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  1. It cannot be hard to have a couple of mics to hand around surely.
  2. I wonder if we could get a mic to pick up the questions, as shite as they are, it is annoying to hear just this mumble and then Stevie starts answering the question.
  3. I have a couple of guys around me who vape a little, but I have kinda got use to it and I have great banter with one of them most games so I just go with it and the plume of misty, smokey stuff, that emits only lasts for a short time. What is amusing is the fact we had a deal with a vaping company and now banning it, which I find hilarious I assume that was just for the one season.
  4. Happy birthday Wullie, what a player you were. 🎂
  5. I am sure this will be included in our next statement now last night's game us over. 🙂 I noticed the incident last night on twitter and if that had been a Rangers player the CO would have had a charge out before midnight. 😡
  6. I hope you are right because I am sure he will be booked his first game back ☚ī¸
  7. Certainly the best match thread for a long time. 👍
  8. I agree but how many games is he out for when he gets booked again??
  9. I agree mate it was as good as I have ever heard witch under the circumstances was excellent for the family. I am in the EE and away from the away support but that is really good to hear that they all took part.
  10. I think you are right, as long as the big striker can also use his feet. I feel to go into the rest of the season as we are will be a mistake. I was happy with the three points tonight but left feeling we need another option up front to give us a real chance of this league.
  11. That is great from Tav and it was great how the fans all around Ibrox tonight did young Ayden's family proud.
  12. That team kinda picks itself with no Tav and Alfredo, the only debate would be Patterson/Flanagan and Kamara/Arfield. I can understand why Stevie has gone with this 11. We need 3 points, that is what it is all about tonight. Let's go.
  13. Thanks mate, I would imagine it will have been spread well but it might have been missed by a few on RM. 👍
  14. A wee bump to remind anyone going tonight.👍
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