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  1. Just catching up with this and a bit behind on the Broadfoot bashing, which I find hilarious, he's far better than what we have and his time here is underrated. Some claimed he was as poor as fucking Ricky Foster, oh my... A guy who played a part in 3 league title wins, a European cup final apparently is a 'donkey'. That being said I wouldn't want to sign him again.
  2. Ronaldo drew that.
  3. Each to their own, personally I believe Las Palmas are a far more exciting team to watch than all of those. Only 6 teams in England have scored more leagues goals than them so far this season. They also drew 3-3 at Real and won 2-3 at Atletico, those teams would be lucky to score a goal at both venues, never mind 6. Also the atmosphere is one of the biggest myths from British fans, atmospheres at the lesser clubs is very good in Spain, same in England, even without much away fans. Up there with the recurring myth that '7-8' teams in England can win the league!
  4. Burnley, Boro, Sunderland, Stoke, Swansea, Bournemouth, Hull, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Watford and WBA. Who cares about those gash teams?
  5. No it doesn't.
  6. Still tricky games for both teams in last 5 or so games. Deportivo vs Real Real vs Valencia Espanyol vs Barca Barca vs Villarreal Real vs Sevilla Las Palmas vs Barca Celta Vigo vs Real
  7. Can't believe that.
  8. In my view none of the defensive options are good enough bar maybe Otamendi as back up. Said before the season started that City will struggle unless they sign a top class CB and two full backs. The issue City have is bar Pique, the defensive signings in Pep's career has been woeful. Clichy, Kolarov, Zabaleta, Sagna, Delph and Fernando are not good enough even as squad players. Toure an Kompany are finished. Massive rebuilding job still to be completed at City.
  9. Goalkeeping tonight has been incredible, wish we had a goalkeeper like Navas today.
  10. Can't believe Messi missed that!
  11. Unreal how often he gets away with clear bookings.
  12. Especially at right back! As poor as Shitty have been and Guardiola has made some shocking calls, in the big games this season they've been screwed massively by big calls going against them.
  13. Iniesta has not scored in La Liga for over 500 days? That's pathetic!
  14. Looks like a wrong decision from assistant ref.
  15. Sadly he was.