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  1. Haven't you learned yet? When Barcelona win the league it's solely about 'goals' and that is why Ronaldo > Messi When Messi outscores Ronaldo and Real win the league, it's obviously all about trophies...
  2. Agreed mate, if we fail to progress past the first round, it's unacceptable! Going to Croatia or Serbia is tricky and you would prefer to avoid such trips. We've fallen to similar sides in the past with better players than we have now, so these games are not going to be easy, but hopefully we can navigate through the first two rounds. CL Q1 and Q2 plays it's part as well, as teams fall down from those stages, so it's complicated to say the least.
  3. Thanks mate. Yeah, for an easier tie in Q3 we should hope for a high seed in Q2. As many other European countries seasons are still ongoing, we don't know the full picture as to what the minimal coefficient we would require to be seeded in qualifying 3. A coefficient of above 11.550 will see you seeded in Q3. As things stand only MTA from Q2 is above that threshold, however that could easily fall in coming weeks depending on which clubs qualify from various leagues. Hajduk Split Cro 11.550 . Dinamo Minsk Bls 10.975 . Apollon Limassol Cyp 10.710 . HJK Helsinki *Fin 10.530 . AIK Stockholm Swe 9.945 . Vojvodina Novi Sad Srb 9.075 Currently, that's the next five highest ranked seeds in Q2 behind Maccabi. Beatable teams, IMHO, hopefully the coefficient levels drop so a few draws in Q2 could be ideal for a Q3 seeding spot.
  4. Trying not to get ahead of myself as we're utter shit, but totally forgot about this important ruling that could be a massive positive for us, assuming we get to Q3. The draw for Q3 takes place between Q2 legs 1 and 2, thus meaning we will take the coefficient points of the seeded team if we defeat them. An example, if we were to draw the top seeded team in Q2, which is currently Maccabi Tel Aviv and defeat them, we would take their coefficient points of 23.375 and would then be seeded in Q3 and avoid teams such as Zenit, Everton, AC Milan, PSV, Marseille etc. In other words, it's more beneficial to draw a higher seeded team in Q2, to avoid a few big guns in Q3!
  5. Boyce 47 goals in 97 games, Boyd 47 goals in 86 games, he doesn't have a better goals to game ratio. Boyd had 15 goals in 19 matches before we signed him in Jan, he would have smashed the 22 goals Boyce has this season. Boyce has had a very good season, but he was not at the same level of Boyd and we shouldn't be going near him.
  6. No idea mate, he was away playing for Scotland and returned start of April I believe, but not heard anything since.
  7. Some other teams to add to potential opponents for first qualifying round. Sant Julià and UE Santa Coloma(Andorra) Zaria Bălți(Moldova) Lincoln Red Imps(Gibraltar)
  8. Yeah mate, first two qualifying rounds are drawn on 19th June.
  9. I've been more impressed with him over the last year or so than Thiem, which says it all as Thiem has been extremely good.
  10. So it was mate, Rafa won Madrid last week. Break point here for a double break.
  11. Big Mertesacker on, when was the last time he played?
  12. A set and a break up. Two titles in a week, is that right?
  13. Straight red means he is suspended? Chelsea doing the double all but confirmed.