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  1. Only one? He's a savvier investor than that
  2. Good to see the ban on heavy bullshit has been lifted. Where can I pick up my thrashing pole and broom?!
  3. Yep, just got that email from him a minute ago. It takes a bit to travel across the ocean *Says he's as of now still just a nominee. You guys sort this out and just let me know what to tell the masses on the site.
  4. Hullo hullo, lads. Just wanted to say that I've of course been in contact with Bill and Alan throughout our coverage of this and you have got the full backing of the CRO all the way. Delighted to see how much momentum has been built up on this so quickly!
  5. Haha, totally acceptable!! ;)

  6. Hi there,

    Just to let you know, that there is a gig in Chicago on the 29th (tomorrow) in the Harris theater. Good friends of mine from Glasgow..theyre called Admiral Fallow :)

  7. Shane


    Get this horse hating cunt OUTTA HERE!
  8. Shane


    I'm sure Teebear, the custodian of moral perpetuity on RM, will be round soon to neg rep me accordingly, as she did when I asked whether the horse in another member's picture was set to be turned into dog food or glue. (Hint: That's what happens to the little horseys, dear)
  9. Shane


  10. Shane


    Glue or dog food? I bet they don't even give you the satisfaction of knowing nowadays...
  11. Shane


    You've become a horse!
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