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  1. The thing is I like Tav, but he seems to be poor this season and is not playing himself into form either. I know the options to replace him are not great but the number of goals he has lost us now in two games from three is not really acceptable. I have always thought he should never have been made captain and because he is makes it more difficult to drop/rest him. I would love to have to eat my words and see him prove us wrong, just not sure if he will though and that is the concern.
  2. I think it might have been the Vanguard Bears who did an article on him (Henry) and it was not good reading, just cannot remember when I read it.
  3. Great news, very good player. 👍
  4. I did not really think you were mate, but thanks for the honesty. I think many of us were expecting a better performance and three points, and it effects us all differently, especially when we have waited so long for a trophy. Rangers fans have been through so much since 2012 and I think most of the time we all do not too badly, we are just all desperate to win 55. I would also like to start with the LC, not that I am being greedy or anything.
  5. No idea why that come into my mind and had to google it, l might also watch it when I have time. I think he is indeed.
  6. Yes I understand that mate, but thought it might give him some idea of what the overall view might be, but it is as you said in your earlier post it can be fairly bad once you get in your seat.
  7. You sure it is not 'The Secret Policeman's Ball' ??
  8. I have not been that far back mate, can you not still go onto the Rangers website and get a view from different areas in the buying tickets section ?
  9. Well I must admit I thought that was nonsense, but well done for providing the evidence, pun intended.
  10. So this was before he was known to people I assume? I am not doubting what you are passing on mate, but for a BBC employee to get accepted by the police and then do all the months training so that they might find out they were racist is amazing.
  11. Just read this mate, I assume you are meaning Daly went undercover, twice ? Was this supposed to have happened before he was at the BBC ? before he became known ? It must have been a long term project, to get accepted into the force, then do all the training to get the chance to become an undercover cop. I think the person on FB might be talking a lot of shite, but I could be wrong.
  12. I had to go back and read what I posted because I did not realise I had said 'lost', what I think I meant was we 'lost' two points, but I was not obviously paying enough attention to what I wrote. Thanks for pointing it out old chap. PS it felt as if we had lost I must admit, but that still does not get me out of my mistake.
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