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  1. Ordinarily the player would still need to negotiate a contract which, if they know another club is interested, they may reject
  2. He's not in the squad though... In fact as Ross says, there's a good reason for that in that he left them in 2016
  3. Maybe whoever they moved to right back to replace him would actually know the position and you'd struggle from there on
  4. I thought Barjonas gave a decent account of himself too when he came on.
  5. Would not be surprised to find out his wages are in excess of that
  6. Anyone suggested allowing cars in to sit round the edge of the pitch yet?
  7. Basically... Top division of 12, played for so long and then split into a top 8 who played for the title and then the bottom 4 started a new league with the top 4 from Championship (not sure what happened to the other teams, presumably they battled out to avoid relegation). This new group of 8 then had their points reset and played each other (maybe twice) and at the end the top 4 in the mini league would be in next year's Prem and the bottom 4 in the championship. So basically in theory you could end up with the bottom 4 Prem teams always winning the mini league and there never being any promotion or relegation
  8. 100 times better than the utter cluster fuck they proposed a few years back (and were greeting when St. Mirren rejected it)
  9. To be fair if we signed a while team of players for better than theirs they would still be telling us we were shite and that they'd win everything
  10. Aye, well that's where yer wrong, we're no allowed to buy the strips coz King and Uncle Fester says so.
  11. He'll be getting called Deirdre
  12. The QC you've spoken to has oversimplified it a little and slightly mislead, a QC cannot refuse a case without a justifiable reason and specifically can't refuse simply because they dislike the client or disagree with their views. So whilst a QC can refuse a case they can't knock back any case they want to unless they have an actual good reason for doing so
  13. Aye, that mindmelter that he kicked Torbett out for being a paedophile but he also didn't know about it and never has done and that's why he didn't report it to the police...
  14. I think they'd be silly to do so, they could surely get a couple of million for him even now?