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  1. Spectre

    BT Sports 4k UHD

    Aye, you can usually change a setting to get rid of the blurriness but it then makes lower quality content look jittery and makes every film or TV show look like a cheap soap opera.
  2. Exactly. They'll play the "we didn't know until Thursday that we needed them" card but they knew there was a decent chance they would a few weeks back. It's their own fault they left it
  3. Spectre


    He's the biggest difference we'd be out with Wes in goals, probably in the previous round
  4. Spectre

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Didn't he have a similar experience at Liverpool, inherited a squad and they had a weird transfer system where half the signings were at his suggestion and the other half came from a director of football. All of his were garbage.
  5. Spectre

    Halliday going nowhere

    Why do you think that?
  6. Spectre


    The good news is, having played for us and Osijek he can't play for anyone else this season
  7. Spectre

    Morelos red rescinded

    Aye, a lesser man would be going back and quoting all the experts that said it had no chance of being overturned
  8. Spectre

    Morelos red rescinded

    Exactly as expected
  9. Spectre

    As if it wasn’t going to be sweet enough

    They the ones you can only bet with 97% of the year?😁
  10. Spectre

    McInnes's shirt today

    Definitely Aberdeen's strongest performer today.
  11. Spectre

    The Red Card

    Did we not have some player kick out at one of our players off the ball towards the end of last season and only get a yellow, think it was Bates that got kicked, and I feel like it happened a couple of times in the space of a few weeks. Maybe I'm remembering wrong and the player did get a red...
  12. Spectre

    Pack It Up Everybody Go Home

    It'll be successfully appealed
  13. Spectre

    Kyle Lafferty

    Wow, he's hardly aged at all since first time around...
  14. Spectre

    Kyle Lafferty

    You're aware of his nickname?
  15. Spectre

    Fanzone cancelled.

    Can you join a community council if you don't live or run a business in that community?