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    Ryan Kent

    Yes, I noticed that Fod seemed to make an extra effort to walk around the pitch and hug all the players and I said to my mate, "it's a good sign Kent isn't doing the same" only for Kent to appear a couple of minutes later and make that extra effort to go and acknowledge all 4 stands. Hopefully just a precaution in case he doesn't come back as I'm sure if he's available on loan again he'll come to us and if not hopefully we're not priced out of a move.
  2. This is the same media that didn't care when Kris Boyd was abused but a week later were practically in meltdown that Steve Clarke (who also didn't care that Kris Boyd was abused) had a few bad words sung at him. They are incredibly transparent in their bias and it's interesting that it always coincides with celtic being shown up to actually be a pile of shite.
  3. This, bizarre that we switch back to our best centre back pairing after effectively losing the title
  4. Last year peaked when the Turks actually started turning folks efforts into shirts.
  5. I genuinely believe he gets poorer treatment from officials. They ignore constant fouls on him but are over like a shot when he gives the same back. The problem is though that he is never clever about it and whilst you can defend him sometimes, his elbow yesterday is completely indefensible and is not an example of him being refereed to a different standard. One thing I would say is that the 2 most apt ways to respond to the stuff from Brown yesterday were to either do the same back to him when the opportunity arises, risking a yellow card, or to appeal to the referee and keep him informed of what's happening. Can see why the latter isn't very appealing though given how every Scottish referee appears to be quite aggressively dismissive towards players whenever they try to raise concerns or question a free kick etc.
  6. I do think he gets a hard time, harsher treatment than any other player, constantly fouled but defenders get away with it but if Brown has a wee niggle at him like he did today he has to either ignore it and hope it gets picked up by an official (although with Brown it never does) or have a wee niggle back further down the line. Swinging an elbow is exactly what Brown wanted from him, I mean he barely makes contact, if he even does but Brown is expecting it so gets to throw himself to the ground. Just utterly stupid in a game where we're 1 nil down but could easily get back in it and he reacts like that.
  7. With my guess at his wages it won't quite make it.
  8. No really, more of a push and a swing with his other hand, obviously the big hard man went flying, same as when Morelos elbow barely touched him (no excuses for Morelos though)
  9. I still feel like he's refereed to a different standard. He is constantly fouled and gets nothing half the time, not convinced of roles were reversed he'd have got a penalty of an Aberdeen player had held him like Tav did Ferguson
  10. Seems to be specific to the offence of holding, it would be helpful if there was similar wording for other types of foul.
  11. No-one is born with only one position they can play in, they just have a list if attributes and some of those best suit a specific position. Some players have a range of attributes that make them adept in more than one position. That said, Morelos I don't see in any other role than he is currently and I think he'd be frustrated and not very good if we shoehorned him in as a number 10. Tav though has plenty of attributes to play as a winger. Imagine someone with a stubborn attitude to players positions had left Gareth Bale in his starting position as a left back and just ignored the fact he had great attributes for playing further up the park.
  12. If anyone has believed that over the course of the last few years the beasts have had an easier time from referees, or that certain players in their squad are almost untouchable despite being amongst the dirtiest players in the league, the surely this Beaton situation sums up why. Referees are clearly scared and intimidated into not treating them as harshly as anyone else as when they do it's death threats and a media orchestrated campaign against them.
  13. That's why he's so bitter towards us.
  14. Did someone not post on here before about secondary ticketing that if the club give the ticket away for free you get fuck all anyway?
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