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  1. Spectre

    How Do We Protect Morelos ?

    I still feel like he's refereed to a different standard. He is constantly fouled and gets nothing half the time, not convinced of roles were reversed he'd have got a penalty of an Aberdeen player had held him like Tav did Ferguson
  2. Spectre

    Compliance officer .A total sham

    Seems to be specific to the offence of holding, it would be helpful if there was similar wording for other types of foul.
  3. Spectre

    Alfredo as a number 10

    No-one is born with only one position they can play in, they just have a list if attributes and some of those best suit a specific position. Some players have a range of attributes that make them adept in more than one position. That said, Morelos I don't see in any other role than he is currently and I think he'd be frustrated and not very good if we shoehorned him in as a number 10. Tav though has plenty of attributes to play as a winger. Imagine someone with a stubborn attitude to players positions had left Gareth Bale in his starting position as a left back and just ignored the fact he had great attributes for playing further up the park.
  4. Spectre

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    Suicide via car exhaust fumes.
  5. Spectre

    Beaton calls in the police

    If anyone has believed that over the course of the last few years the beasts have had an easier time from referees, or that certain players in their squad are almost untouchable despite being amongst the dirtiest players in the league, the surely this Beaton situation sums up why. Referees are clearly scared and intimidated into not treating them as harshly as anyone else as when they do it's death threats and a media orchestrated campaign against them.
  6. Spectre

    Sportscene again

    That's why he's so bitter towards us.
  7. Spectre

    SLO on Twitter - tickets for Saturday

    Did someone not post on here before about secondary ticketing that if the club give the ticket away for free you get fuck all anyway?
  8. Spectre

    Old Firm ref

    Fuck sake, that said, who could it have been that isn't fucking useless
  9. Spectre

    The Boxing News Thread

    Aye, if you look on twitter the only folk that seem to think Wilder won are folk that don't understand boxing scorecards and think 2 knockdowns can somehow undo a boxer clearly winning almost all previous rounds. I mean, they can, as long as the knocked down boxer doesn't get back up, but on a decision? He has been absolutely robbed and any judge scoring it for Wilder is bent as fuck.
  10. Spectre

    The Boxing News Thread

    Just embarrassing how corrupt this sport is, how could anyone score that for Wilder?
  11. Spectre

    The Boxing News Thread

    He looked literally knocked out there for about 6 seconds, can't believe he got back on his feet, what a boxer
  12. Spectre

    Missed ST payments

    He couldn't sell his seat. When he missed the third installment in August his season ticket was deactivated so in order to sell his seat for games he'd have needed to have the money for his third installment. I guess in theory he could have done that by lining up buyers for games well in advance and getting the money we'll in advance too but I'm not sure how realistic that is
  13. Spectre

    Context - previous position at this stage...

    Aye, different opposition too. People act like we're the only team that changes each season.
  14. To be fair the BBC article mentioned that celtic claim they are distinct and separate, and said that this is legally correct but then goes on to show how closely linked they both were which is probably as far as they feel comfortable with going legally but does translate to "You're talking shite, separate entity my arse"
  15. Spectre

    Bolt ya rocket!

    Why's this no turned into a debate about whether he doped or not when he ran faster than all those athletes that were doping?