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  1. Man City chairman Al Mubarack hardly spends any time in the UK, you dont hear them complaining about it.
  2. He had to step in. He said right at the start he was reluctant to do it. But so many people were begging him to because of the state we were in under green.
  3. Dumfermline
  4. I thought miller aas woefull on sunday.
  5. Haha. Tell me that post is a joke?
  6. I highly doubt Pedro personally sacked him.
  7. Aye ive watched twice. Feels like the start of a new era. Lets hope (footballing wise), he gives this club a fresh outlook.
  8. New Norwich manager.
  9. I have a massive stauner for big Clint Hill.
  10. Barrie McKay has been outstanding, Kenny miller running the show.
  11. Every time miller touches it it bounces off him. McKays trying to dribble round fresh air.
  12. Miller and mckay very poor. Lets try MOH and Forrester
  13. There will be a minimum budget.
  14. Least he can manage a pass, something Keirnan is unable to do.