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  1. I am not sure S, but will look later when I am not on my phone and see if I can link Helene and her. 👍
  2. That will certainly not go down well with the Lennon, which is very amusing to say say the least.
  3. Yes glad they have taken it down for the moment, it had become a total clusterfuck and while I was happy for it to stay there it seemed it was just going to be targeted and that was no use to anybody. I do hope if it is not reopened most of it can be merged on this one because there was some good information in it.
  4. Seems like another MSP on board, we need as many as possible to keep pressure on.
  5. Is this new Kilie pitch the same as Livingston already have ??
  6. We all make mistakes and I would personally like to draw a line under the last few hours on RM, certainly not condoning the swastikas, that was wrong IMO, but BIB is a good Bear as is Govanblue. What we need now is some of these:
  7. Great pics GB, and great to meet up yesterday. It was not too embarrassing when Fiona anounced to the crowd the the Rangers Media folk had all arrived, and named the three of us. PS It is important that everyone who contributes to the Broxi fund knows how much Fiona and the other Bravehound people appreciate what RM Broxi Fund members are doing for their cause.
  8. Aye it will get interesting then I am sure. 😁
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