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  2. Goram for me, there was genuinely a point in the 90's where we probably had the best keeper in the world. We seem to always have been lucky, in my lifetime anyway, to have had top top keepers though.
  3. Aye, been playing it on XBOX game pass for Windows, so as long as I finish it within a month all it will have cost is £1. I enjoyed it at first, basically Fallout in space but it's very repetitive and after listening to the dialogue at first you'll want to start skipping it.
  4. but you and I are still making the exact same point, that if a report was made (and I believe it would have been) that they would no longer have that report. You say "I can't find my old house keys it doesn't mean I never had them" as if it is contrary to what I'm saying when it's exactly what i'm saying, the police not having a report in the present day doesn't mean no report was ever made.
  5. You're basically making the same point as me but wording it like we're in disagreement. The whole point of my post is that the police saying they can't trace a record of a report is not the same as no report having been made, and that given how long ago it was it would be highly unlikely that if a report was made there would be any record of it anyway.
  6. I've not read the rest of this thread so may be repeating what others have said but my take on this is that if we've covered it up it's disgraceful. What I do note though is that the police advise they have no record of a report. Outside of the absolute most serious offences i.e. a unsolved rape or murder is it likely they would still hold records whether it was reported or not though? Instinctively I wouldn't expect them to hold records from back then given it was likely still mostly paper records and if that is the case then it's important that they have advised they don't have a record of a report, not that Rangers did not make a report. I think it would be helpful if the police clarified the state of their records from that time. Further the Rangers News article is not good but I'm not sure what else I would expect given the guy hadn't been convicted of anything it would be risky (and probably not appropriate) to have given the reasons for him leaving. What would have been far more appropriate in the circumstances though would have been to simply state that he had departed from the club and offered no wishes at all.
  7. It's hard to say how good he'd be if he'd stayed. I'm not convinced we'd have given him first team football any earlier due to the standard "too wee" mentality of Scottish football. I'm also not sure I'd want to see him getting halved constantly by the hammer throwers we play against. I've almost no doubt being part of Chelsea's academy has improved him vastly over the last 2 years though.
  8. 😁I'm not bad but probably not good enough to justify the seven I own
  9. Because they used to be a diddy team that everyone wanted to be drawn against 20 years ago... 😁
  10. Why are you certain it will be Feyenoord? Last season our first game was Villarreal, the top seed which would make it Porto this year if that's what determines it.
  11. No surprise to find the usual absolute nonsense in the comments of "The majority of the stadium sing the Billy Boys every week" It's amazing the number of celtic fans who must have season tickets at Rangers to be able to observe the entire stadium every week. I can honestly say, having missed 2, maybe 3 home matches in the last 5 years that I've hardly heard that song. First time was when the Hearts game got cancelled in the snow and maybe a couple more times have I heard it sung but never by anything remotely close to a majority of the stadium.
  12. Scooter - Maria. Think it was the Osijek goal music in any videos of Barisic or Grezda
  13. I'm not sure both of these things can be true, and the only one we know is true at this point is that the fat wank is winning the court cases
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