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  1. Will be unseeded in Q3. All depends on who we draw in Q3 if we're seeded in the final round.
  2. King Jela having a shocker as usual.
  3. Pitch invasion for avoiding relegation though. 😂
  4. Couldn't pick a better way for those cunts to stay in the Championship. Get it right up you.
  5. Laughable decision, hopefully these cunts lose the penalty shootout.
  6. Beaton is truly a horrific official.
  7. Updated the list of potential opponents, which can be seen below. Nothing to be scared off although a few long trips we would prefer to avoid!
  8. Need to hope for a good draw like last year. A Malmo or Steaua would be idea, winnable tie that most likely would result in being seeds in the playoff round. So much can change by Q3 though.
  9. Think its only fair to draw Lechia Gdansk in Q2 to get a taste of the city before heading there for the final.
  10. Barca 2-0 down in cup final to Valencia. Valverde 🤣
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