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  1. Bears r us

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Only got around to listening this morning, he covers all the points he needed to and if he can get other clubs to come on board then that would be good, but I hope he has a time limit on that, because this CO problems cannot be allowed to go on too long and not be challenged IMO. As far as the BBC is concerned he knows the problems it seems, but I also hope he has the sense to realise that to ever have a chance of sorting this out it will have to be done from London, you can see how they have twisted their response today and they will never give in unless someone from much higher up gives them no option. Give them one more chance and then head south to the top brass at BBC London and tell them to sort it and sort it now.
  2. Bears r us

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Halliday

    I wish AH was a better player because I think he would be the captain our team needs.
  3. Bears r us

    BRAVEHOUND NEED OUR VOTES - Award finalists

    What Bornabear said. Thank you.
  4. Bears r us

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    Broxi out training again at the weekend, he is doing really well, what a job Pam is doing with him.
  5. Bears r us

    BRAVEHOUND NEED OUR VOTES - Award finalists

    We need your votes for Bravehound.
  6. Bears r us

    ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    I am hoping for a reaction from the players in this game after the capitulation on Sat. What the team will be I have no idea or really care, I just want the players to show they want to win the game and also the cup in the end, no excuses just win the fucking game. Sacking S G is silly at the moment and he has to be given this season and next, but he has to also stop making signings like Davis, who has not played regularilly for the past two years and has already shown how shite he is. Defoe might score a few goals for us but I am not convinced he is value for money either. At the end of the day whoever is manager we need much bigger investment to topple the cunts form the east, it is up to King and his board to find that money from somewhere. I realise that I am just as angry today as I was when I left Ibrox on Sat, get your fingers out and do what is needed for the fans who have backed the Club the last few years and with a waiting list for season tickets for next season 10,000 +. The incompetence in signing managers has cost us £Ms over the last few years and coming back to bite us now.
  7. Bears r us

    Rangers / Kilmarnock Scottish Cup replay not televised

    Was just about to post that, no idea why scotland with no CL representatives should be different from them. Wednesday 20th February 2019 Derby County v Millwall Championship 19:45 Sky Sports Red Button Atletico Madrid v Juventus UEFA Champions League Last-16 1st Leg 20:00 BT Sport 3 Schalke 04 v Man City UEFA Champions League Last-16 1st Leg 20:00 BT Sport 2
  8. Bears r us

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    Yes I agree, he started brightly and I think he was dragged down to the others level as the game went on.
  9. Bears r us

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    I think Kamara also did reasonably well for his first game, but I agree that only Kent tried to do anything. I am going on Wed expecting a huge improvement, if we lose that one the season is over in Feb. 😡
  10. Bears r us

    Our crossing

    Is very poor and has been for a while. I sit in the East Enclosure about in line with the 18 yard box and so get a good view of what happens with crosses from the right side and it is not good to watch most of the time. 😟
  11. Bears r us

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    I think he had some good skills but not sure if he will ever make it at a club that needs to win every game, probably make a good living in the lower ranked team of Prem or upper Champ.
  12. Bears r us

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    He could not cope with playing for us mate, he had a few decent games but it did not last long and glad he is away. I will add that we still have a few who IMO cannot cope with playing for us and until we replace them it will be always be a real struggle to win anything.