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  1. I'll say, I got out for the older age group Sunday. Kids were eating it up having the coaches there, really enjoying the drills. Helped that the Raptors top coach is Scottish so they could largely understand what was being shouted at them! Plus they all walk away with some Rangers garb to wear to school. It's a win-win for everybody and with the talk of expanding the number of camps even more next year could really be a benefit long term.
  2. Brian McBride's lasting legacy.
  3. Yeah, it was nice to slip in a few things that would get the usual suspects riled up. "SEVCO" and "ur deid" on the pending comments of a local midwest paper–whodathunkit?
  4. We actually just had them up my way for a camp this past weekend: Got out and spent some time talking to the coaches and whatnot but haven't had time to put another story together just yet. They said it's been going really well at all the camps this summer, though. Been going to some top facilities, too. National camp is coming up down in Atlanta later this summer.
  5. Cheers for the copy and paste job
  6. Only one? He's a savvier investor than that
  7. Good to see the ban on heavy bullshit has been lifted. Where can I pick up my thrashing pole and broom?!
  8. Couple hours
  9. 29 pages... fuckin' hell...
  10. Can I just smoke the pipe? It's pushing 4 am here...
  11. My understanding (from people in room): Individuals had one question to ask with limited chances for followups. Believe the stack he was waving was the list of potential questions the RST had gathered on their site from fans yesterday. There were no "Q's for Q&A" cards passed about.
  12. I'll send you your Gravy Train PLC check tomorrow. I know it's late, Brother Zappa. 555 555 555
  13. CONSPIRACY klaxon. If only people could use "agenda' properly first I might buy it, considering I'm part of all of them now.
  14. Really? Andy showed up on two hours notice from me, took all the notes so he could pass them along, drove back to Falkirk, and stayed up til 1 am to write this. Think he had a lot of time to pow wow with all the other people there, do ye? Guess you were outside with your camera to catch snaps of them passing the hat around then...
  15. Our Andy McKellar got along to the meeting. Here's his in-depth roundup with all sorts of quotes and whatnot: