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  1. Pedros Record

    Improvements? Where, would love to hear this.. Let me guess, we have TWO more points after nine games? So let's just ignore after nine games last season we had played the scum and the sheep away. Our fixture list has been much better this season. After spending millions we're to believe 2 extra points in an easier schedule = improvements? Not a chance. Warburton would have got more out of these players!
  2. Central Midfield

    Nitcham is not a holding player. He's mainly a central midfielder but also can play in an attacking midfield position.
  3. Moult or Herrera

    Well we could get him on a free next summer... Ciftci was a flop, but he didn't feature much after failings in the CL qualifiers. Pretty sure he had like a better than 1/3 scoring record for the scum in the league without many starts, you can't expect him to do much when the Thumb was in super scoring form. Wouldn't class GMS a 'flop' either, signed in Jan made a decent amount of appearances, played often in his first full season, with decent enough productivity return winning trophies. Got injured early on last season and didn't return until half way through the season when the scum were in form, was never going to see many starts. They also got a fee from Aberdeen from him. 1/3 flopping, so don't agree that it helps your original point.
  4. Moult or Herrera

    No mention of his penalty goals, like you constantly downgrade Walker with?
  5. Moult or Herrera

    Aluko 6 years ago? Some would argue Wallace was a success in his first season with us. You can't ignore important factors like what happened to us in 2012 and just use this 'ten years' ago point as some valid point. Do agree with your second point, but the scum have shown players can be signed and be successful over the last few seasons, Armstrong being one even if he's very overrated.
  6. Mr King v Our Club v Our Fans.

    Not sure who I want to see go more, King or Pedro. Wish both would fuck off.
  7. Referee today

    Pathetic display and I'm the last who believes in agendas and conspiracy theories, but this season the decisions that have went against us and went for the scum(three stone wall pens denied to us, Partick and Dundee) will never 'even themselves up over a season' utter shambolic and our club should be seeking answers. That being said we should still be brushing Motherwell aside without red cards!
  8. Central Midfield

    Ryan Jack is one if not the most overrated player we've had, offers absolutely nothing in general play and I fail to see this idea that he dictates play or is a good defensive shield. He's overtook the overrated comments Dorrans had before signing, again never understood the hype. Just like Halliday and Waghorn in their first seasons Jack is getting rave reviews on here, which I can't understand, in-fact his performances are weaker than what those 2 produced in the championship. Average on a good day and it astounds me we have people claiming he's been our best player, fucking hell... Also as I mentioned in the match thread the other day Holt is a far better partner for Dorrans. Both offered nothing(bar Jack doing well on the line a couple of times) today and only confirms that feeling.
  9. Someone please justify his position

    Jim, Sportingintegrity etc will be in here soon saying you can't blame Pedro it's all the ref's fault... Taig like excuses...
  10. ***Official English Football Thread***

    I miss the days I was told Hart was world class, one of the best in the world and without question better than DDG...
  11. Not a single game for Rangers is 'meaningless' as far as I'm concerned, I want to win every game whether it's friendlies, cup games or league games when the title is over. A real problem with our club just now is how standards have fallen and too many of our fans accept mediocrity.
  12. Winning any Old Firm game is obviously massively important but I still look back on that 2-2 game and still get a negative feeling due to losing to the mini scum in the final. This game would become an afterthought if we lose to scum or mini scum in the final...
  13. Best Summer Signing

    Morelos by an absolute distance.
  14. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Jack better than Morelos. Dorrans has been much better than Jack can even imagine to playing and Dorrans hasn't even been THAT good!
  15. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Hopefully Holt keeps his place, performed better in one game than Jack has all season.