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  1. Rangers_no1

    The next two weeks

    The last 7 away league games have been scum x 2, sheep x 2, Motherwell x 2 and Hibs. Hard fixtures and only lost twice against the scum. Various circumstances also apply to those games ie Russia away, previous manager and bad officiating. Not saying 0 out of 7 is acceptable it ain't but dont believe that stat holds any bearing this weekend.
  2. Rangers_no1


    Not a chance he goes in Jan if we are challenging for the title.
  3. Rangers_no1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    St Johnstone(A) Cup, Aberdeen(H), Salzburg(A), St Johnstone(A), Hibs(H) and Leipzig(A).. Tricky fixture list up coming and hopefully includes some league points dropped!
  4. Rangers_no1


    One bad result and this place will be back to the norm. Long may the winning run continue!
  5. Rangers_no1


    Did you buy some Lynx mate?
  6. Wonder what your views would be in Tav put in that performance. 😉
  7. Rangers_no1


    Why do you feel the need to lie? Not once was that said or even remotely close to being suggested, doesn't take away from the fact he was abysmal and lost practically every one on one challenge with Lustig.
  8. Rangers_no1

    The next two weeks

    Very fair point mate, think Gerrard will play close to the best 11 at Livi. I always maintain that the league is the priority, however on this occasion I'm more inclined to rest players at Livi due to the pitch factor and because I believe we could get away with resting some players and still win. Extra revenue from winning EL games and possibly advancing out of the group could be massive to bring in some quality in January. With the point in Spain and home matches in next two, we could be sitting with 7 points and looking good to advance, could be massive for us especially as Rapid look like our rivals for second now. Playing the first 11 in all three games in a week could cost us against Hearts.
  9. Rangers_no1


    The man you don't really like buddy.
  10. Rangers_no1


    This place is so hypocritical at times. People were saying 'Lafferty showed he can score and do it against the scum' so will do it for us against them. Plays shit and was in Lustig's back pocket for 90 minutes and it's all because the whole team were shit. Aye but it's Kent's fault Lustig won every one on one battle with Lafferty. Woeful argument.
  11. Has to be Sadiq for me with Morelos on the bench. If the big man can't get a game this week, then we would be as well cutting his loan deal short, think we will in Jan anyway. If McAuley is fit would start him. Goldson has to be rested.
  12. Rangers_no1


    That's not exactly the point though, there was many times the ball was played into him and he lost possession. That's the difference between him and Morelos when it comes to holding the ball up. He's the focal point of the attack and in games such as Thursday when you need to keep possession he has to do much better, it's not a criticism for him missing chances or not scoring, it's solely about his hold up play which is very important in Europe. So the creating chances for him excuse doesn't wash in such a scenario.
  13. Rangers_no1

    The next two weeks

    Rotating is going to be key. Have to make big changes for Ayr and would also rest some key players at Livi as well as Rapid and Hearts are two massive games, okay every game is massive for us but you know what I mean.
  14. Rangers_no1


    And? Does that make him immune for criticism because others played bad? Behave! Yeah he didn't offer much unless you want to enlighten me on what he offered bar his goal and work rate? Who are these players who have legendary status? Actually you can fault his contribution at times, he was signed to deliver in games against the scum and he never, pretty simple!
  15. Rangers_no1

    At First

    Seen a lot of gloating towards the other mob right now, I get why some do it, but still a long way to go. Prefer to gloat when titles are won or after Old Firm wins. Our next seven fixtures should be matches we are winning(ignoring Hibs away as expect to defeat Ayr) so we should be putting real pressure on that lot considering they have Aberdeen, St Johnstone x 2 and Hibs coming up combined with trips to Austria and Germany. Hoping to head into a tricky December with at least 3 points lead over them!