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  1. Will it stand? Same as Morelos at Killie..goal stands with VAR. Should been another.
  2. McManaman wanking over the ball hitting off Fernandinho. 🤮
  3. We had 14.250 points before tonight, not enough for seeding in the playoff round but enough for the other 3 rounds.
  4. If we are including Roma.. Spurs 2-7 Bayern Chelsea 0-3 Bayern
  5. Rangers_no1


    Aye but what about that one terrible cross he did...
  6. Be the first team to win it from Q1 as well.
  7. Fuck up and learn to read posts ya fud.
  8. Struggling to read the first 4 words aye?.. "ffs" Obviously turned on late and missed the bad pass!
  9. 😮😮😮 Borna imo
  10. Copenhagen will be out. They are a decent side but only won by a single goal twice against a weak Rosenborg team in the groups. We have defeated better already and not any weaker sides left imo
  11. Great film but preferred our screening tbh.
  12. Depends if we come out first or second in the draw.
  13. Should have read the thread imo
  14. Part timer, hope you don't get a ticket imo.
  15. Imagine knocking out Braga, Sporting, Porto and Benfica in the same season. 🤣
  16. Beat Braga and Porto. May as well knock Sporting out again.
  17. Another thing that helps us mate is we are more disciplined defensively. Tav and Barisic don't go forward as much and Jack is more defensive. Its why we play well against the taigs as well imo.
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