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  1. I wonder what Stevie the IT guy thinks of Hardie, we should be checking with everyone surely.
  2. Did summit happen or not.
  3. So sorry to hear that sad news. As a few have said Steve you have done so much for her and she will have been so proud of you. Condolences to you, your Dad and other family members at this difficult and sad time.
  4. I must admit it was not a serious post and your are correct it is not very good, just saw the link to the templates and made the first one I looked at orange and posted it. I suppose getting back on track the red one in the OP is not good either. If it is the one I cannot see many buying it.
  5. The financial situation is a worry, I did not expect us still to be run with loans and season ticket money after all the bluster that brought King in. That means he fooled me and I never wanted him back, how long will it take for fans that did want him to realise we are not in a very stable financial situation ? Probably about AGM time if were are still in mid table is my guess. While your point about changing manager has merit, I still think someone who knows the Scottish game would get us second place, now I agree that is not where we want to be, but if we could get there and win a cup it would at least make a lot of us feel some better. I know you will say that is only papering over the cracks of our lack of investment and you would be right, but after the last 5 years we need some success on the pitch.
  6. I thought you would have liked that one, apart fromt the V neck of course.
  7. It will depend on results I am sure, but you are right by the end of next month he and the team will have had a few tests and they all need some wins to keep Pedro here after that. Maybe good results will come, but I get this deja vu feeling that it is following the MW route, I hope I am wrong. Serious funding is certainly what we need, along with proper decisions on the type of manager that we need. I just wonder how long it will take the majority of fans to realise it is unlikely to come from our present board.
  8. The link has a top with a V neck and I do not like that personally but the colour would probably make it sell out in a day.
  9. I have the same opinion as you about the board BA and agree we need people with much more wealth to tackle them, but are you saying we should just stop caring about the games we play. I like Pedro as a person but I am getting worried that we are on the same course that we were with MW and if we do not win against Ross C and Dundee I think something will have to happen so he might not even be here by the time we play them. If Pedro does go the people who appointed him should go with him, but that will not probably happen.
  10. I was trying to remember if it was the RO who did the piece about watching Pedro's back a few weeks ago, that was the first sign that someone at the club thought the fans (maybe supporters) needed to be reminded he was the man.
  11. I could not resist when someone put up the link to there tops.
  12. This might have been better:
  13. Thanks S, it would be a huge help if that is true.
  14. Never knew about that S, do you mean it only takes 90 days pay to sack him?
  15. I am happy for this to happen, but kept thinking yesterday when I looked at the banner that we have so many more problems than a SS area. We need a team who can win games and if there is any spare money I think that is where it needs to go first. I want to stress again I would like this to happen, just not sure why it is a priority at the moment.