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  1. Club legend excited about tomorrow

    Aye, he was out of contract but I remember he turned up at training for the start of the new season saying he wanted to stay.
  2. Angel

    Whilst you're right, you are being a bit obtuse
  3. Pena

    He's looking better, he's clearly operating on a different level from the other player still (not necessarily any better or worse) in that his teammates seem to miss what it is he's trying to do quite a bit and they'll need to get used to his style of tucking himself in behind the opposition
  4. Pena

    I can't really complain about Morelos given he's our number 1 goalscorer but Pena got himself in some good positions in the first half that didn't come to anything due to Morelos holding onto the ball too long before making the pass
  5. Ref this Saturday

    What a disgrace this is. I would have replied that no matter who it was though.
  6. Bluenoses betting with paddy power?

    Energy supplier
  7. Thought the same, commentators are full of pish
  8. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    Shame he stopped posting, it was handy having an expert on absolutely everything on the forum
  9. Bheast FC: Statement

    I think what we did was tax avoidance (legal) rather than evasion to be fair.
  10. Pedro Caixinha- Portuguese taxi driver opinion

    You just reminded me of Calvin and his Italian bird that was actually some random Russian model whose photo he nabbed off the internet.
  11. Is it not true? When did we beat them in the league before?
  12. Anyone know what Pedro is studying?
  13. There's a history of good boxers that think they can rock up in MMA and just dodge, weave and jab their way through a fight then get a big KO hit and I think every one of them has been quite surprised, to the extent that I think the lesson has been learned and the current generation know that's not going to happen so they don't try anymore.
  14. He doesn't coz he knows he's the greatest boxer of a generation, if not all time, and isn't a deluded fanny that thinks he can beat the best in another sport. The fact Mayweather isn't daft enough to fight in the MMA doesn't impact on how easy it was for the best boxer about to beat an amateur, but that sentence alone is probably why the fight should never have happened, as fun as it was to watch.