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  1. Fekir just done Aerola. Really good player who should be at a bigger club.
  2. Naismith Showing Us What We've Missed

    If you think Naismith played well or showed his 'class' you really should give up on football. Only one to show anything of note was Berra.
  3. Naismith Showing Us What We've Missed

    Ban this clown.
  4. Hearts Hibs

    With a Naismith broken leg included.
  5. Hearts Hibs

    It's a hard place to go, but it's technically 8 games in my view(Lost to Dunfermline on pens) and they've only won 4 of those 8 matches so it's not as impressive on paper as it suggests.
  6. The Draw.

    How long you been pumping Amy?
  7. Great strike from Bale, 2-1 Real.
  8. Hearts Hibs

    When you factor in they've played away at the sheep, ST Johnstone and Easter Road. Scum and Edinburgh scum at home, it's an even more impressive return. We'll still put 3 past them.
  9. Hearts Hibs

    Hope we draw Hearts at Ibrox.
  10. Hearts Hibs

    GIRUY McGinn.
  11. Bet365 paid out on man city

    League has been over for weeks.
  12. Deportivo winning away to Madrid, sitting in bottom 3 and only took the lead 3 times prior to today this season, something seriously wrong at Real. Varane sleeping for the goal as well, still can't grasp why he was so highly rated, bar pace he's pretty average IMO.
  13. Hearts Hibs

    A double leg break involving him and Naismith would be quite comical.
  14. Hearts Hibs

    He's so average and limited, never understood the hype, some of our fans want to sign him and some on here rate him.
  15. Tav

    All the admin hungover or something?