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  1. Same guy did it a few times last season or the season before "Kenny... ... ... MILLER!"
  2. I didn't think he looked off the pace at all. The couple of times he got on the ball he looked fine and the rest of the time he was moving about and getting into decent positions, just no-one passed to him
  3. Bit unfair when we only have 11
  4. Marseille were scared to attack while Bruno was on
  5. Your work one, heard it gets the best results
  6. To be fair to him I think he's quoting the actual charge as he does seem to agree it's petty
  7. Another central midfielder, fuck sake
  8. I'm sure hell be covering the previous Club 1872 statement on his next blog
  9. Aye, it seems their plan hasn't come to fruition but I think the biggest issue folk had was them blatantly lying about it. Edit: just seen it's a different building, the Marshall's dreams are still alive
  10. I don't care if we have one 20-30 goal player, would be fine with outbox scorer being on 10 goals as long as there are a good number of other players who have a number of goals too
  11. I'm sure all tax in relation to these shirts will be correctly accounted for
  12. We should certainly be looking at some sort if aggressive avoidance scheme
  13. The SFA took legal advice that fully considered the scenario we are in just now and concluded there could be no further action. This smacks of asking the same question over and over until you get the answer you want to hear.
  14. One of the other things they'll be getting at would have been the historic ticket tax theft where everyone and their dog seemed to suggest for years that Celtic were under-declaring attendances to evade tax. What else do we all reckon they could be getting at?
  15. Aye I remember watching it at Bar 72 and having had a beer or so thinking I'd just witnessed a horrific assault. Seeing it later with sober eyes, it was a daft auld guy trying to swing at the ball with his umbrella, following through and hitting Jig, absolutely nothing in it