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  1. Danny Ings returned from injury today and Klopp was a happy camper. Couple that with the fact that loan deals are not usually discussed until July, I think this is probably pish. Klopp will not decide until late July what his squad is going to look like and Warbs has said it himself that he cannot look for loan deals until then.
  2. Yep, 100% agree. I have not been a loyal supporter for a while now - I have not slept with a tim in case you ask - and this is really landed at the right time where I promised a city break to the wife and I just managed to insert this game into the breaks itinerary. That said, had I still had my ST, I would have been at this with my son and if it were not a city break with the wife, I would have been with my son as well. I see this as a game to welcome our new man to his helm and clear the air for all 2014/15 players, whilst welcoming the new.
  3. You talking about the Louden? Having been away from the action for a while I have been starved of it and the atmosphere, so I will be there nice and early.
  4. I understand it, to be fair and sometimes wondered why so many adults were in the stand with no sign of a child - thinking that they could be taking seats from kids. It's a good rule and not complaining, as I shall experience a different view to that of which I am used to and I cannie fucking wait lol!
  5. Having never drank at Ibrox and aiming to do on Tuesday, I was looking for details on this but the website only lists The Ibrox Bar - is this one in the same? The reason I ask is I thought you had to pay to get in but it states any fan with a ticket can enter. Louden is my first stop 'tho :-)
  6. Our old ST seats were available in BR2 and I immediately wanted to buy for Tuesday but as my sprog is now 18, I could not buy. The wife and I will be sat in Sandy's stand for the first time and my thoughts will be with the man when I take to my seat.
  7. The Louden will be seeing us on Tuesday, for the first time. As an adult supporter, I have always drove to the games, so no pub action, and the fact we shall be Subway Loyal on Tuesday means it's a sash bash for me.
  8. I don't get to many games these days but I will be at Ibrox on Tuesday. The £10 ticket fee is a bonus, the real reason I am going is that I love Rangers FC and I have forsaken them for my sons football and now his refereeing career. Ironically, I am taking my wife with me and we shall stay in Glasgow overnight - party!
  9. With the shite that MW and DW have to sort out, surely you can allow him one pre-season without an away tour? He is most likely worried that the players might need gel before being in front of the fans?
  10. No, it feels like our new manager needs a captain that will hold the team on and off the park. Comparison is the age factor, nothing more.
  11. Was it not only a few years ago that we had Gatusso linked with us and many were rubbing their bells at the thought? He is 37 now!
  12. The leadership qualities might be the paramount factor here. A three year vision, to build a squad that will benefit the club and year one having many youngsters. We need a captain that does not treat the lads to a Nando's or a beer, we need a leader who coaches with experience, whilst leading on the pitch on match days. If MW thinks this guy is the answer, I am all for it.
  13. Gogzy is smoking something, because he is on the money with this one :-)
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