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  1. Thomas Isherwood (Bayern Munich II)

    Kundik, aye, he was described as a former Real Madrid player but if I remember correctly he'd basically only been on trial with them
  2. Forbes Tailoring

    Hope their previous post on Instagram isn't any indication of our next signing.
  3. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Is it just me that doesn't see the significance of what the position was "months before the application". If the rules are that it's OK as long as the amount is in dispute at the time of application then it would seem it's perfectly acceptable to have an amount overdue months before the application so long as by the time you actually make the application you are now disputing the amount?
  4. Only 3 points better off than last year

    So have the other teams in the league improved in order to take points off the scum? and if so, doesn't that make it very difficult to establish how much we have improved or deteriorated based just on comparing our own points tally between the seasons?
  5. Only 3 points better off than last year

    No point in comparing seasons like that, it's apples and oranges, every team has changed players. More interested in how close we are to the top, this season we're 12 points off the top rather than 39.
  6. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    You sure? Transfermarkt has his contract up at the end of this month, it's usually correct. Edit: Just reading a quote from the player himself saying he has a year left, that'll be the one to trust.
  7. Harry Forrester

    Aye, just the 36 appearances in the league...
  8. Renewals Open

    600 a month? Seems expensive, I'm only 509 for the whole season in GF
  9. John McGinn (Hibs)

    Note "if he wants to come to Rangers"
  10. John McGinn (Hibs)

    It depends really, parallels with the lego eater who was meant to be a big Rangers fan but certainly isn't anymore. As much as I think he's a good player with potential to be a lot better it's a risk though that he can't shift his support for them
  11. Out?: Josh Windass

    It did, aye, what's the relevance of that though?
  12. Return of Pena

    I'm not sure there's been any suggestions he's been sneaking a pint during a game but I'd imagine standards have to be set a bit higher when you're operating mining machinery. If you play football drunk it's not likely to result in life threatening injuries but I'm not sure the same can be said for operating heavy machinery whilst drunk.
  13. Charlie Adam (Stoke)

    A shite version of Kranjcar, unfit, nae legs but tries Hollywood passes all day.
  14. glasgow cup final

    Lovely play! 3-0
  15. apathy in FF

    He's a liar so he can't be trusted. Sets up a CIC called Edmiston House CIC, tells folk it's about Edmiston house (if you couldnt guess from the name) but it obviously didn't work out then rather than just admit that, he starts claiming it was only called that because he wanted a Rangers related name and it never had anything to do with Edmiston house. They must have made a mistake when they registered the CIC though because their articles of association clearly state it was set up for the purpose of refurbishing Edmiston House.