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  1. It looked like nothing to me and was a fair challenge, but as we know keepers seem to get these decisions all the time.
  2. Most of us are mate 😁 but it just seemed Ojo was tiring and I felt Jones would have given them something to worry about with his direct running. I think Stevie was just worried it might take Jones too long to get up to speed. I am happy with the result, obviously the away goals can come and bite you if you do not get one but I do feel we can win next week.
  3. As a few have said I would have put on Jones for Ojo about 75min, but I am not the manager and he knows better than me I would think.
  4. Happy with that result, obviously a 1-1 would have been better, but we might also have lost, so I think we have a great chance next week at Ibrox.
  5. Also thought Katic was great along with the above two. Some good performances from others as well.
  6. Bears r us


    Before you posted this Jinty I was going to say Katic and Jack for me, but I just realised we take the 3 or 4 fantastic saves he made tonight for granted.
  7. Just one eye required. 😁 Anyway so far so good, would love an away goal to take back to Ibrox. 🤞
  8. Great to see the Club receiving that award it is well deserved. 👏 I must add I agree 100% with the post by RB about Robertson, sorry if that is seen as negative, but we need much better than him IMO.
  9. It took me a wee while to get that but better late than never on my part I suppose. 😁
  10. Your advice should be followed, we need to nurture the Codex not bloody break it.
  11. I had forgot all about the Codex Surely we won't do a codex break again, it is just not for thinking about so soon after the last time.
  12. The Polish chap asking zee questions was both annoying and hilarious. 😁
  13. I hope things work out for the lad, but unfortunately for him it will not be at Rangers.
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