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  1. Have we got to a point where it's noticeably long though? It's 2 and a half weeks since Warburton left. I'm not sure it's that's abnormal for a replacement not to be in by this point.
  2. If it is his wife then that's me convinced, he's got enough money to sort us out.
  3. Club 1872 better have a meeting about having a meeting about a meeting soon...
  4. I actually meant to quote @DavieAyrshire above you
  5. Maybe some sort of Rangers fan board...
  6. Aye, obviously far more serious than the systematic abuse of a youth team, the quiet removal of the perpetrator before reemploying the known paedophile, and the decades long cover up the same
  7. There are positives and negatives to it being the managers choice. They need to work together and the DOF has to provide signings that fit the plans of the manager so if they start off on the same page that's a positive. More often than not it seems it doesn't work out because they don't see eye to eye
  8. "Glib and shameless liar in glib and shameless lie shocker!"
  9. Aye, but a lot of folk seem to think he's been released by them, so maybe he has
  10. Don't believe so, no, would have to have been without a club before the window shut.
  11. I've said it a few times and found myself saying it again on Saturday but I believe the players we have have enough talent that another manager could get a lot from them. Warburton could probably get a lot from them if he had a plan B or any notion of doing something a bit different
  12. If he goes to Chelsea there's a good chance he'll make a lot of money but there's also a good chance it will be terrible for his long term career. Stay with us, get in the first team within a couple of years, perform well and the big money teams will be back. Go to Chelsea and earn silly money but run a big risk of harming your development and never making it. Of course Chelsea will offer a wage to entice him based on his potential and unfortunately what may turn his head is that stay or go there's a risk he doesn't live up to that potential but if he goes and fails he's still set for life
  13. Which is the same odds of it being HHAAHAHAHH, or AAAHHAAHAH, or HAHAHAAAAH, or you know any other combination of home or away
  14. Some disparity in the offer then. The figures Dana was quoting seemed low when compared to the ton of cash that came in for Manny/Floyd. Dana saying £25m each plus a split of what he expects to be 1m PPV buys. I realsie Manny Floyd was huge but even though this is an embarrassing mismatch I'd have thought it would be huge also.
  15. Did Mayweather mean $100m plus PPV though?