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  1. Quique Setien practically gone with 4 games left, not predictable at all.. was obvious he was out of his depth. Horrific appointment. Not convinced Xavi is up to the job.
  2. Khabib's father loses his battle with Covid-19.
  3. 3 goals in 6 minutes. Better entertainment alreasy than 99% of the EPL games BCD.
  4. Yeah, unreal. Pretty sure Bayern are top 5 for highest wage bills in the world. Coutinho was on more apparently. 🤮
  5. Bayern paying Sane £385k a week is ridiculous.
  6. Hopefully at least 2 of them leave this summer alongside Polster, Docherty, Murphy and Middleton.
  7. Hastie confirmed on loan to Motherwell. Recall option in Jan.
  8. Meant to be released on Monday.
  9. Everyone of them are talking shit. I wouldn't give any player over 6, which is being generous. The quality was horrific. 2 shots on target between two average sides. Couldnt even hit a decent corner. Was like watching St Johnstone vs St Mirren.
  10. Outside goals, which is important, Alli offers nothing imo.
  11. 😅 Game was garbage tbf and can't judge him on the odd game. That being said everything about him tonight was average at best bar his set plays that were worse than ours!
  12. Still well on tbh. 18 points left to play for, need 15 to beat 100 points. Should they get at least 6 points from Arsenal(A) Chelsea(H) and Newcastle(A) they will beat the record imo.
  13. That VAR decision will save the finished one from getting slated.
  14. Was thinking about Werner next year mate.
  15. Aye, like numerous Rangers fans do. We do play them often. So whats your actual point kid?
  16. The good old 2/3 players on him excuse. Does not seem to stop Forrest being productive. Hopefully he does flourish, but still convinced Liverpool robbed us.
  17. Maybe Im overrating Morelos but outside City, Pool, United, Chelsea, Wolves and Spurs I think he would play many games for the rest. Auba can play out wide, Vardy has spells where he looks utter shit. Is he weaker than Ings, Wilson, Haller etc?
  18. People can talk about a big game player all they want, fact is 7 goals/assists is a weak return. Scum CB had 6 ffs.
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