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  1. Don't think so, the youth cup final next week is but not this one as far as I'm aware
  2. True, he made a challenge like the one that earned him a red card at the weekend in the last OF game at Ibrox and he seems to spend every old firm game just running about kicking folk or barging into them with no interest in getting the ball (I'm fact was it not him that made a run directly at McKay at Ibrox when the ball was nowhere near him) No idea why the refs in general allow him to get away with far more than any other player.
  3. Ha, I guess in a sense our party line is that we don't have a party line.
  4. It pretty much comes down to one being a forum where you'll get banned if you are a cunt and the other being a forum where you'll get banned if you ask the wrong question or don't toe the party line.
  5. "The price increase has nothing to do with the price increase, it's just called a price increase because we thought that would be familiar to Rangers fans"
  6. You must have seen him claim EH CIC didn't have anything to do with EH
  7. I'm not sure that's quite within the remit if the role
  8. Not that I recall but it's a bit embarrassing, Robert on FF saying "I called it Edmiston House because I wanted something synonymous with Rangers". To be clear I've no issue with them trying to do something with EH as long as it's above board and it's good that the CH documents clarify it's not for profit but I have an issue now with Rangers employing an SLO who clearly thinks Rangers fans button up the back and repeatedly lied about the EH CIC (and is still doing so to this day I believe) by pretending it's nothing to do with Edmiston House
  9. The documentation lodged at companies house states it is for refurbishment and redevelopment of Edmiston house. They now say it ain't and never has been. I don't see how there can be any question that a lie has been told at some point.
  10. The EH CIC that's nothing to do with Edmiston House...
  11. One thing I'd say is that as an absolute minimum a linesman needs to know the offside rule
  12. Aye, I mind he was in it as Alex Reuser one year
  13. The flip side of "take a look at Feruz" is that he might take a look at the conveyor belt of young talent that was starring for our youth teams and then stacking shelves by 20. There's maybe a few more names that broke through in recent years but that was likely owing in large part to the level we were playing at.
  14. Everyone joins in with No Surrender or Blue Sea of Ibrox, or basically as was said earlier, proper songs. No-one joins in with "Owayowayowayoway Jason Holt Andy Halliday" because it's cringey wee boy pish.