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  1. Oliver Burke is gash shows how pish our league is that he has a few goals.
  2. Would take Shinnie over Jack every day of the week, that being said he's not good enough for what we require.
  3. If our hopes are pinned on Jamie Murphy we may as well give up already.
  4. Barry Ferguson is another knob. Not many of our ex players stick up for us which really pisses me off, at least we Nacho does!
  5. Europe 7/10 Still stand by that the campaign is nowhere near as impressive as made out. Someone correctly pointed out a few other clubs also went through all the qualifying rounds this season, the mighty Sarpsborg being one! We SHOULD be defeating Ufa, Oisjek and Shkrupi. Maribor result was impressive but the luck of the draw and McGregor saved us. Group stage was weak, how some claim we made a good go of it I will never know, three sides who sacked the manager and were on poor form. 1 win from 6 was nowhere near good enough. League 4/10 Simply unacceptable to be one point better off compared to last season after the financial banking Gerrard received. Many of the performances have been diabolical and we have consistently been poor in one half most of the season, sometimes both. Some pathetic results - home to Aberdeen, embarrassing draw at Dundee, outplayed at home to St Johnstone. Scum result was excellent but let's not ignored they were depleted and we also deserved to win a the dump the season before! Cups 3/10 The Kilmarnock results are the only reason I gave this a 3. Style of play/tactics 5.5/10 So much similarities to the Warburton era, play some excellent football at times but come the final third constantly let down. Gerrard struggles to break down packed defences, subs are woeful and can't change a game in our favour enough. Signings 2/10 Extremely poor 5/10 overall for me taking everything into consideration.
  6. The scum drew both those games in hands, so it turned out to be 11 points, one point more. No surprise he ignored that in his post eh? 10, 11 or potentially 15 points all equals not good enough!
  7. He's been good but it is more than the odd mistake and they get ignored.
  8. Imagine actually thinking Atletico Madrid's budget is not vastly smaller than Real and Barca. ­čść Yeah was only 1/5 compared to both. Not vast at all! Trolling fans at the best of times is lame but you have to be a right cocksucker to do it after a result such as midweek.
  9. I could use many example such as Atletico Madrid. Too bad your ban was not permanent.
  10. I detest this argument. Leicester winning the PL trumps this laughable excuse for us blowing the title. Acting like the scum are Barcelona and squad being far superior!
  11. Imagine bigging up that we're ahead of Aberdeen. Utterly pathetic are some of our fans.
  12. Every year is the same, Ferrari look the faves in winter testing etc only for Mercedes to walk to the title. People are deluded to think anything other than a Merceds dominance. Same old boring pish.
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