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  1. I had been trying not to think about the result until I noticed this thread Smile, and for some strange reason I found myself voting win. No idea why but I suppose we cannot play again as bad as last Sunday, when I expected us to really have a go at them and we all know how that went.
  2. Mrs B r u and myself will be on board as usual GB.
  3. I think his professional attitude and will to win will be a huge reason for Pedro wanting him for another year.
  4. Dave is such a nice man, imagine letting fans buy a new strip after sooooo long being banned from that pleasure.
  5. This 100%.
  6. I was thinking it was probably not bad, and the end of the month coming up should help as well.
  7. Just back from the ticket office renewing for next season. Guy who served me says about 20,000 renewed so far, not sure if that's good or bad at this time.
  8. I think the rule was changed for them at the same time as the trip to Japan, oh wait.....
  9. I would not think anything like that has happened before, but I could be wrong. It comes across as blatant cheating and unfortunately does not surprise me in the slightest.
  10. This, we need to see what kind of players Pedro can bring in, and who he can get rid off.
  11. Pedro seemed to be in a much less talkative mood and that was good, especially with the press just looking for some slip up to make a story about. Waggy who is a decent young man, but a poor footballer and should not be here next season IMO, (but unfortunately probably will be), certainly spoke well about the short holiday period and gave them nothing to spin on that front. So after a better display with the press, we just need Pedro to pick the best team and the players to turn up on Saturday and get tore into them. We need a victory to give us some hope for next season.
  12. I wonder if they all know about Joshua's new Twitter page GB?