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  1. Candeias Goal

    I can assure you it really took me and the people I sit with in SE3 by surprise. I was sure he was running to Murty to high five or hug him but was amazed when he brushed past him and went straight to Halliday and then others joined in. I think murty has been hung out to dry by the board, but I have lost a lot of respect for him since last Sunday. He will have a chance to get a win over them next week, let's hope he and the players can take it.
  2. Candeias Goal

    Yes he wanted it to be about the team, but made sure it was Halliday he hugged first, after ignoring Murty as he ran past him.
  3. Candeias Goal

    Yes I think that is how it would have been.
  4. Candeias Goal

    This. I also think it was very obvious it was Halliday he went direct to as if to say I am with you mate, not the person on the touchline.
  5. Candeias Goal

    I cannot agree with that, if he did not mean it to be a snub to Murty he would have stopped at Murty and invited all the players around them both at the edge of the pitch, not nearly in the dugout with Murty left looking like a boy lost on the touchline. All in my opinion of course.
  6. Murty after game

    I have not listened and will leave it at that. Murty should never have been appointed and that is the boards fault, and because of the article from that wanker AJ in midweek many of us are shit scared he is a given the job for next season. I have tried to give him some slack because he is completely out of his depth, but a lot changed for me after last Sunday. He put two players under a bus to save himself and his interview this week with the paper press was gutless to say the least.
  7. Candeias Goal

    There was some contact between them, but he could hardly avoid him when coming off. I have no doubt his celebration with Halliday was to point out to Murty who he was backing from last Sunday, and it was not Murty.
  8. Candeias Goal

    This happened very close to me in SE3, when he started to run to the dugout I assumed he was going to high five Murty, but he ran straight past him and hugged Halliday, then other players joined in. It was a very public 'fuck you' to Murty IMO and payback from last Sunday for him and Halliday. I cannot see how it can be spun any other way.
  9. Union bears

    I thought that words summed up our situation before we started very well, I wonder if it made some of our players up their game for the second half.
  10. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    I decided that with only two home games left I should go and hopefully we will get a win, but not confident that will happen, or if it goes wrong be there to join the front door protest at full time.
  11. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

  12. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    I don't think he will be offended mate.
  13. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Just noticed one of our favourite referees is in charge tomorrow. Ladbrokes Premiership - Sunday Rangers v Heart of Midlothian - Craig Thomson