can be used against us possibly costing a bluenose his/her job and livelihood.
  6. Crossings been a disgrace today. Candeias in particular has had 4 or 5 poor deliveries.
  7. Kent’s a good player, but there’s a time and a place for a step over.
  8. The silence from the club really surprises me. Not even a “ we are working on it”. Its bizarre, ive got a feeling these tops will never be available to buy.
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