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  1. I like Clark he's done well for us this year, I just rate Miller higher.
  2. Boyd and Miller up top for me and Templeton starting please.
  3. Got Macleod at 11/1 first scorer, better odds than McCulloch, thought it's worth a punt.
  4. Bell Foster McGregor Zalukius Wallace Templeton Black Law Macleod Boyd Miller
  5. Bell McGregor, Zal, Mohsni, Wallace McKay, Law, Macleod, Templeton Boyd, Miller Not a chance McKay will start.
  6. http://www1.skysport...-blames-mccoist Even Weiss blames McCoist....... He's basically screaming FUCKING TRY AND SIGN ME YOU STUPID CUNT
  7. Shit totally forgot what happened can anyone give me a kick summary of the game?
  8. McCabe was going to get MOTM today. Shame, mon Big Kyle.
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