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  1. Spectre

    The Boxing News Thread

    Aye, if you look on twitter the only folk that seem to think Wilder won are folk that don't understand boxing scorecards and think 2 knockdowns can somehow undo a boxer clearly winning almost all previous rounds. I mean, they can, as long as the knocked down boxer doesn't get back up, but on a decision? He has been absolutely robbed and any judge scoring it for Wilder is bent as fuck.
  2. Spectre

    The Boxing News Thread

    Just embarrassing how corrupt this sport is, how could anyone score that for Wilder?
  3. Spectre

    The Boxing News Thread

    He looked literally knocked out there for about 6 seconds, can't believe he got back on his feet, what a boxer
  4. Spectre

    Missed ST payments

    He couldn't sell his seat. When he missed the third installment in August his season ticket was deactivated so in order to sell his seat for games he'd have needed to have the money for his third installment. I guess in theory he could have done that by lining up buyers for games well in advance and getting the money we'll in advance too but I'm not sure how realistic that is
  5. Spectre

    Context - previous position at this stage...

    Aye, different opposition too. People act like we're the only team that changes each season.
  6. To be fair the BBC article mentioned that celtic claim they are distinct and separate, and said that this is legally correct but then goes on to show how closely linked they both were which is probably as far as they feel comfortable with going legally but does translate to "You're talking shite, separate entity my arse"
  7. Spectre

    Bolt ya rocket!

    Why's this no turned into a debate about whether he doped or not when he ran faster than all those athletes that were doping?
  8. Spectre

    Hummel training centre upgrades

    Heard they'll be raised rubber and need to be washed at 30 degrees to be safe
  9. Spectre

    Semi final allocation

    If the authorities had any balls that's what they'd do. Aberdeen have deliberately made the tickets they fail to sell unsellable to anyone else and should therefore pay the price of that.
  10. If you can get one elsewhere you can always just refuse the delivery if and when the other tops arrive then get a refund.
  11. Spectre

    Semi Final Ticket Prices and RSC dates.

    I'm sure someone on here posted last year that they'd missed out but their 12 year old got a ticket...
  12. Spectre

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Died last year at 28
  13. Spectre

    Pubs in Amsterdam showing our game tonight

    Satellite sports cafe at Leidseplein. Basically if a game is on TV anywhere they should be able to get it. Watched the Livi game there on Sunday
  14. Can see what you're saying but another angle is he's 30 and going to away games so it's probable he's also a season ticket holder and will have been for some time, presumably without throwing coins or causing trouble before so I'm not sure there'd be such a great risk of him doing it again.
  15. Spectre

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The ref in our game did the same, he warned Morelos who continued to talk back and he called Halliday over to intervene and when that failed he issued a yellow. Got to be honest not something I've seen often over the years and yet apparently 2 refs do it in one night, obviously a memo has went out to refs about it.