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  1. Rangers_no1

    Next 9 league games before the break

    Do some of our fans ever learn? Nothing to be scared off, go unbeaten etc. Fucksake! No chance we go unbeaten in those 9 games. Heard same about smashing livi, Killie and Motherwell and how did that work out? If we can be within 2 points of the scum come the Jan break it will be be a good return.
  2. Rangers_no1

    Andy Halliday

    He's defo improved and overall did a job but lets not lie saying hes not played poorly. Was not good enough against Motherwell and Killie. Struggled at Villarreal and to a lesser extent Maribor. Even today he was party at fault for the goal and lost the runner.
  3. Rangers_no1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    A few days in football can change a lot, bigged up for beating mainly a RESERVE Leipzig side to us being miles behind them... yet scum are only 2 points ahead of us! Will agree they are obviously still ahead of us, but that's only due to having more creativity especially in midfield, however the scum are not great themselves. Not convinced we will capitalise throughout a season unfortunately.
  4. Was a lot of hype recently about Hibs, now 8th in the league...
  5. Big chance to get close to those cunts. If we fail to win serious questions must be asked!
  6. Rangers_no1

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    In your dreams wee sacks.
  7. Amazing match last night. Bayern 7 points behind. But but but Pep failed in Germany.. easy job.. two managers since have struggled!
  8. Rangers_no1

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Amount of luck and decisions that have went for Liverpool this season is unreal. Fulham score fine goal, called offside and pool score 10 seconds later after starting attack with a moving ball. Joke.
  9. Rangers_no1


    Here is some perspective on how overrated our Europa League campaign(especially group stages) is becoming by some... On paper and before the group started you would have said being in control of advancing at this stage would be a very good achievement, but when you analyse that Villarreal are resting players, had many chances to beat us comfortably. Villarreal, Spartak and Rapid are having woeful seasons and two sacked their mangers. To be sitting with 1 win in 4 games, is not good enough. Using last year to justify not failing to win matches when teams are having shocking seasons doesn't wash with me. Group stage so far has not been acceptable taking into consideration everything.
  10. Rangers_no1

    Flanagan cost us that game

    John > Flanagan
  11. Thankfully still in our hands. 4 points are we are through.
  12. Come on to fuck you can't blame Katic for Flanagan and Goldson playing shit.
  13. Should have been 4-2 up but our defending has been pathetic.
  14. Need to hope that shocking call doesn't cost us! Prick.