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  1. I am just so impressed with Rfc52 and his dress style for the event and to be honest could not resist a little bit of banter at your expense. Hope you all have a great trip, and as I am sure you always do look after each other.
  2. Yes in the post above King W on his horse. I hope the other lads going with you buck up their ideas and get on the proper dress code like yourself I was surprised to see @STEPPS BOY saying he was going in shorts.
  3. Done mate.
  4. Dave, you started this whole thing wrong by thinking you could shame and force MA into submission which IMO was a stupid move. If you are now really trying to sort out a deal I think the best way to do it would be to say nothing until it is done because you have a real ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.
  5. I hope the OP is genuine but the longer it is without a reply it becomes less likely. I hope to see you back on tonight proving me and many others wrong.
  6. I hope the same will happen.
  7. No it is not, I wish someone with some integrity would make the move and buy him out.
  8. This 100%, but he seems to have got people to believe he is indispensable when his shareholding is not really that big. He speaks as if he had 85% rather than 15% ( I think).
  9. Cheers Booler I just wondered if I had missed something with all the EH stuff.
  10. Well I am glad you survived the battle GB.
  11. So this EH cic (whatever to fuck that really is ) has nothing to do with EH, but a name that fans would recognise, well as EH, but it is not EH. Forgive me for , but I cannot help it. And back on track is CH still on the C1872 board, or has he fallen on his sword ??
  12. I just realised I had missed an important part of the job mate, and thought I better add it in.
  13. I see what you mean, but surely Barry knew Pedro had his own assistant (no 2) so not sure why he thought that. So am I right in thinking that it is a full time job working with the first team, but something like a number 3 and no real input and very much an assistant to Pedro and his number two and there to give help with how Scottish football works, etc, etc. PS setting out cones as well.