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  1. I assume she had been having a few, it was not something I had seen before, but certainly funny at the time.
  2. That was a funny when she got hold of the mic and gave the crowd a talking to.
  3. If you read the last couple of posts mate it might be the reason why they are so few for sale at the moment.
  4. I am not on the CCCS and paid for my seat on Tue and the site was very busy with a queue online then. I think our theory might be right with the ST showing as taken until the weekend.
  5. I am no expert on tickets, but it might be that all the season tickets are showing as taken until the public sale starts.
  6. Who am I to argue with that nice post csta.
  7. I was 64 on Monday and intend buying a top to wear on match days, if that is supposed to be too old, not one fuck do I care.
  8. That would confirm it for me. No offence @KingKirk but we all need to start using humour to get us on the same page soon.
  9. At least I will be able to buy the top I was going to buy anyway without being called a very bad person.