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  1. home top 15.99 Kitbag

    Why, what does it say? I ordered and got confirmation, just says it will be despatched to my address
  2. Pena

    He's not great at controlling a ball and plays on a different page from everyone else on the pitch. His off the ball movement would be brilliant if any other player was on the same page. Despite his lack of involvement (even when on the pitch) he's a goal threat and should be getting used ahead of some others.
  3. Players we nearly signed...

    Even as I typed it I knew that joke would come
  4. Players we nearly signed...

    I remember seeing an interview with Fat Ronaldo where he said he'd have given serious consideration to it if he'd known Advocaat was going to be our next manager. He was probably talking shite though. I'm sure it came out years later that it was some dodgy deal with Nike funding the move and that he would only be available for some games.
  5. Players we nearly signed...

    I was trying to remember who it was, I remember reading about an Italian player we had on trial when he was 17/18 but we turned him down, sure it was someone that went on to have a pretty good career and reach a high level, escapes me who it was though, ring any bells with anyone?
  6. Scottish cup draw

    Then Monday the 20th will be just as wrong for them
  7. Charlie Adam

    I could offer us more than Rossiter
  8. Derek McInnes

    That's still not how it works
  9. McCrorie's Challenge

    Make it black and white too and it would look just like old pre-war fitbaw footage
  10. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Pena back to Mexico for 500k in January no doubt
  11. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    No, Le Guen was shorter
  12. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Surely that's just the quote from him before he went to ibrox
  13. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Can rule out McIness I'd expect we will get in someone without a current job.
  14. Ryan Jack

    Aye, another shite call (never mind the fact he seemed to change his mind about what colour the card should be 3 minutes after giving it) It gets rescinded but we can't get the 2 points lost back.