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  1. Jonatan johansson will be the #3
  2. Not really kept up with the thread, anybody flying from Glasgow-Düsseldorf-Leipzig on Friday? Think our flight is 12/12.30ish
  3. I love reading things like this, assumed im a celtic fan because i have a low post count??
  4. I had a fiver on prince of orange at the 1.40 at Doncaster. Returned at 9/2 £27 quid back
  5. Just watching impact guys (nothing else on). What happened between bischoff and JB?
  6. Just watched www vintage from this morning. One of the matches is where mankind wins the wwe championship and Austin comes to the ring. The pop Austin gets is unreal!
  7. It reported on ssn that the deal had hit a snag and that board members were wanting to wait until the end of the season to tie up the deal Too me it makes no sense either. It mentioned alistair johnston as one of the board members holding it up
  8. Just on SSN the now craig whyte could have completed the deal today but members of the board want to wait until the end of the season for it to be completed Whyte supposedly not happy at all
  9. I have the rise and fall of wcw a decent dvd just wish there was more on the nwo
  10. Just pre-ordered the new best of nitro and the true story of wrestlemania dvd and blu-ray from silvervision Quite looking forward to watching them even though i wont get them until may Anybody had a look at them What use think?
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