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  1. I wonder about the career choices aspect, the players that stayed at a quality youth setup too long or the ones that move onto a big team where they'll struggle to get first team football. I wonder how many players with really high potential are now working in an office, building site, supermarket because they made the wrong career choices. It can only ever be guesswork but look at a player like Andy Robertson, genuinely talked about amongst the best left backs in the world and a lot of our fans wanted him signed as a prospect based on his performances for Queen's Park in the third division. Obviously comparing him now to the likes of Lee Wallace, he's miles ahead, but he wasn't going to replace Lee at 17/18/19 years old and has been on a journey to get to Liverpool, what difference could it have made to his career if he'd moved to us or somewhere else where he would have been back up or a prospect instead of making moves where he played week in week out. You only have to look at some of the youth players that have got an appearance or 2 for us in the past and now play for diddy teams if at all to see how quickly things can go downhill.
  2. Gai Assulin, I'm sure he scored a lot in bounce matches and had come from Barcelona and Man City so had obviously been rated as a youth
  3. As much as he's an arsehole for that he's probably not too far from what will be happening behind the scenes right now, guarantee calls are being made and off the record deals being offered.
  4. They're going to have to get the teams to vote on awarding the title/league positions as it stands surely? would need to be 9 out of 12. That means Hearts and us vote against, celtic and St Mirren will be definite votes for. Everyone else, well the friends of Peter at the SPFL will be dangling the prize money carrot in front of these teams "Oh, you're running out of money and about to go under, vote for what we tell you and you can have this wedge of cash" simple bribery
  5. He's the new Pat Nevin, thick as fuck but he's a bit more well spoken than other ex players so people act as if he's a genius
  6. Got the short sleeved version of the bottom one and it's still probably the shirt I wear most to Ibrox.
  7. The players and manager have changed multiple times but that routine just won't disappear
  8. His view is based on what he's seen at the time, without any replay or analysis and he's already got the handball wrong so not sure he's providing the best view to be honest (other than that ignoring the handball the defence dealing with that cross are an utter shambles)
  9. Aye, I don't remember blaming the ref for that one
  10. You're allowed to complain about poor performances, the manager and poor refereeing. Just don't see the point in pretending all 3 aren't a reality and asking people to just ignore one of them, especially when it's the one that meant our opponent scored an invalid goal and we had a valid goal chopped off, 2-0 win becomes a 2-1 loss.
  11. Aye, really don't understand that mentality, of course it would be nice if we ran over every team in front of us but to win a league you're only meant to have to beat the teams you play fairly, not constantly have to overcome poor at best or corrupt at worst refereeing. We were pish, Kilmarnock were pish, Beaton gave them a win
  12. It'll stop as soon as we lose a game and there's no valid complaints. We were shite but do you have no complaints about their goal, about Alfies being disallowed?
  13. Yes, once again in order to win tonight we would have had to be both better than the opposition and the referee, no other team this season seems to have to do that week in week out. We were shite but they equalised from a goal that should have been disallowed, before we score but it doesn't count because Alfie touched the defender, absolute joke. Killie didn't win it tonight, the ref won it for them
  14. He seemed to be looking the other way a lot tonight, and linesmen are almost always pointless, watching the ref to see what he says first
  15. Very similar performance to Dallas, slightest touch on their players is a free kick but wilfully ignored half the bad tackles and dragging players to the ground by them. It's fine for folk to highlight what we're getting wrong tactically and formation wise but we're not really getting to see it fairly when referees are letting teams break up our play with fould constantly. Honestly recently it feels like we're playing 12 men every game.
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