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  1. In any country but our one, these excellent questions would have been asked by the media and I have no doubt the story as being told by TLB would be proved to be only slightly truthful ie Boliboliboli was no doubt in Spain.
  2. Yes, but are these players not meant to be in some kind of bubble to keep them away from the general public? What we do know is any rules they come up with will be absolute shite and only apply to teams not called Sellick.
  3. Horrible bastard, surely we as a Club need to call this out in a very public way.
  4. Yes that is a concern and cannot disagree with them having to play as many games as possible, but surely they have to be held account for breaking every rule they can in Scotland at some point. Rock and a hard place comes to mind as far as Rangers fans are concerned with this situation
  5. Yes it would go some way to kick then in the goolies after how they manipulated the whole thing.
  6. This will probably NOT happen but it is being spoken about:
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