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  1. Wolves are a very good side in my view mate. Took 16 points against the top 6 last year. Only Liverpool beat them in both games. Don't think it would be easy wins for them but over two legs I think they would have too much for us. A real step up in quality from what we faced last year and we lost away twice to weaker sides in Rapid and Spartak. Revenue from Europe is massive for us so hopefully Legia or Gent.
  2. Like us last year they got country coefficient points.
  3. Warsaw plz, seeded in Q4 would be ideal. Defo don't want Wolves.
  4. Not a single 180 from Price. Give up mate. 😂
  5. Man United fans wanking over this Greenwood. New RVP. Should start against Chelsea etc... Hopefully turns out like last two that were apparently amazing. Macheda and Wilson.
  6. He didn't play that bad as well. King was excellent.
  7. Ffs don't get him started again!
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