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  1. It would be great if KARMA stepped up and shoved 2008 right up where the sun don't shine. Liewell deserves it if that was to happen.
  2. All in black and white I had forgot these other two clubs said that. They cannot have it to suit themselves just because it is the tarriers who need it this time.
  3. Absolutely, any extension would be a disgrace after what they did in 2008.
  4. bearwithchair.webp Interesting post mate, I think I will reach for this stuff
  5. Cheers mate, same to your family. 👍
  6. It seemed to have quotes direct from him, but who knows mate, am going to forget about it now and see what is said over the next few days. Stay safe.
  7. No probs, I had just read the post and was going to say that you are probably bang on with that assumption. It just would have been better if both statements had said what you have. Keeping things simple for us supporters should not be that difficult.
  8. I get that mate, it just would have been good for the two statements to be in line with each other IMO. We are all a bit concerned about what this virus crisis will do to our Club and this just concerns me a little. I did read your post about it being deliberate, while that could be correct I am not sure Dave is sitting in SA thinking what a laugh it will be to feed pish to the Scottish Media. But then I could be wrong and you are right.
  9. Yes investment is the main thing. It just seems strange that these two statements have come out, each one contradicting the other and no one seems to think it is a problem.
  10. It may just be a wording issue, but surprised that the difference in statements seems to being ignored.
  11. I wonder why there is a difference in these two statement ? I am probably missing something simple but I thought it was worth pointing out. From King's statement: At my final board meeting in Glasgow on March 14, the board was close to finalising a new round of funding," King added. "However, this has been put on hold while the board considers the financial consequences of the rapidly evolving global impact of coronavirus. "The subsequent severe developments within the sporting and general business environment - that have now resulted in global lockdowns - has necessitated that the careful financial planning assumptions presented on March 14 are revisited." From the Clubs statement: RIFC is pleased to confirm that the funding plan announced at the recent AGM is well advanced, with significant investment already received and further commitments in place.
  12. I never knew he had done that.
  13. We have to hope it was mate 🤞 I suppose it has to be put on hold at the moment with this clusterfuck of a virus.
  14. From his statement: Dave King has stepped down as Rangers chairman, with Douglas Park placed in interim charge of the board. And King confirmed fresh investment has now been "put on hold" as the club deal with the coronavirus crisis.
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