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  1. @born a blue nose getting hammered for a post two months ago. 🤣
  2. Wins a treble in his first season at Barcelona with a net spend of around £30m. A season after Barcelona finished third 10 points behind Villarreal and 17 behind Real Madrid but apparently can't do it without outspending everyone. These Mourinho and Ronaldo fanboys 🤣
  3. Would love to see a full list of all these games where Barisic was a shitebag btw... Was it the 3-0 win at Livi, 2-2 away to Villarreal, 3-3 at Motherwell, 4-0 win at home to Dundee x 2, the 0-0 at Hibs one of our best performances all season, 3-1 win at Killie. 4-0 win at home to St Mirren, 4-2 win at Aberdeen, 5-0 win at home to Killie? He had some poor games such as Sheep at home, Killie away but many of his performances were at least at the same level as Halliday who was getting praised on here!
  4. Yet I was slagging him above you compete clueless fud.
  5. If the Silva handball went to Aguero and he scored it gets chopped off. Silvas hand was not in an unnatural position IMO where as TAA moves his out further and was much more of a handball than the penalty Chelsea got. How is that fair that Silva would have got punished but TAA clearly denying a goalscoring chance for Sterling does not? Either way play should have been stopped for a handball and in my view it should have been for a clear penalty.
  6. Beat 3-1 and praising your team for being excellent. Ffs.
  7. St Mirren free kick imo
  8. Already has a thread.. Anyway I thought he was MOTM today just ahead of Helander.
  9. I think the midfield trio today are better suited away domestically.
  10. Criminal from Guardiola to not play Mendy or Cancelo there.
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