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  1. I misread the question and then answer from WATP, which I liked I would think they attend every Rangers game and some other games.
  2. I think most of us do realise KK is having a rant, and unlikely to start a huge number of add on's, especially if he is watching on TV but these cunts and UEFA have an agenda against us and keeping away from what they want us to do will hurt them a lot IMO.
  3. I understand your frustration KK but we need to be sensible about this, they will be even more determined and probably UEFA, as they are kinda caught up in the cross fire, to do us again. The last EUROPA games have not been bad for atmosphere without any add on's that I have heard. Let's keep up the pressure after this huge cock up by Fare and keep out own noses clean, that will hurt them far more I can assure.
  4. Just popped into that and reminded them it is not a one click thing, you need to click retweet and then click again with or without comment. (only put that for folks on here who are not on twitter) They are a horrible shower of bastards who are not fit for use.
  5. Ah the old 'big boy did it and ran away' excuses. What a bunch of wankers fare are ffs.
  6. Bears r us


    Yes, that would be more accurate to be honest.
  7. Bears r us


    B A says he did call it out after the game, I reached for the off button instantly, I could take no more to be honest.
  8. Bears r us


    I hope you are right on all counts.
  9. Bears r us


    You can guarantee that would be the case and Liewell shouting about it to every media/press outlet.
  10. Bears r us


    I know what you mean but surely we cannot expect any change of we keep trying to be good guys. Was it after the game Stevie said that? I must admit I turned off the TV as soon as the whistle went.
  11. Bears r us


    I think Collum is like that also with his decisions, he had to give the red along with the penalty but he let them off early on from bookings which helped later in the game. As I said on Sunday surely our management will have been creating hell with the SFA on Monday, they cannot be that blinkered to see that offside 'goal' was not cheating, never mind the penalty infringements ffs.
  12. Bears r us


    Wow, we are in a no win situation then Jinty, that offside was so bad you cannot imagine how any linesman could miss three of them.
  13. Bears r us


    That would not surprise me. 😁 You don't have any info on these linesmen then ??
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