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  1. Leeds will finish outside top 6 at this rate.
  2. You on a stream or see a video mate? Cba looking for a stream, stuck watching this Villa game.
  3. Unsure if we will play 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 tbh..
  4. Our bench is going to be something like this... Wes, Flanagan, Halliday, Edmundson, Defoe, Ojo and another. So weak!
  5. Lucky you mate, as I said above Uefa offered me last 16 tickets in the initial ballot of applications, but was only the top 2 prices. £125 or £185. Maybe for a Semi or Final but not last 16!
  6. Jones has become so overrated since he has been out injured!
  7. Terrible comparison and no surprise you couldn't grasp the point mate.
  8. Does he because he turns backwards and plays a simple pass often without taking a defender on.
  9. Ah I see. Hope you's have a good time mate, Scotland won't make anyway 👌 I declined the tickets, was tempted with the last 16 but only options were cat 1 and 2 and at £125 or £185 was not worth it.
  10. Strange, I got offered first batch and cheapest was £50 a ticket. You got 8 for £185?!
  11. The scum will brush aside St Johnstone and Hamilton in the next few days. Hearts home and Aberdeen away is 6 points for them, Livi away and to a lesser extent Motherwell away are the only games I can see a slip up. I honestly believe we can't afford a single slip up right up to and including the game at home to them.
  12. I was also surprised at Polster, thought he looked good going forward but a bit weak defensively. Should be fine at home to Ross County.
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