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  1. Wait you actually think the scum would still be in Europe even if they draw that group?
  2. Why do people want them to draw big teams so the media can hype it up for the next 3 months? Not to mention nothing will be said if they get pumped as it's expected. Would rather those scummy bastards don't get to see top players, not to mention we won't hear the end of it if they get a result like they did vs Man Shitty. Shaktar, Porto and Besiktas would take care of the scum. Personally I would find it more funny them getting beat of those above than losing 4+ against Real etc as those gimps would actually believe their capable of beating those 3 and making the knockouts.
  3. FUCK OFF Thought xmas had come early with that headline.
  4. This Sevilla game is mental, Emre just hit the post. Sevilla lose a goal and they are out!
  5. Shaktar, Porto and Besiktas hopefully. Long trip, least exciting pot 2 team and BJK.
  6. Waghorn and Garner got rested, you had no chance!
  7. Bad enough seeing your shit posts in the Bears den, never mind irrelevant stuff about the scum...
  8. Great a thread about the scum in the Beards den, just what I wanted to see tonight after they progressed to the group stages of the CL.
  9. Never a red card, Walker is still wank though. £50m
  10. Poor from Sane, but the defending from Kompany was shambolic.
  11. City vs Everton should be entertaining.
  12. You trying to set @esquire8 off on another Fifa rant?
  13. Doubt anybody has seen Cammy Kerr more than 3-4 times, but I fail to see how someone who's been a big part of a defence with the third worst in the league last season and has shipped 7 goals in three games this season is going to be an upgrade on Tav. So sell Hodson and Tav, sign Kerr. Who's the back up for right back?
  14. As back up or first choice?